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What is the difference between descriptive and inferential statistics?


Statistical Descriptive


It is a method of summarizing and interpreting data in numerical or graphical form. Descriptive statistics necessitates the use of two sorts of statistical concepts. The first is a spread measure, sometimes known as a graphical summary.


The graphical summary analyzes data through graphical representation. The second is the numerical summary, which is a measure of central tendency. The model is used to examine the given data in the case of numerical summary, mean, and median.




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It is a study that is carried out in order to infer or equate our findings to general conditions. This illustrates the distinction between inferential and descriptive statistics. Inferential statistics are applied to a wide range of statistical studies.


As a result, the sample, hypothesis testing, principal component analysis, and regression methods are utilized in inferential statistics. Using an example to help explain: If you need to compute the marks of 150 students in a class, you can use descriptive statistics, but if you need to calculate the marks of all Australian students, you’ll need to use inferential statistics, which requires drawing a valid sample from a specific population.


Because data collecting is a major and functional function of overall statistic analysis, it is the most significant and primary portion of the statistic.


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