Do you want to get a bachelor’s degree but face obstacles that may prevent you from enrolling in a traditional university? There is a solution whether you’re on the road too much for your job, you’ve adopted the digital nomad lifestyle, or you have parenting or other obligations that prevent you from attending in-person classes on a regular basis. Schools are increasingly offering online courses and entire bachelor’s degree programs that you can take from anywhere in the world and on your own time. There are a variety of options for paying for this. Also see – How to Learn Complex Fractions Using Examples.

Your Workplace

If you are a full-time employee as opposed to a contractor or freelancer working for a side hustle, your employer might pay some money toward your tuition. At some companies, the subject you study needs to be in the field you are already working in, but this is not always the case. Talk to your supervisor or human resources department to find out whether this is a benefit or whether you might be able to persuade your company that it could be a benefit.


Student Loans


You can get federal and private student loans to pay for your online education just as you would if you were attending school in person. Your first stop should probably be the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Once you know from the FAFSA how much you are entitled to in loans and grants from the government, you can make up the difference with private lenders. An advantage of being older than the traditional high school senior is that you may have built up a credit record, and this could mean better private loan interest rates for you. Your local bank or credit union as well as online lenders may all be sources of money to borrow for college.