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Keep in mind that engineering is a scientific discipline. As a result, the topic you choose should be scientifically supported by facts, figures, and statistics. Anything less than this will result in your paper being thrown away.


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Topics for Business Ethics Research Papers That Will Astound You


  1. How effective is business ethnics education as a school curriculum?


  1. What legislation should be enacted to ensure that corporations’ recruiting practices are diverse?


  1. What role do businesses play in society’s overall well-being?


  1. Is it ethical to hire persons from a specific family or race in a company?


  1. Methods by which businesses can promote openness and accountability in their operations


  1. How have businesses been affected by the credit crisis and housing collapse of 2008?


  1. How should businesses compensate their employees? – both major and small businesses


  1. What should happen if a company fails to pay its employees or withholds wages?


  1. Legal ethics should be a primary focus for businesses.


  1. How have businesses contributed to pollution in the environment?


Topics for Medical Ethics Papers for Everyone


  1. Should doctors and nurses be allowed to perform abortions?


  1. What is the relationship between medical ethics and cultural and religious ethics?


  1. Medical birth control and its consequences on the younger generation


  1. Should male patients be handled by female doctors and nurses?


  1. Why isn’t organ donation a prevalent practice in every country?


  1. Do patients have a say in who they are treated by?


  1. What is the significance of medical ethics?


  1. Is it ethical for doctors to commit suicide, and if so, why?


  1. Is it permissible for male doctors and nurses to deliver women?


  1. Why do we need internationally recognized medical ethics?


Topics for Military Ethics Papers


  1. Ethical issues confronting army leaders


  1. Why are so many army personnel being discharged for misconduct?


  1. The history of army ethics, as well as how it is changing in response to current trends.


  1. War Ethics: Is war justifiable in any circumstance?


  1. Army ethics: Army ethics is challenging.


  1. How much force should the army use against civilians?


  1. Is it moral for troops to carry weapons in the presence of children?


  1. Is the military enlistment procedure followed correctly?


  1. Describe how the total force initiative is preventing military ethics from flourishing.


  1. Explain how computer ethics plays a part in combat.


Research Paper on Difficult Computer Ethics Issues


  1. How can data and computer programs be guaranteed to remain intact in the absence of proper authority?


  1. Ensuring that data is consistent and behaves in a predictable manner


  1. How has privacy changed as a result of technical advancements?


  1. Is personal information safe in our vast databases?


  1. Conducting a re-evaluation of the intellectual property rights pertaining to software ownership


  1. How computer specialists interact with a variety of customers


  1. Do professional groups play a role in enforcing computer ethics?


In a globalized society, there is a need for computer ethics.


  1. How do international laws affect concerns such as freedom of speech and invasion of privacy?


  1. In the cyber realm, is hacking ethical?


Topics for Nursing Ethics Papers that are Healthy


  1. Recognizing a possible ethical challenge in nursing


  1. Nurses and alcohol consumption


  1. What role does nursing play in preserving human dignity?


  1. Ethical approaches to dealing with mental illness in hospitals


  1. Discuss how nurses’ backgrounds, opinions, and worldviews make it difficult for them to retain objectivity.


  1. A nursing situation in terms of ethics and morals


  1. Explain how personal views influence nursing ethics.


  1. Techniques for building and maintaining a genuine and loving nurse-patient connection


  1. Nursing ethics in the twenty-first century


  1. Examine how nurses can morally respond to cultural sensitivity difference.


Topics for Engineering Ethics Papers that are Highly Rated


  1. Examine the most important engineering ethical concepts and their significance.


  1. What are the similarities and differences between engineering ethics and the ethics of other professions?


  1. Engineering ethics and the concept of responsibility


  1. What was the aftermath of the 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia explosion?


  1. Describe the different scientific and industrial advances that have occurred in the twenty-first century.


  1. Discuss the role of scientists and critical thinkers in engineering ethics.


  1. Engineering Ethics Challenges in the Future


  1. Classical Breeding and Genetic Engineering Ethical Considerations


  1. Evaluation of engineering education aims and their outcomes


Is engineering ethics’ content and pedagogy sufficient to match the changing global environment?


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