Do you agree or disagree with the reasons for banning homework? Should schoolwork be made more difficult? Many parents believe that professors or teachers overwhelm their students with too many assignments. We’ll talk about why homework should be prohibited.

As we all know, most youngsters in today’s world are preoccupied with schoolwork, which they must complete on their mobile devices. As a result, kids don’t have enough time to participate in physical activities such as playing outside games. Many students are required to complete online assignments, which necessitates the use of mobile phones or laptop computers. This can be harmful to children’s vision. There are numerous other difficulties concerning children’s health that make it critical to highlight why homework should be prohibited.

Let’s start with some fundamental questions to explore before diving into the issue. Many parents believe that homework is crucial in their children’s life. So, after considering a variety of factors, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of doing homework. Let us continue our discussion of why homework should be prohibited.


Important Information: Why Should Homework Be Banned?


Physical well-being of children


This is the first and most important reason why homework should be prohibited. When a teacher assigns homework, it is common for pupils to take their time completing it. It can take several hours to complete. As a result, youngsters have limited opportunities to play. Outdoor games, as we all know, are critical for children’s physical and mental development.


Homework is a crucial part of academic success both in and out of the classroom, but too much of it can sabotage your growth. Students who used to spend too much time on homework may struggle to satisfy other obligations, such as being physically and socially active. As a result, this is a key factor to consider while deciding whether or not homework should be prohibited.


Going to school is a full-time job.


Many schools for children begin at 8:00 a.m. or even earlier and end at 3:00 p.m. or later. Students attend school for around 7 hours per day. In the meantime, pupils must prepare for school, attend school, and return home, all of which takes time. When you include extracurricular activities like cram school, musical instrument study, and sports involvement, youngsters are forced to compete and thrive in society.




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Many parents are concerned that their children spend more than 10 hours each day on school-related activities. This is the maximum amount of time a child can spend in a single day. As a result, as a student, they will complete that much homework across all disciplines. Homework should therefore be prohibited.


Homework causes tension in students.


This takes us to the third justification for eliminating homework. Homework may be a stressful experience. Homework is a significant source of stress for 56 percent of children, according to a Stanford University poll. Only 1% of students, on the other hand, believe that homework is not a major source of stress.


Without a doubt, no schoolwork equals no stress. Students don’t have to waste time sitting at their desks, weary, wondering if they turned in all of their assignments if they don’t have homework. As a result, a student’s wish to be free of schoolwork has come true.


Homework cuts into their revision time, which could affect their test marks. This will affect the reputation of the student, but many people are unaware that it will also harm the reputation of the school. Parents of kids may then conclude that the school’s instruction is inadequate, and they may choose to send their child to a another school! The popularity of the school may decline with time, and the simplest method to avoid this is to prohibit homework.


Additionally, more than 80% of students suffer from stress-related symptoms such as headaches, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, weight loss, and gastrointestinal issues. These escalating stress and health issues could be due to homework.


You don’t have enough time for yourself when you have too much homework.


This brings us to the fourth justification for eliminating homework. Students who devote too much time to education fail to achieve their developmental goals or gain other important life skills. Students who have too much homework are less likely to participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics, musical instruments, and other activities.


Furthermore, if youngsters spend all of their time doing homework, they are less likely to develop important life skills such as independence, cooking, time management, or even social contact.


Many students feel compelled to prioritise homework over the discovery and development of other abilities or talents. Children would be able to dedicate more time to their hobbies, such as dancing, playing video games, and drawing, if they were not required to do schooling.




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There is no real advantage to doing homework.


This brings us to the fifth justification for eliminating homework. Giving pupils additional homework, teachers believe, will help them grow and learn. This is not the case, however. If they have a lot of homework, students are less motivated. As a result, homework becomes a demon, driving youngsters to fear rather than pushing them to learn more. Many children used to spend an excessive amount of time on school homework, which has been related to lower academic attainment. Even though homework can help you improve your scores, it usually offers decreasing benefits.


There will be no time for family.


This brings us to the sixth justification for eliminating homework. The main issue facing today’s parents is that they do not spend nearly enough time with their children. As soon as they arrive home, kids begin focused on their studies and projects, and they barely have time to talk to their families due to exhaustion. Those who are continually focused on schoolwork miss out on great family time, shared evenings, weekend activities, and dinners. However, without schoolwork, more time would be available for family bonding, bringing families closer together.


A consistent sleeping pattern


The seventh reason I believe homework should be outlawed in all schools globally is that it disturbs children’s sleep patterns, which can lead to hazardous or unpleasant health concerns. Some may argue that sleeping late is the fault of the student. When you consider travel hours, dinner times, family gathering times, and so on, it’s no surprise that youngsters are working late at night on schoolwork. They haven’t noticed or considered that the bulk of students live far away from school!


There is a dearth of assistance.


This brings us to the eighth reason for eliminating homework. Homework should be disallowed for this reason. One of the most persuasive reasons for prohibiting homework is that many schools or college lecturers fail to convey many of the items needed to complete the task during class. Parents are unable to aid their children in all aspects of their lives. Some students may lack the necessary experience to assist, and they also have work to complete. Only professional internet service providers can assist students with their academic tasks.


Why should homework be prohibited?


Why Shouldn’t Homework Be Banned?


We will present reasons why homework should not be banned below to indicate that this post seeks to investigate things equitably in the blog why homework should be banned. We’re attempting to determine whether children would be better off alone with little obligations or with a full schedule.


The ability to think critically has improved.


The most effective strategy to increase critical thinking and memory is to do homework after class.




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Self-sufficiency has increased.


The majority of kids want to be more independent. The child is free to work independently while considering personal flaws and threats.


Creating a hum of anticipation.


How about some extra motivation? Homework assignments can help parents encourage their children to communicate more.


Research skills have improved.


To complete their projects, students must conduct significant research. They’ll learn how to gather evidence and select sources.


Limiting time spent in front of the screen


If a student does not have any schoolwork, they can spend up to 6-8 hours each day in front of the computer. Because it makes young people sluggish and damages their vision, it is recommended that the average length be no more than 3 hours. One of the benefits of doing homework is that it improves your study and living habits.


Multitasking is a useful skill to have.


Multitasking abilities are developed when a learner has multiple tasks to do in one session. For a single project, research, writing, analysis, and computer abilities may be required.


Exams are being prepared for.


It is not a good idea to assign homework the day before an exam. When given individually, after-class exercises can assist students prepare for and enhance their understanding; professors should devote some time before the tests to them.


Conclusion on Why Homework Should Be Prohibited


Finally, why is homework prohibited? Many parents believe that homework is useful since it can help their children improve their grades, acquire new information, and prepare for tests. It isn’t always advantageous, though. Pointless busywork homework may affect a student’s perspective of the subject (not to mention a teacher). The purpose of this blog is to explain why homework should be abolished. The advantages and disadvantages of assigning homework after school were examined. The majority of college students favour such responsibilities, and students should make every effort to fulfil them.