Isn’t it true that when you get a business degree, you’re basically pledging yourself to a life in an office? Possibly not. It used to be difficult for someone with a business degree to find stable remote jobs. People are increasingly working fully from their homes. Even prominent organizations are adopting a remote work environment because of the benefits it provides to employees’ lives. And these jobs span from entry-level to higher-level ones. Even though applying for so many jobs at once with your business smarts and degree may seem overwhelming, if working remotely is something you value, here are five work-from-home positions to explore once you graduate.

Business Analyst on the Internet

It is possible to work as a full-time business analyst from home if you enjoy data and have the necessary skills. Your daily responsibilities will involve gathering and analyzing site analytics, maintaining reports, making improvements ideas, and communicating with other divisions to move the company forward. Business analysts can enjoy a combination of technical and interpersonal work, thus the role’s flexibility fits well with a remote position.


Manager of the Fleet


Fleet managers are in charge of a company’s commercial vehicle fleet. They are experts in the field of transportation management. Consulting, mentoring, and leading drivers will be among your tasks, as will maintaining compliance and safety records, distributing workloads, and tracking job progress. Finding strategies to increase performance while cutting costs is an important element of the fleet manager’s job. If you’re interested in this career, understanding about the most successful fleet management technology can help you stand out during the interview. Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs): A User’s Guide can teach you everything you need to know about this sophisticated and data-driven technology.