Show My Homework is becoming more popular among high schools and universities as a result of its success. As a result, an increasing number of students and parents are looking for information on this program. That is why we have produced such a long blog article. This website has all the information you need to understand what SMHW is and how to utilize it. This comprises a description of the program and its goals, as well as brief instructions on how to use it.




What Does It Mean to “Show My Homework”?


What is Show My Homework, exactly? It’s a kind of online assignment program, commonly known as an online student planner. Satchel created it, and it contains resources for both instructors and kids (as well as their parents). The platform’s major purpose is to assist students in better managing their time and making it simpler for them to locate and complete their assignments on time.


The Show My Homework app’s parent logins give parents with a wealth of information, such as assignment progress and homework submission deadlines. This makes it easier for parents to keep track of their children’s schoolwork.


Teachers may set homework tasks, create assignments and quizzes, submit attachments, and even grade homework in the SMHW app’s dedicated area. They are allowed to offer feedback and even reuse homework assignments (this saves the teacher valuable time).


Is it free to use Show My Homework?


Of course, the software isn’t free. The good news is that it is free of charge for students and parents to utilize. The school covers the expenditures, which are determined by the institution’s size and the number of pupils serviced. Subscriptions to SMHW should be expected to be more expensive for larger institutions.


There are a few more rivals, such as Google Classroom, that provide the same service, but their pricing are almost same. In addition, the system’s implementation is contingent on the school’s unique requirements. If your school has begun to utilize the Show My Homework app, you’re certainly curious about how to get the most out of it. So let’s have a look at the software’s mechanics and teach you how to get the most of it.


How to Make the Most of Show My Homework


Using the Show My Homework app is, in our opinion, quite simple. There are nearly no issues or malfunctions, and the servers reply quickly. Overall, the user experience is excellent. The user interface is also quite appealing. If you’re a student, follow these simple instructions to get started with the app:


  1. Log in to your account. To log in to your account, you’ll need to enter your PIN or your school’s information. Keep in mind that your school will provide you a PIN. You must contact the school’s IT staff if you have not received it.


  1. Make a new password. It is advised that you reset your password the first time you check in. Make it simple to remember.


  1. Go to the Show My Assignment calendar and look for your homework. Actually, there are two calendars: the School Calendar, which is open to the public, and the Student Calendar, which is closed to the public. Click the “Homework Calendar” link, then “My Calendar” to access the Student Calendar.


  1. Go to the Gradebook page to find your gradebook. The Gradebook page lists all of your homework assignments as well as their due dates. You may also examine the assignment’s status (Submitted or Not Submitted) as well as the grade for each individual task.


How to Complete and Submit Homework on SMHW


Is it capable of doing more than simply displaying my homework? Without a doubt. You may also turn in your assignment through the SMHW platform. Actually, there are two methods to accomplish this: via your computer’s Web browser or using the Show My Homework app.


Follow these easy procedures to submit assignments using the Web browser:


  1. Open the Show My Homework calendar after logging in with your student account credentials.


  1. Open the online homework page for the task you wish to do by clicking on it.


  1. Write a brief note to your instructor on the Submit tab. “Hello, please see my assignment attached below,” for example, is entirely acceptable.


  1. Pick “Computer” or “Google Drive” from the “Add Attachments” menu, and then select the document containing your assignment.


  1. To turn in the homework, click “Submit assignment to instructor.” Your professor will be alerted that you have finished the assignment through push notifications and email.


Follow these simple steps to submit assignments using the Show My Homework app:


  1. Log in to your student account on the app.


  1. Tap the task you wish to finish to open it.


  1. To access the Attachment menu, tap the paperclip icon at the bottom of the screen.


  1. Select the document you want to upload from the menu by tapping “File.”


  1. To submit the assignment, use the “Upload” button.


How Do You Complete SMHW Homework?


You don’t really perform your homework on the SMHW platform, which is the tough part. The primary purpose of the Show My Assignments app is to turn in homework. You’ll do your assignments on your computer with any program you like (Microsoft Work is recommended). Alternatively, you may write down your assignment in a notebook and then photograph it with your phone. You may attach photographs to the smartphone app and submit them to your instructor instantly.


If you’re a parent, you’ll appreciate how much the SMHW platform has to offer. Parents may get real-time information on their children’s activities by setting up email and push alerts. Parents may also check their children’s activities, as well as the School Calendar, significant announcements, events, and the gradebook.


Finally, SMHW has been shown to inspire pupils to do their schoolwork on time. The Show My Homework app helps instructors, students, and parents work together more effectively. It enables instructors to easily assign homework, students to submit their assignments swiftly, and parents to keep track of their children’s progress in school. However, this program will not do your assignment for you.