What Canvas Detects: Copying, Tabs, Reddit, Screens and more

Canvas is a fantastic learning management system on which many schools and colleges rely to access students remotely. The system includes tools that aid in both learning and examination procedures.
This system is used by lecturers to create virtual classes and manage other functions outside of the institution’s infrastructure. So, can it detect deception? Continue reading to find out the answer.
Canvas can detect and track what.


1) Copying and Pasting

Canvas does not detect copy and paste unless there is a hint of plagiarism in the text.

You can copy-paste and paraphrase your text in order to make it unique and original.

If you copy-paste your answers from the internet, be mindful of how you enter them into the Canvas platform.

You can also copy and paste them into a different document, such as MS Word, and paraphrase them without changing the meaning.

Anti-plagiarism software is integrated into Canvas by institutions to detect answers that students copied and pasted from the internet without paraphrasing.

2) Several Tabs

Canvas lacks mechanisms for detecting when new tables are opened in a specific web browser. However, if the institution added proctoring software, it becomes easy to monitor the student’s browser activities.

The instructor can see the typical interactions with some websites when a proctoring program is active. The lecturer can see how many pages different students visited. It will also provide all statistics, such as the number of times a user has visited a specific page.

Furthermore, proctoring software allows a professor to see how much time a student spent on a specific page. Another function of proctoring software is to indicate whether or not a user has downloaded files from a specific website.


Reddit is another internet platform that can be useful if you use its specific content wisely.

Canvas has no way of knowing if a user is accessing Reddit in a separate tab.

This encourages students to look up specific answers on Reddit during the quiz and, of course, cheat.

On the contrary, if Canvas uses another proctoring software, Reddit should be avoided. This software can detect when a user opens multiple tabs.

There is also a setting in the software that allows other tabs to be closed and only the canvas platform to be active during an exam session.

4) Additional Tabs

Canvas can only detect activities that are visible in its tab. The professor cannot see what you are doing on other tabs if you are working on other tabs. Students can exploit such a flaw to find answers and pass the exam.

The institution, on the other hand, can strengthen its invigilation by incorporating proctoring software into the canvas system. As a result, such an application will inform the professor if other tabs on the computer are open.

5) Split Display

Depending on the tools used by the university, the answer could be both ‘no’ and ‘yes.’

To begin, Canvas cannot detect split screens in normal circumstances when using a standard browser.

That is, canvas will not detect anything beyond the current page. Canvas cab, on the other hand, detects and prevents split screen once the proctoring software is activated.

If you need a lot of detection, you’ll need proctor software. This is due to the fact that the code that runs the Canvas education system does not access different pages from other origins.

6) Dual Displays


Canvas can detect dual monitors as long as they are connected to the same computer.

It is important to remember that students can circumvent Canvas by using multiple devices. To cheat, the monitors must not be connected to the same computer.

Using a different monitor from various sources can be used to cheat and obtain answers to help you pass an exam.

Furthermore, if you use dual monitors, proctoring software can prevent any form of cheating. It is an excellent method of discouraging students from engaging in fraudulent activities that amount to academic dishonesty.

Such monitoring extends to allowing the professor to see your monitor in order to prevent cheating.


Can Canvas detect question duplication?

Canvas will not detect copying a question if you copy the text and then search for it online. Simply highlight the text and search directly from the browser, or copy and paste it into an email. Canvas, on the other hand, can detect copied text if it is uploaded through SafeAssign. However, such text cannot be detected if it is posted in a discussion post.

The lecturer must use other tools, such as SafeAssign, to determine whether the copied answer contains plagiarism.

The cool thing is that one can paraphrase the text to avoid plagiarism and then copy-paste it onto the canvas platform.

Because plagiarism is an exam irregularity, it may result in automatic disqualification.


Canvas is capable of detecting two devices.

Canvas cannot detect two devices at the same time. For example, if you’re cheating with your phone, keep it next to your laptop for convenience. The canvas system will only detect activities that take place on its platform.

Even if video conferencing is enabled, the camera will not capture the entire environment.

Specifically, webcams will only capture the upper half of a person’s body.

Using this loophole, you can place your phone on the laptop and pretend to type the answers as you smartly search for them on the phone device.


Canvas can detect what device you’re using.

Canvas, on the other hand, can only detect activities on the platform. The professor, for example, can tell if someone has left the tab open. It is possible, especially if the professor notices that your page is devoid of activity.

Another indication that the page is idle is when the lecturer notices no cursor movement. To improve efficiency, the institution should integrate the proctoring software into the Canvas application.


Advantages of Using Canvas

Canvas is a fantastic system that lecturers can use to improve their teaching abilities and make education more accessible. Some of its benefits to users include the following:

1. Effective

Canvas has a Gradebook that allows them to see where they stand quickly. The grading of the assignments is quick and easy, saving time.

Furthermore, it maintains the assignment’s integrity by providing immediate feedback. This method eliminates cases of misplaced assignments, which can lead to heated debates.

2.Task Automation

Students who use Canvas as a learning platform will receive reminders when their next assignments are due.

As a result, it is difficult to miss any assignments as a result of such alerts. Such notifications encourage people to plan ahead of time.

You can study and take the exam without feeling stressed if you are cautious.

3. Content Security

Canvas keeps all materials in a safe, centralized location. Students can find it and self-serve, reducing unnecessary correspondence.

If you are looking for unnecessary handouts, you can upload them, reducing some administrative tasks.

4. easily accessible

It is a fantastic platform that allows education to be accessed remotely. It makes no difference where you are in the world as long as you are a member of the institution that uses it.


Canvas Interface Characteristics

Canvas has a simple interface that requires no special skills to use. Some of its characteristics are as follows:

• Inbox: Canvas has an inbox that functions similarly to an email box. This inbox is excellent for keeping track of student communications.

• Calendar: The calendar is available to assist the user in staying up to date on class assignments. It is simple for the user to determine when assignments or exams are due.

• Discussion: An interactive platform allows lecturers and students to interact in a fantastic way. Students can use this platform to contribute to any topic at hand while also benefiting from various insights provided by their peers.

• Canvas has an excellent dashboard that summarizes any pertinent information about various courses. This section also summarizes announcements and assignments.

Canvas is distinguished from other online tools by these features. Because they lack such functionality, tools such as WebEx cannot detect cheating in class.


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