We all utilize arithmetic on a regular basis, whether it is to buy items or for other purposes. Despite its importance, many students avoid arithmetic because they find it difficult. But if you understand the basics, math becomes simple. Instead than memorizing math facts, we need to grasp their logic.

Because there are so many concepts and questions, it is impossible to memorize them all. So always grasp the idea. Many pupils struggle with percentages because they don’t understand what it is or how to solve it. So, learn how to solve percentage questions step by step and enhance your math grades. Learn how to solve percentage issues by following our guidelines.

What is a %?


Learn what a percentage is first. Assume you have 10 chocolates and 4 chocolates for your friend. Now you want to know how 4 chocolates compare to the total of 10. So we utilize percentages in math. Thus, a percentage is used to compute how much of anything there is in respect to the whole object. Percentages are not just employed in mathematics, but also in everyday circumstances.


Know your percentages


In mathematics, percentage is written as ‘%’.


A percentage is always 100. So we use 100 and the number we want to find the relation with must be less than 100.


The next percentage to know is absolute, which is 100%.


100 percent of 20 equals 20.


How to solve percentages


100% of any number is always exact. It must be a number.


To find the 50% of any number, simply divide the number by 2.


For example, to determine 50% of 50, divide 50 by 2 and you get 50/2 = 25.


75 percent is 23. To find the 75% of any integer, simply multiply it by 23.


10% of any number is 1/10th of the number, hence to obtain 10% of any number, divide it by 10. For example, if you need to discover 10% of 50, the answer is 50/10, or 5.


How To Solve Percentage Issues


Let’s see how to solve percentage problems by example —


Example 1: Percentage difficulties


So, first, write down the number you wish to find the percentage of. If you need to find 70% of 200, then write down the number 200 and the percentage 70/100.


The next step in learning % is to construct the equation as follows –


70% of 200


The multiplication is expressed as ‘x’.






So, 140.


Example 2: Percentage difficulties


Let us now study how to solve percentages using the x approach, where we first take the result as x and then find the value of x.


Then, assuming the answer is X, and you need to get x% of 200, you get the following equation —


X% of 300 Equals 50


Write the percent as 1/100 and the x as a result –


*100 * 200 = 50


2X = 50


50/2 X


25 X


So 50 is 25% of 200.


Example 3: Percentage difficulties


Assume you need to find the marks % using the following data:


75/100 in math


Science – 90/100


English – 65/100


80/100 in social science


To solve this percentage problem, first add up all the marks.


+ 90 + 65 + 80




Your overall marks are 310, and there are 4 subjects, thus your total marks are 400. So 310 out of 400.


So let’s use x% as the percentage. So we have the equation —


X% of 400 is 310


It is spelled –


1/10 x 400 = 310


4X = 310






So he has 77.5 percent.




With practice and knowing how to solve percentage problems, % becomes a mind game. if you know the proportion. So if you are having trouble with percentages, follow the instructions and succeed. If you still need help with percentages, you may call our 24/7 math homework help service for urgent assistance. Get the greatest math homework help.