Nowadays, businesses in every field are competing by boosting profits. Data mining is one of the best approaches for predicting the future. This is one of the reasons why the BI software industry grew to $22.78 billion in 2017. By 2026, BI is expected to increase at a 10.4% annual rate.

The most popular BI software includes Tableau and TIBCO Spotfire. Both are designed to help non-IT users access BI. If you want to buy Business Intelligence software for your company, choosing between the two may be difficult. We have compared Tableau with Spotfire here. This will help you choose BI software.



Tableau is a robust data discovery tool that uses a drag and drop interface. Using this, you can simply visualize data, combine databases, and explore several views. No complicated scripting is required. After the analysis, publish the reports to a Tableau server.


Tableau Software Suites


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TIBCO Spotfire:


It is one of the greatest enterprise analytics solutions for gaining useful business insights. Spotfire is a clever and adaptable solution for business data predictive analytics and data visualization. This TIBCO product also includes a powerful dashboard and one of the best analytical apps.


Suites of TIBCO Products


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What features do Tableau and TIBCO Spotfire share?


Tableau Spotfire


Content Analytics native data connectors list


Dashboard comments, mobile-friendly dashboards, and interactive dashboards


Large-Scale Data


Tableau Reader for Predictive Analytics data viewing


Transform each query into an Event Analytics


Location Analytics auto-update


Drag-and-drop and toggle view


Dashboards & analytics


Data filtering and highlight


Data mining & exploration


Data alerts


Advanced tool cooperation


Tableau vs Spotfire feature comparison


Features Tableau Spotfire


Dashboard help






R scripts JavaScript


Database Enhanced Good


No data modeling


Controls UI & visual




Customization No No


Tableau and TIBCO Spotfire target which sectors and customers?


Manufacturing and science


Media Education




Finance in the public sector


Healthcare HR


Consumer products


IT Logistics/transportation


Who uses Tableau more than Spotfire?


Power User Tableau Spotfire


Deloitte Cisco


Dell Shell


Procter & Gamble


Coca-Cola NetApp


Tableau vs Spotfire


Tableau Spotfire


Tableau is a provider that specializes on data analytics and BI products that help empower people and librate data.


TIBCO has evolved from technical tools to business services focused on BIs.


A tableau is a versatile tool that enhances data discovery and discovery.


TIBCO Spotfire is great for companies looking to improve sales, customer service, and marketing.


Users can analyze data, generate visualizations and reports, and share reports around the enterprise using the drag and drop capability.


TIBCO Spotfire helps users find solutions to business issues. It also finds market trends or patterns.


Tableau Desktop has an inbuilt connectivity with R, which TIBCO Spotfire deems the finest tool for numerous integrations.


Tableau products are utilized in banks, healthcare, education, and other key industries.


TIBCO Spotfire is used in both small and large organizations including infrastructure and healthcare.


Various visualization techniques allow users to approach experienced users.


TIBCO Spotfire assists in statistical analysis by scheduling analyses and reporting.


Tableau can be expensive for small businesses, but it has outstanding executive learning curves.


TIBCO Spotfire is tough to customize data details and visuals. It can’t fix the technological issues.


Tableau Online costs $42/user/month, Tableau Desktop costs $35/user/month, and Tableau Server costs $35/user/month.


The TIBCO Cloud membership is $200/month or $2,000/year and includes 250GB of storage.


Tableau offers four levels of assistance to its clients: elite, technical, complimentary, and OEM.


There is a TIBCO Spotfire Community forum for users to ask questions about Spotfire.


Tableau software is owned by the public.


But Spotfire doesn’t provide public ownership; it only provides private ownership.


It provides consulting and implementation services.


It offers architecture services, analytics implementation, and a center for analytics excellence.


Tableau’s major features are infinite data connectors, secure collaboration, drag-and-drop integration, and mobile-optimized designs.


TIBCO Spotfire allows you to update data, load complex data into Salesforce connector, and much more.


Tableau Desktop has an automatic storytelling tool to improve user experience.


However, TIBCO Spotfire does not have an automated narrative option.


Tableau vs Spotfire


Tableau and TIBCO Spotfire are among the best and most famous BI applications (Business Intelligence). These two were created to help non-IT users access BI. This blog compared Tableau and Spotfire in detail to help you decide which BI analytics solution is best for you. Users can pick any of these to suit their needs or industry.


Is Spotfire better than Tableau? might vary depending on the user’s preference. Tableau includes its own tools for graphing, reports, and dashboards. TIBCO Spotfire, on the other hand, gives superior visuals than other BIs (or Business Intelligences). So, depending on the user’s demands, pick one carefully and use it to promote your business. If you have any questions, please post them here. We are happy to answer your questions. Our specialists can also help with tableau homework.