Homework is an extracurricular activity that most children, students, and parents dislike. Many students are fatigued from conducting research in order to provide high-quality homework for their irate lecturers and professors, an assessment that is also regarded time consuming.




Because they are primarily preoccupied with homework even after school, some pupils have established a horrible sleeping pattern. Many people wonder why kids should be given homework after all of the drills they go through in class.


You’ll learn about the history of homework, how it became a force in society, whether students should have homework — pros and cons, and, after looking at the pros and cons, the five reasons why homework is harmful for you.


What is the history of student homework?


Homework was originally utilized in ancient Rome, when Pliny the Younger, an oratory teacher, encouraged his students to practice public speaking at home. He sought to train them, boost their confidence, and increase their word fluency.


This is a hands-on approach to learning, and many experts claim it is not homework because pupils were just required to sharpen their skills rather than write lengthy essays. It was, however, the beginning.


Horace Mann, a German educational reformer and politician, is known as the modern father of homework. The Volksschulen, or “People’s Schools,” provided free public education and required students to complete homework. Many individuals nowadays believe that homework was used to exert influence over residents, which is why some argue that homework should be abolished.


According to Time.com, more than 60% of students experience mental health weariness. Few of them seek help, and some deny they have anxiety, serious depression, or intense dread.


Why Is Homework So Common in Colleges and Universities?


Over 70% of pupils dislike homework, according to expert researchers at the Happy Teens Club of Hong Kong Christian Services and many other US universities. So, how did homework become so popular? The timeline is shown below.






Pros and Cons of Homework in Schools


What are some of the reasons why we shouldn’t have homework and why we should? Homework, according to experts, is an excellent way for pupils to learn. Others have shown that homework might have serious implications depending on the resources available to the pupils.


As you are aware, practically everything in the world has advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of homework may exceed the disadvantages. Under this subsection, researchers will provide pros and downsides of homework, as well as a conclusion, based on several parallels for and against homework.


Why Shouldn’t Kids Have Homework?


Kids are expected to have a good time since they are young. They are, however, given several duties, which has an impact on them. The following are some disadvantages of homework for children:


  1. It Doesn’t Appear to Be Helpful


An essay in the Review of Educational Research questioned the academic benefits of homework in elementary school and, by extension, high school. “Homework had no association with achievement gains,” the researchers concluded. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), some children who had around 30 minutes of homework at night outperformed others who received 45 minutes.


  1. Adult Work Pressure on Elementary School Students


Some children are given questions that their parents or guardians must answer on their behalf. According to many studies, half of the student population completes at least three hours of homework each night. They get high on cocaine and marijuana to stay awake, leaving them mentally and physically drained. Some of these high school pupils continue to fail, leaving them depressed. Students are messed up, according to researchers at the New York University College of Nursing, because of school, extracurricular activities, lack of sleep, and more homework.


  1. Stress


Assignments can be detrimental for children, according to the Journal of Experimental Education. The journal found that more than 70% of students complain about homework burden but feel forced to continue after interviewing over 4,300 students in ten of California’s top high schools.


Why Shouldn’t Students Have Homework?


Is homework required for college and university students? Are there any reasons why students should or should not have homework?


  1. Homework eats up free time


Homework consumes the majority of time for students who work and study. This makes it difficult to work and study, resulting in a reliance on student loans. In addition, students have little or no time for hobbies or skill development.


It’s also ineffective.


Many people believe that homework is ineffective because students may not learn anything from it. Some lecturers provide homework on topics that have previously been reviewed in class, and this way of giving homework neither improves nor helps students enhance their critical thinking abilities.


  1. Overwhelmed Homework Poses a Risk


Recently, researchers submitted an intriguing homework submission. According to a survey of California students, 59 percent feel they are overwhelmed by homework because they have limited free time. They devote more time to academic activities than to other pursuits. All of these factors contribute to excessive cheating, as evidenced by the fact that 90% of Middle School students and 43% of college students cheat.


The Benefits of Homework for Students and Children


Things that have disadvantages also have advantages, and some of the advantages of homework include:


  1. Self-discipline through repetition


Students maintain self-discipline by consistently completing tasks that they have been taught or that are difficult in their academic work. Students are able to refine their goals based on their interests, allowing them to be more disciplined and well-guided throughout their practical study.


  1. Time Management


Homework also aids in the student’s comprehension of the importance of time. They plan their days and nights, focusing on what is most important in order to achieve academic brilliance. No student wants to fail, which is why setting out time for homework aids in the development of excellent study habits.


  1. Assists them in learning more


For students who are able to manage the course materials, the homework session allows them to learn more than they were taught in class. They gain a better understanding of their course materials and may even be able to educate others.


5 Reasons Why Homework is Harmful to Your Health


Why, after all that has been said, could homework be harmful to students? Here are five additional justifications.







How Can You Do Your Homework More Effectively?


While homework is difficult, you may succeed by comprehending your assignment, getting started as soon as possible, focusing on it, doing the most difficult task first, and taking breaks as needed. Here are a few strategies for acing your assignment. These are briefly examined:


  1. Recognize the Homework


This is where you evaluate the homework requirements. When college and university students are given homework, they are frequently given a brief. This short summarizes the assignment’s key points, and comprehending it will make it easier to comprehend and complete your task.


  1. Get started as soon as you can


Do not put off doing your assignment. If you do so, they will build up until you are unable to complete any of them. This will have an impact on your commitment to employment and academic activity.


  1. Focus


To concentrate on your assignment, you’ll need to find a quiet spot. Focus aids in better articulation, quick concept collecting, and the creation of spectacular essays as required by your teachers and professors.


  1. Start with the most difficult homework.


Before writing, begin with the most difficult homework. This is because after finishing basic tasks, your brain will not feel fatigued and incapable of comprehending more difficult ones.


  1. Take Rest Periods


Allow time for breaks to avoid weariness. Keep your distance from literature. For leisure and amusement, you can take a walk around the block while listening to music or watching YouTube or TikTok videos.


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