Are you unsure about Visual Studio Code vs. Visual Studio? What is the difference and scope of both tools? If yes, excellent. You’ve arrived.

Nobody is confused about Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code. Many people are unaware of the distinctions. This blog will help you if you want to work in either tool. So, in this blog, I will compare Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Firstly, an overview of Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.




Microsoft Visual Studio is one of Microsoft’s IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). It can generate both managed and native code. Websites, web services, computer programs, and mobile apps use this. Visual Studio software also uses Microsoft’s development platform, including Window Forms, Store, API, WPF, and Silverlight.


VS Code


Windows, Linux, and macOS users can use Visual Studio Code for free. Syntax highlighting, snippets, embedded Git, intelligent code completion, and code refactoring are all provided by Visual Studio Code. Users can alter keyboard shortcuts, themes, and preferences. It can also be extended by the user. GitHub’s VSCode repository now has Visual Studio Code.


But let’s talk about people’s preferences for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.


Interests and Popularity of Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio


The graph below compares people’s interest in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.




As you can see, Visual Studio has lost popularity in the last 5 years. Simultaneously, interest in Visual Studio Code has grown since August 21, 2016.


Examine their popularity among people.




So, from the image, Visual Studio Code is clearly more popular. It has roughly double the votes as Visual Studio. Similarly, Visual Studio Code’s fans outnumber Visual Studio’s. So, Visual Studio Code is clearly gaining popularity.


Okay! Keep scrolling for a Visual Studio vs. Visual Studio Code comparison. We have provided crucial details about both to help you grasp the basic differences. So, let’s compare the two and see what’s new.


Visual Studio Code vs Visual Studio: Features


Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code


Visual Studio Code


It is IDE (Integrated Development Environment).


It is a code editor.


It is a sluggish cross-platform.


It is faster than Visual Studio.


Visual Studio also includes a premium IDE.


It’s a free and open-source text editor.


It employs powerful IntelliSense.


It lacks IntelliSense.


It’s a big download.


It is not as large as Visual Studio.


A lot of space is needed to work on it.


It just need 300MB of RAM to run.


The codes are compiled in Visual Studio.


Compiling is not available in Visual Studio Code.


Visual Studio is required if the user needs to work in numerous windows.


VS Code does not support multi-window work.


The user has issues with Visual Studio’s settings and preferences.


Using preferences in VS Code is much easier than in VS.


For.NET, C/C++ (Windows), C# programs and databases like SQL Server.


It supports HTML/JavaScript over C++/C.


Points about Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code






VS Code




Which companies use Visual Studio Code?


The table below shows the top 5 Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code users.


Visual Studio Code










joIntuit HENNGE










So, what’s in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code?


The top five tools for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are shown below.


Visual Studio Code




Azure IO


















2 of them are free.




The Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code Job Market


Here is a graph of both tools showing job openings.








The graph above shows all sorts of Visual Studio job postings, permanent and contract. The graph shows that the different job categories (Permanent, Contract, and All) fell dramatically after reaching their peak in 2013.




This graph shows the vacancies for Visual Studio Code jobs. The graph shows that the trend for all job vacancies starts climbing in May 2018. There will be several changes until May 2021. May 2020, May 2021 and May 2022 are the peak months for Permanent, Contract and All Job Vacancies.




Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code Salaries


Following is a graph of Visual Studio and Code compensation trends.




Here is a graph of Visual Studio salaries in the UK. Visual Studio’s median pay remains unchanged until 2010. Then it began to rise gradually, peaking in 2020. But after that, it starts dwindling.




Salary Trend for Visual Studio Code in the U.K. The median wage for this tool increased in September 2017. After then, it keeps declining and fluctuating until December 2020. It was raised in January 2021 but not to its peak level in September 2017.


Is VS Code better than VS?


Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio is difficult to choose. Because VS Code is an IDE for programming languages.


For example, if you use test-driven programming, Visual Studio is best. VS Code has 15 test-driven development extensions for Node.js, Go,.Net, and PHP.


As for databases, Visual Studio excels at working with Microsoft SQL Server and its siblings, although VS Code includes several database extensions.


However, Visual Studio Code performs fundamental refactoring operations for other languages.


VS Code works on Linux, but not Visual Studio. However, Visual Studio for Windows supports Linux/C++ and Azure.


So, if you work on a project for hours, Visual Studio is superior. Visual Studio Code may suit you if you tend to work in short bursts and switch between jobs.




Many users confuse Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, yet they have distinct features and functions. We have described the basic differences and features of Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code above so you can quickly understand what they are. Users can choose any of them, however for speedy software, Visual Studio Code is the best choice. So, pick one of these apps and use it for your needs.


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