Is it possible to classify video games as a sport? This is a fantastic argumentative essay subject. In fact, video games are a popular subject for papers among students. Even though this subject seems to be straightforward, writing a complete paper on it is not that simple. It’s important to remember that professors have their own viewpoints on the issue. In most circumstances, professors will object to video games being classified as a sport. Why? Because they link video games to many of the issues that their students face. When writing on video games as a sport, you essentially need to persuade your instructor of the games’ virtues. Of course, this isn’t difficult to do. All you have to do now is gather enough proof to back up your assertions. And, of course, offer all necessary reasons that support your thesis statement in a persuasive and somewhat authoritative way.


Are Video Games Already a Sport?


Consider employing homework assistance services before you start writing. They will offer you with the support you need. When writing the should video games be regarded a sport argumentative essay, the first thing you should evaluate is whether or not these games are already a sport. You’ve probably heard about eSports. Many clubs compete in eSports, which include a broad range of games. The majority of them are multiplayer games with explicit rules for all players. There are also prizes for the winners — in many instances, rather constant prizes. Professional gaming seems to be a sport based on the format of eSports contests. But first, consider the gaming industry as a whole. It’s earning more money than movies (Red Dead Redemption 2, for example, dethroned Avengers: Infinity War with $725 million in global sales during its first weekend), and it’s reasonable to say that videogames have established themselves as a powerful force in today’s media. However, the dispute over whether video games should be deemed sports continues. Despite the fact that all videogames give a challenge to the players, not all of them can be classified as sports, particularly those involving just one player. Multiplayer games, on the other hand, are a very other scenario.


Video Games With Multiple Players Are A Sport


Many MMOs (massively multiplayer online) games offer enormous tournaments with prize pools in the millions of dollars. The National League of Legends competition, for example, offered a $1 million reward to the victors of the popular online game League of Legends. Another notable example is DoTa 2, a massively popular multiplayer game with a world-renowned competition known as the International. People from all around the globe fight for large amounts of money (the prize pool in 2015, for example, was over $18 million, which is outstanding even for conventional sports). Blizzard Entertainment has put a lot of money into making eSports popular, with games like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Starcraft, among others. Blizzcon, the developer’s annual gaming conference, has grown into a big and popular event sponsored by T-Mobile and other corporations. The admission ticket will set you back about $200. Every year, the Overwatch World Cup is held, with foreign teams fighting for a prize pool of $3.5 million. So, whether you consider video games to be a sport or not, you can’t dispute that they’re popular and profitable. You are, however, writing an argumentative essay and should examine opposing viewpoints. Besides, your instructor could not even be aware of the existence of Fortnite or PUBG. It will take some time to explain why such games are so popular and can legitimately be labeled sports. But for the time being, let’s look at all sides of the debate.


Arguments Against Video Games Being Considered a Sport


Video games are not considered a sport for a variety of reasons. If you’re wondering why video games aren’t regarded a sport, examine the following points:


Why If video games are considered a sport, then chess and comparable games should be as well. This is why video games are simply referred to as games.






So, do you consider video games to be a sport? This thesis statement is not supported by the arguments stated above. However, there may be some grounds in favor of this viewpoint.


Arguments on Why Video Games Should Be Considered a Sport


You may use any of the following reasons to support video games as a sport in your should video games be considered a sport persuasive essay:










So, do you think video games should be classified as a sport? Opinions are divided, and there is a heated argument raging on the Internet. You may get lots of different viewpoints online if you conduct a search. Many individuals oppose video games as a sport because they are seen to make people sluggish. Electronic games, on the other hand, have not been linked to laziness in research. Are those who play chess lazy just because they are proficient at the game?


Argumentative Essay Writing Tips and Tricks


Students must create a should video games be regarded a sport argumentative essay regardless of how intense the discussion is. So, here are a few of pointers to get you started: