Before we start programming in Python, let’s review some basic Python information. It’s possible you’ve pondered why Python is slower than others. The answer is simple: Python is an interpreted language, whereas C is compiled.

Interpreted codes are usually slower than direct machine codes since they require many instructions to implement. So the CPU must understand Python instructions before the program can run. This includes squeezing out comments and spaces from the given program, allocating memory to store variables, and more. During this procedure, each program line repeats and adds to the program’s execution.

Why do programmers choose Python despite its slower speed?




Code that is easy to read


Programmers can readily express ideas with Python’s readable coding. The Python syntax guidelines are also simple enough for beginners to understand and use them quickly.




Python’s high-level programming language allows developers to construct flexible applications. To write Python code, programmers must concentrate solely on the actions being executed.


Popular Programming Models


Python supports functional, procedural, object-oriented, and imperative programming paradigms. Python is also a general-purpose programming language with automatic memory management and dynamic typing.


Strong Library


Unlike other programming languages, Python has a large and robust standard library. Developers can utilize any of the libraries to make their work easier.


Make Complex Apps


Python is a general-purpose language that runs on Mac OS X, UNIX, Windows, and Linux. Thus, developers may easily execute GUI programs on multiple platforms.


Apart from that, there are many reasons why developers choose Python, despite its slower speed. So learning this programming language is usually good for novices. Check out these Python activities to learn more about Python scripts. But first, let’s look at some Python programming examples (basic).


Some basic Python programming examples


Example 1: Calculate the circle’s circumference.


The circumference of a circle is (2* pi* r) or (pi*d). Consider pi = 3.14159.


How to compute the circle’s circumference in Python:


import pi


Input (“Input the circle’s radius:“)





Put the circle’s radius: 2


Circumference of 2.0 radius circle: 12.566370614359172


Example 2: Create a program that display the second and final colors in the list.


green, red, yellow, blue




Green Red Yellow Blue


The color code in Python is:


green, red, yellow, blue




(color list[1],color list[-2]))






List of Python exercises




Completion of the basic Python programming exercises




#1: Write a program to display the current date and time.


Set 2: Write a program to compute n+nn+nnn using an integer (n).


Set 3: Create an exam scheduler. (exam st date)


@examstd (12, 11, 2021)


Set 4: Create a program to count the days between two dates.


Set 5: Create a program to calculate the volume of a 5 mm sphere.


Volume of a sphere: V = 4/3 pi r3 = pi d3/6


Put two numbers together and get their sum; if they’re equal, provide their sum twice.


Set 7: Create a histogram from the given integers.




1st :


datetime id


now = ()


(“Today’s date & time”)


“% Y-% M-% D percent H: M: S”))




input(“Put an integer value here: “))


n1 = int( “% s” percent x)


n2 = int( “% s % s” %)


percent (x,x,x) n3 = int






@examstd (12,11,2021)


the exam start date = “” percent exam start date




import datetime


f date = (2021, 2, 3)


l date = (2021, 2, 8)


l date – f date










r**3 = 4.0/3.0*






x, y = sum twice


x + y


if x=y:


total * 2 =


sum twice(1, 2)


sum twice(2, 2)




(items) histogram


n items:



= n


if (times > 0):




times – 1




graph ([1, 2, 2, 1])


Multiple Choice Python Programming Exercises (MCQs)


Answer the python programs output.


Set 1: The given code will result in:












Set 2: The given code will result in:


L = [p,q,r,s]










  1. D) p,q,r,s


Set 3: What data type is this code?


‘hi’, 5, 2, 55










Set 4: Which is not a complicated number?


k = 2 + 3


k = complexe (2, 3)


2 + 3l


2 + 3J


Set 5: The given code will result in:




x + 3


x * 3




myfunc (3)




B 8


Error Code


Error Indentation




1st (A)


Python’s ‘//’ operator returns the floating number’s integer portion.


Set 2 (B) “” unites all the list’s element functions into a string.


Set 3 (A) [ ] is a list.


Set 4 (C) L stands for long.


5 (D)


Python constructs a code block based on indentation. Indentify the new scopes.




Even though many developers and programmers use Python, it is a slow programming language. The Python programming language supports imperative, object-oriented, procedural, and functional programming methods. It has autonomous memory allocation, a dynamic type system, and a big library. Thus, every programmer must master this language to operate efficiently. “PRACTICE” is the greatest way to learn Python. So, perform all the Python coding activities above to improve your coding skills. You can also request more practice exercises, and we will send them to you quickly. So keep coding and polishing your talents. perform my python programming assignment and python programming assignment from our professionals.