You can type your questions into question and answer sites if you want to learn about something new and fascinating. Aside from that, if you are an expert in a certain area of your profession, you can assist others by answering their queries.

Question-and-answer websites are constantly clogged with a high number of organic visitors, which aids in increasing traffic and backlinks to your site. Readers will want to visit your websites via the links if you have provided relevant and correct answers.

Additionally, if they find your response useful, they may like, share, or upvote it. Question and answer websites like Quora and Reddit have a lot of potential and may be an excellent source of links if used correctly. They can provide you with both qualitative and quantitative traffic.

We’ve looked at the top 20 question and answer websites that can help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because they’re an off-page activity. If you want to promote your product or service, these 20 question and answer websites are ideal since you can answer questions about your product or service.

Before we rank the top 20 Question and Answer websites, it’s important to understand what Q&A websites are.

What do Question and Answer Websites entail?

A Q&A website is one where the site’s developers use pop culture symbol photographs to compose the answers to the audience’s questions in a question-and-answer format.

Take a peek at the following 20 Question and Answer Websites:

It is one of the top 20 most popular Question and Answer Websites among visitors. This website has tens of millions of user-generated questions and answers.

This is the second most popular Q&A site, and you may get practically any answer to your questions here.

It’s an American Q&A website where users ask questions and responses are offered, followed, and amended by individuals who are familiar with the topic. Anyone can share or learn about anything on this platform. It is ranked third because it delivers the best solutions to the queries.

It’s another popular Q&A website where users can post questions and anonymous individuals can respond to the profile created by a person. Individuals can establish profiles and pose questions that anonymous users can answer, just as on other sites.

For power users, it is one of the top 20 Question and Answer websites. As part of the stack exchange network of these sites, users build and operate Superuser.

It’s a free science and research network where you can connect, explore, and collaborate on scientific papers, jobs, and conferences. This website contains almost 9 million researchers, 80 million articles, and 1 million responses to research queries.

Reddit is a popular website for asking and answering questions. You can get the most relevant answers to all of your inquiries here. They are well-known Reddit specialists who will answer your inquiries.

This site is divided into 10 sections: auto, computer, entertainment, electronics, home, money, health, science, people, and travel. It answers millions of questions about these areas.

It is beneficial to etymologists, linguists, and serious English language students. It delivers solutions at no cost, thus these individuals prefer to seek answers to their questions.

It is a completely free Question and Answer website that was designed with Ubuntu users and developers in mind. You must first register and submit a question.

This site includes PHP, JavaScript, CSS3, mobile app development, and HTML5 lessons, books, and courses. This website is helpful if you want to study web design and development. It gives you the best resources for understanding and resolving your questions.

This website can help intense video gamers on all platforms find answers to their questions.

It is completely free for users of Apple devices and software. Apple users can submit queries and receive responses.

This is one of the best 20 Question and Answer websites for system and network administrators. This is where they find solutions to their difficulties.

It’s also a well-known Q&A website with a search engine and access to the world’s information and data. It answers questions about nutrition, geography, history, science, maths, and other subjects.

You can utilize the library of Congress to receive answers to any queries you have about the global reference network. It’s completely free to use, and the information is up to date.

It delivers educational textbooks that anybody may update from the Wikimedia community’s open collection.

You can get professional help and instructions. You can also access movies and articles on a variety of themes such as art, food, and so on.

It’s also a user-friendly Q&A website where you may receive answers to your questions from professionals. You can ask the question about a variety of subjects.

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What are the Advantages of Using These 20 Question and Answer Websites?

It is the most effective way of increasing brand recognition. You will receive backlinks if you use these sites to post questions and answers. From these backlinks or Q&A websites, people are led to your website. If you give the reader relevant answers to their questions, you can receive 5 to 10 backlinks per month. To obtain more backlinks from these websites, it is necessary to write frequently. More advantages of Q&A websites are listed below.

Audience Attraction

If you have a correct answer with a URL, it is the ideal strategy to bring a wide audience to your site.

Improve your SEO

You may improve your SERP ranking by getting backlinks from these 20 Question and Answer Websites. Spamming is not permitted on these websites.

Use for free

You do not need to pay to see these websites because they are all completely free.

Improve your knowledge

If you have any queries, you can post them on these Q&A websites, and you will receive an answer from a knowledgeable industry professional. It improves a person’s knowledge in this way.

Enhance your company’s image

Users will have more trust and credibility in your brand if you routinely publish questions and answers on these sites. If you participate here, your profile will improve.

Improve Your Content Strategy

It boosts your content strategy, relationships with prospects and collaborators, brand recognition, and brand development in your industry while also improving SEO.


The top 20 Question and Answer Websites, as well as their significance, are listed in this article. We think it will assist you in increasing the amount of traffic to your website. This article will also assist you in improving your general SEO and reputation.

Q&A (Frequently Asked Questions)

What types of questions and answers can I find on a Q&A site?

These websites have practically all kinds of queries and answers. For example, if you are a student and have any questions or doubts about a concept, you can ask for help from professionals on these websites. You can find Q&A on topics such as cuisine, education, science, banking, and business.

Is there any educational requirement for posting the answers to the questions?

No, no special educational qualifications are required to answer the questions. You must have adequate knowledge in any discipline to be able to respond to questions in that field.