Safeassign Vs Turnitin Debate: Which one one is better?

When two separate platforms appear to be so similar that they are frequently referred to as the same, it is necessary to identify them appropriately to avoid confusion. Safeassign and Turnitin are two examples of this type of online plagiarism detection software.

Plagiarism has long been a source of frustration for writers all around the world. It entails plagiarizing or misrepresenting someone else’s work as your own without giving them credit. To put it another way, it’s the act of passing off someone else’s (written) work as your own.

As a result, different systems have been developed to assist in the detection of plagiarism and the identification of works that have been copied or incorrectly credited.

What Is Safeassign?

Safeassign is online software that is designed to detect plagiarism.

It is so effective that it is used at high schools, universities, and other educational institutions to ensure that students submit only non-plagiarized papers.

Safeassign is now used or referred to almost every university to ensure that students do not cheat on their papers by taking the easy way out.

Safeassign Database

Safeassign has a number of sources and databases with which files are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that all work provided is real and original.

Despite the fact that each of these applications are plagiarism checkers, they each have unique characteristics that set them apart. This guide will concentrate on highlighting these distinctions.

Safeassign vs. Turnitin Comparison


Blackboard is used to allow institutions to acquire access as a group.
Safeassign has a special scope or registry of papers submitted in these blackboard classes, which acts as one of its databases, because students and other users can save their papers on Safeassign utilizing the blackboard.
Instead of cutting or copying and pasting, it only accepts or supports documents that are uploaded as files.
Except when the lecturer has ample material for two submissions, students can only turn in their papers once as their final assignment (their draft and their final assignment).
Unless the paper’s owner donates their work to the blackboard database, it does not automatically upload or add submitted papers to its database.


It must must be registered before it can be viewed or used. That is, it can only be accessed over the internet.
Because it does not rely on chalkboard classes, it has a wider range of sources from which to cross-check papers. Turnitin is also available to students who are not enrolled in blackboard classes.
Rather than a direct file upload, scanned papers are uploaded using a cut or copy and paste method.
The instructor or professor sets the limit on the number of submissions that can be made. They decide whether the students should submit their papers as a final assignment or if they can submit many drafts before submitting their final paper. Uploads every document submitted to its database automatically, allowing it to use them as future reference materials to better detect plagiarism.

How Does Safeassign Work?

Have you ever considered how long Safeassign takes to check a paper? If you have, you should know that you are not alone, and that the answer to your question can be found here.

A plagiarism detector should, in theory, be able to find and report matches in the quickest amount of time feasible, and Safeassign is no exception. Safeassign performs a thorough check and generates a result based on its findings in about 15 to 30 minutes on average. The total time it takes to create results, on the other hand, varies depending on the file or files to be checked.

For example, it’s entirely natural that Safeassign would take far longer to provide findings for 12 files than if Safeassign simply had to evaluate two papers and generate originality results for them. This means that the more files there are, the longer Safeassign will take to generate originality results for them.

What Is Turnitin?

It is incredibly effective in detecting plagiarism, similar to Safeassign, to the point where it is utilized by students and other institutions to keep students in check and ensure that their papers are original.