Do you have trouble solving algebraic problems? Or do you get trapped while trying to solve the problem? This could be due to your inability to distinguish between like and unlike terms.

Please excuse me!!! What is the definition of term in mathematics?

Don’t be concerned! I’ve gone through every detail that will clear up any questions you have about math words and teach you how to examine terms in algebraic equations.


But first, let me explain what the major components of an algebraic equation are.




An algebraic equation consists of four main components.




We’ve covered the terms below.


Coefficients: The integer multiplied by the algebraic equation’s single or multiple terms’ variable.


A variable is a letter or symbol that is used to indicate a value.


A constant is a number or value that cannot be altered in an expression.


In math, what is the term?


The word can be a number or a variable. It’s also the sum of two or more variables, or even a variable and a number. A single or several terms make up an algebraic expression or equation.




Let’s look at an example.


0 = 4x (single term)


0 = 4x-y (two terms that are 4x and y)


Remember that the terms are added together to form an equation. 5xy is the product of the numbers 5, x, and y. Furthermore, consider the phrase -2z, which is the product of z and -2.


Combine the terms 5xy and -2z as follows:


=> 5xy plus (-2z)


5xy-2z = (This is known as an algebraic equation)


The terms are grouped into two categories based on the variables and powers:




What are the most important terms to remember?


Once you have a fundamental understanding of what a term is in arithmetic, you must comprehend the four key elements of terms. In other words:






What are the differences between like and unlike terms?


If you want to comprehend what a term is in arithmetic, you must first understand what like and unlike terms are. So learn each one separately.


similar terms


The like terms in an algebraic expression or equation are the same variable with the same power. However, keep in mind that the coefficients of like terms can vary.


You can easily combine like terms to simplify an algebraic equation, allowing you to quickly determine the problem’s result.


Let’s look at an example of similar phrases.


Assume you have a 5x-3x equation. As you can see, the variables ‘x’ in 5x and 3x are the identical and are separated by the operator’minus.’


To make the calculation easier to understand, remove 3x from 5x, which equals 2x. This is how you solve an equation with like terms.


contrasting terms


The terms that do not have the same variable with similar or dissimilar power are known as algebraic terms. Furthermore, each of these terms must be solved separately.


Let’s look at an example.


Assume that the equation is 3a – 5b. There are two separate variables in this case. Furthermore, these phrases have the same strength.




Always remember that while dividing and multiplying, you cannot utilize similar phrases.


Also See





Is it possible to solve like and unlike terms? If so, how should you proceed?


Yes, you can solve phrases that are similar and dissimilar.


Furthermore, the similar and unlike phrases are simple to solve. However, you must first know what a word in arithmetic is before you can solve them. This will make it easier for you to solve terms.






So, let’s look at how to examine terms in algebraic equations (like and unlike terms).


Assume you and your other ten buddies went out to have some snacks at a restaurant. And you all gave the following order: (imagine your friends’ names as 1, 2, 3, and so on):













Hamburger, French Fries, and Soft Drinks are three comparable or similar appetizers. You may now divide them into like and unlike terms.


Hamburger, French Fries, and Soft Drinks are all names that are not interchangeable.


When you separate like and unlike terms, you’ll get:




The equation looks like this:


=> 2h+f+d+3h+2f+2d+3h+2f+2d


Put it this way:


5h+3f+3d =




What is a mathematical term, and how is it solved?


Now, let’s see whether you understand what the term in math means!!!


In the following equations, how many terms, like terms, and unlike terms are there?


9x + 6y =


  1. 4 x2 + 3 x + 4 y + 8 x + 10 x2


  1. 3abc


  1. -5x²


  1. a and b




In the equation 9x + 6y, there are two terms: 9x and 6y. However, there are no similar terms, despite the fact that it has two unlike terms with the variables x and y.


The equation 4×2 + 3x + 4y + 8x + 10×2 has five terms. However, there are two like terms among the three unlike terms. However, if simplified, it becomes => (4×2 + 10×2) + (3x + 8x) + (4y) => 14×2 + 11x + 4y. Although it has three unlike terms with variables x2, x, and y, there are three terms with no like terms.


In equation 3abc, there is only one term. However, there are no like and unlike terms because there are no other terms to compare.


In the equation -5×2, there is only one term. However, there are no like and unlike terms because there are no other terms to compare.


The equation a – b contains two terms: a and b. However, there are no like terms, despite the fact that there are two unlike terms with variables a and b.


Let’s get this party started!!


It is critical to grasp what is meant by terms in arithmetic since you cannot solve algebraic equations without them. I’ve simplified the process of analyzing the terms of an equation.


You may easily blend like and dislike terms once you’ve become familiar with them. If you still have questions or would want more practice questions, please let me know in the comments section. Moreover, I will definitely help you with the best practice questions and best guide about terms in math writing assignments. Get the best maths assignment help to eliminate any remaining concerns.