Tableau’s products are categorized by their functionality. Tableau’s products include:

Tableau Web

Modify and code reports with this Tableau Product. Anyone can use Tableau server to create dashboards and reports. Tableau Desktop allows users to integrate several data sources and create clearly understood Tableau reports.


Tableau Desktop also provides realtime data analysis from the data warehouse and other files. Dashboards and workbooks can be shared both locally and publicly.


It is also divided into two types based on data source connectivity and publication possibilities.


Tableau Desktop Pro


Tableau Desktop Professional is essentially identical. Most users will desire to publish work in Tableau Server. This version allows access to all data types.


Tableau Personal


Tableau Desktop and Tableau Desktop Personal have similar development features. The Personal edition keeps the workbook private and restricts access. The workbook is not online in this edition. Shared offline or in Tableau Public.




Tableau Server is used to communicate visuals and workbooks created in Tableau Desktop. To distribute dashboards in Tableau Server, the work must first be published on Tableau Desktop. Only Tableau Server licensed users can access this content. Also, licensed users do not need Tableau Server installed. They can just log on to the web and examine reports. The Tableau server also has strong security and is ideal for quick data sharing inside an enterprise.




Tableau Public is ideal for those seeking ad-free Tableau. The workbooks are not saved locally. Rather, they are saved in Tableau’s public cloud. Everyone can see the work shared on this cloud. The files are not private as anyone can read and download them. Tableau Public is great for beginners who want to learn Tableau or want to share their work with the public.


Tableau Web


Tableau’s online sharing platform. Tableau Public’s features are similar to Tableau Server’s. However, Tableau maintains data stored on cloud servers. Data publication via Tableau Online has no storage limit. It connects to over 40 cloud data sources like Amazon Aurora, MySQL, Hive, Spark SQL, etc. Tableau Online now enables data streaming from web programs like Salesforce and Google Analytics.


Tableau XI


It is a free tool that allows anyone to see Tableau Public or Tableau Desktop visualizations and workbooks. Anyone can view workbooks. Tableau Reader allows data filtering but not manipulation. So Tableau Reader has no security.


Does Tableau Actually Help You?


Yes, Tableau has many features that help you create and understand data effectively. Tableau has five benefits:


Superb Visualizations


Tableau’s graphics usually stand out. It always wins over other data visualization solutions due to its excellent dashboard and visualization capabilities. It also supports over thirty data formats, allowing for instant connection. It can also create complicated graphs similar to Excel’s pivot table.




Tableau has this as a major strength. This software can be used by anyone, regardless of coding or technical expertise. Drag and drop most features, each graphic self-represents. So Tableau is very user-friendly.




Tableau allows for several perspectives on visuals. It can help organizations analyze data without a specific objective. You can deal with data in a hypothetical way, see it in new ways, and compare and analyze it dynamically. Working with real-time data highlights these skills.


Adding Tables


Anyone may quickly add new datasets to Tableau using standard fields from a database or an Excel worksheet.


Using Diverse Data Sources


With Tableau, anyone can connect to data warehouses, data sources, and files, unlike other BI and analytics solutions. In today’s data-driven world, data comes from many sources. Spreadsheets, cloud, non-relational data, etc. Tableau blends all data types and provides amazing representations.




Let’s speak about Tableau’s pricing and customer reviews.




Individual Tableau creators pay $70 per month, while teams and organizations pay annually.


Tableau User Reviews




Tableau has an 86 percent User Satisfaction rating based on 3927 user reviews from five well-known software review sites.




This blog has explained “what is Tableau” and its key features. Tableau is the best BI and data visualization software. Many individuals use Tableau to gain useful insights from data. It also doesn’t require any technical or coding experience to use. It also provides good tech support and data upgrades, allowing enterprises to acquire the most up-to-date information. Finally, many students struggle with Tableau assignments, thus we offer world-class Tableau Assignment Help from specialists.