Excel has built-in tools for analyzing huge data.

But these tools aren’t always on. They must be activated by the user.

To use the data analysis tool in Excel, pick the “Options tab” from the file menu.


Then select the analysis pack from the Add-Ins menu. Finally, select Go.


Now a window appears on your PC screen where you can choose several data analysis toolkits.


Laptops come pre-loaded with data analysis software.


To do so, activate the data analysis option.


Here are the steps to unlock the data analysis tool.


We also explained how to use Excel’s data analysis features properly.


Excel Analysis Tools


How to use Excel’s data analysis function in Windows?


There’s always the chance that Excel won’t offer any data analysis tools.


The steps to unlock the tool set are listed below.


  1. Select the file choice on the left.




  1. Select a “option” by clicking it.




  1. After selecting the option, click Add-Ins.




  1. A Manage drop-down list is at the bottom. Select Excel Add-ins, then Go.




  1. A new conversation box will now appear on your screen. The Analysis Toolpak will open everything available. Select all three. Then click OK.




  1. The two selections will be displayed below the data ribbon.




Incorporate data analysis in Excel Mac.


To use the Toolpak in Excel for Mac, follow these steps:


  1. Find the Excel Add-Ins option in the Tool menu. Find it and select it.


  1. Select the Analysis ToolPack option from the Add-Ins box and click OK.


  1. If the Add-Ins box doesn’t have Analysis ToolPack, pick Browse to find it.





Use Excel’s data analysis tool


Ex: Using Solver


The Solver is a problem-solving data analysis tool. It’s like a goal search in excel.


In the example below, we have the total cost, unit price, and total profit.




The sold material unit is 7550 and costs 10 per unit.


The profit is 23,000 while the expense is 52,500.


As a business owner, I want to increase my profit to 30,000 utilizing unit prices.


The Solver will help me estimate the times value and solve this problem.


To utilize the Solver, follow the instructions listed below.


  1. Open the Solver from the DATA tab.




  1. Confirm B7 as the 30,000 objective cell. By changing the cell value to B2. Choose SOLVE from the menus.




  1. A result window appears on the screen.




This means the SOLVER has fixed your issue.


To make 30,000, you need to raise the selling price by 1/unit.


This indicates selling the goods at 11/unit rather than 10/unit.


This is how an Excel data analysis tool works.


T-test Example 2


The probability is tested using a t-test.


See the example below to see how the t-test data analysis tool in Excel works.




  1. The Data Analysis option is found under the Data tab.




  1. Selecting the data analysis option opens a new dialog box. Find out about T-test. When you get to the options, choose Paired two-sample t-test.




  1. The t-test option has the following possibilities.




  1. Select team 1 score from variable 1 range and team 2 score from variable 2 range.




  1. The output cell now selects the range for the result.




We’ve selected the range that includes the heading. Select OK to finish the test.




  1. The D1 cell will show the test result.




the teams average value, variance, Pearson Correlations and much more.


P = 0.314, which is substantially higher than the typical expected value of 0.05.


It says details are irrelevant. Use the built-in T-test routines here.


Important reminders


Excel has various analysis tests such as F-test, correlation, regression, ANOVA, and descriptive approaches. You can also add Excel Add-ins for data analysis. The analytical tool bundles are always under VBA.


List of data analysis tools in Excel


(2)-Factor with Replication













Analyse Fourier





Test for Unequal Variances in Two Samples




In short!


Several firms employ Excel’s data analysis function.


Excel is used to manage operational dashboards and maintain track of each organization.


Excel aids the organization with data cataloging, data modeling, data importation, and more.


We’ve covered two data analysis tools in Excel.


I hope you get it.


If you still have questions about Excel’s data analysis tools, leave a comment below. We will do our best to assist you.


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Excel lacks a data analysis function.


Select the File tab to discover the data analysis tool.


Select Options, then Add-Ins.


Select Manage, then Go.


Once the Analysis ToolPak checkbox appears, click OK.


What are data analysis tools?


Tableau Open.








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