Mathematical issues cannot be memorized, thus students are afraid of it. Exponent is another one. Exponent is the time a number is multiplied by itself. Using the example above, you may write the expression as 45, where 4 is the base and 5 the exponent. If you are having trouble solving exponents, you can use the instructions below.

What is it?


Suppose you need to write 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 however instead of writing x 2 you can write 25. This is called an exponent.

In mathematics, an exponent is employed when a number is multiplied by itself numerous times, as seen in the example.

Exponent’s Value

If you want to know how to solve exponent, you must first comprehend its significance.

Instead of writing if for 1000 times you can just write 41000. So you may construct complex expressions and quickly add or subtract exponents to simplify equations. For instance, you have an issue –

415 = 46 + 49

How to solve Exponents

Learn the words

Exponents Terminology –

Let us comprehend the terms using the number 45.

The base is 4 and the exponent is 5.

If you want to read it out, it’s “four to the fifth” or “four raised to the fifth power”.

You will never be able to solve exponent unless you know the exponent vocabulary.

Also, if a number has an exponent 2 like 42, it can be called 4 squared.

Similarly, if a number is cubed, it can be said as cubed. For example, 43 is 4 cubed.

If a number is written as 4 or 5, does it contain an exponent? So yes. Their exponent is 0. So you can write 4 for example.

Multiply the base by the exponent’s factor count

The next stage in exponent solving is to multiply the base by the base number alone.

Assume you need to manually solve the exponent for 43. Now you may solve it by multiplying the number by the exponent.

4x4x4 = 43


It’s 64.

Exercising a

The next step is to solve the expression. Let’s pretend it’s 35. So now may write –

3 x 3 x 3 x 3

So now multiply the first two numbers, then the other two numbers to get the results.

9 9 3

Add the answers –

Once you have multiplied the two digits, you must now multiply the remaining equation. So, in the expression, multiply 9 by 9 to obtain 81, then multiply 81 by 3 to get 243. See below –

3 x 3 x 3 x 3

9 9 3


This will provide you the final answer to your question of how to solve exponent.

Other examples –

1. 8x8x8x8 = 64×64 = 4096

2. 10 10 10 = 100 10 = 1000


Because mathematics scares students, they regularly question how to solve many issues, including exponents. Then follow these steps and try to understand the idea instead of memorizing questions. Expert math homework help from the professionals.