Taking a theology course is enjoyable. Some people find themselves jumping for pleasure when they are admitted because of the vast area of study and the importance of the discipline. When it comes to choosing Christian research topics, however, it is normal to see this joy decrease.

Most people find it difficult to come up with themes to write about when it comes to worldwide Christianity. Those years of anxiety, however, are now behind us. To make theological studies easier for you, we’ve grouped Christianity and religion themes together.

We provide a variety of Christian subjects and conversation spaces. You have the option of selecting your preferred alternative! Even better, the Christianity essay themes are available for free. You can even ask us to “complete my assignment,” and we’ll try our best to fulfill your request. Your studying can be enjoyable with our assistance!


Topics for Christian Research Papers and How to Choose Them


There are a few things to consider when choosing Christianity research paper themes.



When it comes to Christianity essay themes, your passion is important. When you face a challenge, your curiosity will force you forward. Writing a thesis can be difficult at times, but your enthusiasm keeps you going.



Christian subjects can cover a wide range of issues. You should have a goal in mind for your research. If you break down theological concepts into bite-size chunks, you’ll be able to handle them better. You will be able to conduct a thorough investigation if you have a scope of focus.



It’s one thing to have Christian topics to write about; it’s another to have the correct study material. The challenging themes that Christianity addresses necessitate suitable study resources. The materials will complement your interests and help you complete your research quickly.


Christianity Research Topics with a Historical Perspective


There are various interesting history of Christianity research paper topics available if you want to investigate the historical background of persons, locations, and behaviors.


  1. Christianity’s History in Europe.


  1. A Brief Overview of Christian History


  1. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam: Their Origins.


  1. A historical overview of Christianity in Africa


  1. Christianity’s history in the Roman Empire


  1. A historical perspective on theology and Christian practice


  1. A historical study of Christianity in the Middle Ages.


  1. A historical examination of Christianity in medieval civilization


  1. Christianity’s history in the Western world


  1. An examination of African American Christianity from a socio-historical perspective


  1. The Creation Myth in Orthodox Christianity


  1. The Bible and the World: The Creation Myth


  1. An investigation into the history of Christianity in Ireland


  1. Christianity’s history: from Jesus through the Roman Empire


  1. The Bible’s Journey Theme: A Systematic Study of the Old Testament


  1. The Bible’s Journey Theme: A Systematic Study of the Bible


  1. Early Christian women: a study of selected biblical women


  1. The early Christian church’s approach to conflict settlement


  1. From Slavery to Freedom in African-American Christianity


  1. Christian and Islamic archetypal symbols


  1. The Christian and linguistic footprints of the British in Africa


The history of Christianity in China is number 22.


  1. A study of Christianity in the Postcolonial Era in a Specific Country


  1. African American Chris: a study of black gospels and spirituals


  1. In the New Testament, birth and rebirth are discussed.


  1. According to the Bible, what is the genesis of man and the universe?


  1. Slavery and Christianity in Africa


Topics for Research on Christianity in the Modern World


There are some contemporary issues that Christianity must address. Man has always been a curious creature. The majority of Christian argument themes arise from people’s need for solutions to their questions. Here are some excellent research topics.


  1. The heart of Christianity in current times is changing paradigms.


  1. Environmentalists and evangelical Christians


  1. Practices’ boundaries: evangelists and conservationists


  1. Christianity in the Twenty-First Century


  1. Christianity and Modernism


  1. Christianity, modernity, and postmodernism


  1. The impact of cultural diversity on modern-day Christianity


  1. The concept of death and life in modern Christianity


  1. What does music mean to Christians in today’s world?


  1. A psychoanalytic analysis of King David in relation to psychology and Christianity


  1. A linguistic analysis of Jesus’ and his disciples’ teachings


Fundamentalism in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all examples of this.


  1. Christianity’s Materialist Theory


  1. Acceptance and restrictions of queerness in Christianity, Islam, and modernity


  1. Christianity and psychology: a cure for depression or a cause of it?


  1. An integrative assessment of Christianity and psychology


Church planting has an economic and social dimension.


  1. Evangelism as an art form: a balancing act of spirituality and amusement


  1. The origin of Christianity and religious diversity


  1. Christianity’s Colonialism: A Study of the Old Testament


  1. A sociological analysis of the Old Testament’s naming, marriage, and burial traditions


  1. Four Weddings and a Funeral: Christianity


  1. The concept of trip in the Bible: a case study of the children of Israel’s Exodus and the Magi’s journey


  1. A Marxist interpretation of the Bible.


  1. Prospects and Challenges of Church Planting in a Specific City


  1. Biblical perspectives on peace and conflict settlement


  1. Jesus the Lion and the Lamb: a Study of His Life


  1. A biblical archetypal analysis of sacrifice


  1. Christianity’s paradox: freedom and slavery in one package


  1. Old Testament Struggle and Survival: A Marxist Interpretation


  1. A study of Christian faiths in a specific city: Christian unity in a certain country


  1. Christianity, politics, and education in conversation


  1. A biblical examination of sexuality in light of Christianity


Christianity’s Cause and Effect Issues


People, institutions, and customs have all been influenced by Christianity and other religions. There are a variety of interesting Christian debate themes that examine the impact of religion on society. Some issues also look at the cause and effect link between biblical doctrines and people’s lifestyles. Here are a few of the fascinating things you can investigate.


  1. The Christian faith and the resurrection of Jesus


  1. What impact does Christianity have on legal practices?


  1. Hellenism and Christianity’s Origins and Spread


  1. Colonialism’s relics: Christianity in Africa


  1. The Great Commission: The Impact of Apostle Paul’s Teachings on the Church’s Growth


  1. Christianity’s Decline in Europe


  1. The prophetic impulse in the Bible: What Does It Mean for Christians?


  1. How does Christian teaching influence slaves’ reactions to their plight?


  1. How did slave masters use Christian teachings as a tool to control slaves?


  1. How has the scientific revolution affected Christianity?


  1. Christianity’s Commercialization: A Study of Specific Societies


  1. The Apostle Paul’s Contribution to the Spread of Christianity


  1. Christianity’s impact on politics and policymaking: a case study of one country


  1. In Christianity and Islam, the issue of power


  1. Information and digital technology’s impact on church growth


  1. Does the church-society interaction have an impact on the church’s growth?


  1. A New Testament analysis of the implications of the notion of justification for Christian living


  1. A critical examination of Colossians 2:16-18 to see how traditional festivals affect church growth.


  1. The influence of apostle Paul’s teachings on modern-day Christian life


  1. A New Testament Study of Faith and Other Gifts


  1. From a biblical standpoint, what are the elements that cause church division?


  1. The influence of church administrators on church-owned educational institutions: a case study of a specific university


  1. What role do Pentecostal churches play in the growth of a country’s educational sector?


  1. The impact of inadequate infests on Christian religious studies teaching and learning


  1. Effects of Christian religious studies teaching methods on students’ academic performance in junior secondary school: a case study of specific schools


  1. Theological studies’ impact on societal morals


  1. A case study of individual churches on the function of evangelism in church growth


  1. Christianity and politics in contemporary society: a case study


  1. The impact of POS banking in a given city’s churches


  1. What effect does the church have on a country’s economic situation?


  1. What role does the church play in lowering the country’s unemployment rate?


  1. How does the church affect demonstrations in a particular country?


Christian Issues in Controversy


What are good problematic themes to explore for Christianity, as students of theology and religious studies have often wondered? There are quite a few. Christian discussion subjects that are controversial are frequently avoided since they tend to disturb people’s beliefs. These themes are viewed as radical and rebellious by some.


However, difficult themes in science and Christianity continue to pique people’s interest, and they want to learn more about them. If you’re interested, here are some controversial Christian subjects to consider.


  1. Christianity’s Foundation in Times of Change


  1. Worship styles: idol worship or Catholicism


  1. Religion and Manipulation: The Word’s Moving Power


  1. The unity of divinity: God and gods


  1. Catholicism and Christianity


  1. Dialogue between culture and Christianity: societal actions in light of the gospel


  1. Slavery and Christianity: an uneasy alliance


  1. The changing perspectives of Christianity and idolatry


  1. The relationship between Christianity, religion, and society.


War and peace are two sides of the same coin.


  1. Christian ideas as a societal enslavement weapon


  1. Western domination and Christianity as oppressive weapons


  1. Christianity and Feminism


  1. Christianity in Frederick Douglass’s Narrative of His Life as an American Slave


  1. Migration’s pull and push factors: the role of Christianity


  1. Christianity and Science


  1. Christianization of politics and politicization of Christianity


  1. A critical examination of Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam in terms of religion and politics.


  1. What method of baptism is biblically approved?


  1. Biblical perspectives on gender equality


  1. The Bible and women’s roles in social reconstruction: a critical examination


  1. Biblical preparation for marriage and divorce


  1. The role of Christianity in society: religious views on marriage


Gender Pluralism: A Biblical Assessment


  1. Gender roles in the church: a New Testament study


  1. Abortion, blood, and life: a biblical perspective


  1. A critical assessment of politics from the pulpit


  1. Biblical perspectives on peace and conflict


Other Research Topics in Christianity


Theological and religious studies encompass a wide range of topics. Apart from contentious, historical, and contemporary issues, there are a variety of other Christian persuasive speech topics to consider.


Some of the topics are inspired by literary works, while others look at the relationship between religion and society. If you’re not sure what topics fit under this category, we’ve put together a list of some outstanding ones for you.


  1. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Christianity and Magic


  1. Similarities and Differences Between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam


  1. Christianity: an investigation of Jesus’ life


  1. Christianity and asceticism


  1. African Americans’ journey through Christianity, slavery, and colonialism


  1. Christianity’s beliefs and symbols


  1. Crucial moments in Christianity


  1. From a biblical perspective, what are virtues?


  1. The Church’s Role in Nation-Building


  1. How does the Bible define good and evil?


  1. A critical examination of the concept of “Mere Christianity”


  1. What impact can a shattered marriage have on children in Christian homes?


  1. The role of Christian teachings in the context of slavery


  1. A study of specific societies and Christianity and economics


The literary aesthetics of Jesus’ parables


  1. In the New Testament, the concepts of death and love are discussed.


  1. Christianity, African traditional worship, and society: unity in diversity


  1. Dante’s Inferno’s investigation of paganism and Christianity


  1. The Messiah’s Concept in Christianity and Judaism


  1. Feeding the sheep: the apostle Peter’s contribution to the gospel’s spread


  1. Speaking in Tongues and Pentecostalism: A Case Study of a Few Pentecostal Churches


  1. Christian religious studies students’ academic performance in junior secondary school


  1. Literary aesthetics in Jesus Christ’s teachings: a study of the Sermon on the Mount as a case study


  1. Christian leaders’ involvement in societal order


  1. Christian leadership and politics: a look at certain Old Testament figures


  1. What role does the church play in difficult times?


  1. Aural texts’ aesthetics and significance: a literary examination of several Psalms


  1. What function does Christianity and religious leaders have in the upbringing of children?


  1. Theism and the Problem of Evil: A Critical Examination


  1. What function do Christian organizations play during times of crisis and disaster?


These suggestions will be very useful if you are looking for Christian speech themes for class debates or Christian thesis topics for your project. These topics cover a wide range of subjects to help you make an informed decision. You can also look up philosophy subjects or get in touch with us if you require assistance.