TERRACING is the process of converting a smooth slope into a sequence of flat, stair-like steps.

What is a natural ridge that forms along the channel’s edge?

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What is a natural ridge that forms along the channel levee of a river?


Exfoliation is a type of weathering that involves the cracking or peeling away of rock strata.


A sea stack is a pillar-like rock formation generated when the centre of a sea arch collapses.


What kind of dune is arch-shaped and has the open end pointing to the windward side?


Parabolic dunes are arch-shaped and differ from crescentic dunes in that the arch’s open end points to the windward side rather than the leeward side.


When a glacier overruns a moraine, it forms a low hill.


drumlin. When a glacier overruns a moraine, it forms a low hill.


What is the name of the triangle sediment deposit that a transient mountain stream creates on a plain?


A watercourse forms natural levees along its banks after several floods. A river’s velocity slows to a halt when it encounters standing water. The stream flows back and forth over the region, depositing sediments in a delta, a large triangular-shaped deposit (figure 29).


What exactly is a crescent dune?


When winds blow in one direction, crescent dunes emerge. This sort of dune can traverse desert surfaces faster than any other. China’s migratory dunes are crescentic dunes. You can also check out,


What is the direction of dune movement?


Because they consistently flow in the same direction, from southwest to northeast, these winds are known as unidirectional winds. Individual dunes are gently drifting to the northeast as the wind pushes the sand ahead of it. Examine the response of


What distinguishes one quizlet from another?


A section of land that empties into a river, lake, or ocean (also called a drainage basin). A ridge or mountain that divides one watershed from another. You just finished learning 24 terms!


Which type of weathering involves layers of rock cracking or peeling away?


Exfoliation is a type of mechanical weathering in which curved rock plates are torn away from the surrounding rock. Exfoliation domes or dome-like hills and rounded boulders are the outcome. Exfoliation domes form along curved planes of separation called joints that run parallel to the surface. Read:


What is the name of a seawater-filled glacier-carved valley?


fjord. What is the name of a seawater-filled glacier-carved valley? karst. exposed and abundant limestone places on the earth’s surface


When a plant’s roots gradually thicken in a rock, causing the rock to crack, what form of weathering occurs?


Mechanical weathering can be accomplished by plants and animals. This could happen over time as a plant’s roots grow into a crack or fracture in the rock and progressively expand, wedging the crack open. Burrowing animals can also tear apart rock when digging for food or creating dwelling areas.


What is a valley glacier’s massive bowl-shaped depression?


cirque. A levee is a massive bowl-shaped depression cut out by a valley glacier.


What happens when a sea cave is continuously eroded?


What happens when a sea cave is continuously undermined. striae. Glaciers create large, deep grooves and scratches in the rock. moraines.


Is a small ridge with a flat top that arises between two parallel troughs or cirques?


A short ridge of rock called an arête (/ret/ -RAYT) separates two valleys. It’s created when two glaciers erode parallel U-shaped valleys. Arêtes can also occur when two glacial cirques erode headwards toward one other, however this usually results in a saddle-shaped pass known as a col.


Which section of a meandering stream has the slowest flow?


Water will flow fastest along the outside bend of a meandering river and slowlyest along the inside bend.


What is abrasion in a stream?


The constant friction and scouring action of rock fragments, gravel, and sediment transported in the river smooths out the uneven bed of a stream. … In general, the more material carried by a stream, the more erosion of the stream bed occurs.