Finding the correct pricing for proofreaders and editors is one of the most difficult aspects of freelancing. This post gives important information and tips for determining your rates.


The table below shows rough median rates for proofreaders who operate individually and those who work using established platforms.


Work style Median hourly rate


Using a platform $20–28


$36–$40 per hour


Remember that as an independent freelancer, you conduct unpaid work like client hunting and admin responsibilities like invoicing. Using a platform like Scribbr, you may earn less (since the company takes a cut), but the unpaid work is eliminated.


Proofreading Fees | A Guide for Freelance Editors


What is a research note?


Raimo Streefkerk March 29, 2019 Dated April 20, 2021.


Studying might be difficult when you’re attempting to balance a social life, work and school. Selling your study notes is one approach to combine earning money and getting good grades.


How to make and sell study notes


Professionnalism in US universities?


Lorenza Shabe February 20, 2018 Updated on 12/10/20.


Yes, simply yes! However, for shorter materials like essays, be sure to verify your department and institution rules.


Outsourcing proofreading is generally permissible as long as your university does not prohibit it.


Is professional proofreading permissible at US colleges?


Checklists to improve academic writing


By Koen Driessen on September 18, 2017 Updated on 10/13/20.


You can use these interactive checklists to improve your essay or report.


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Dissertation tables


By Kirsten Dingemanse on November 2, 2016 31 January 2020


Tables are common in dissertations. Tables allow you to convey facts clearly and concisely without having to explain it in detail in the text. This is useful in sections like your outcomes chapter.


To guarantee that your dissertation tables adhere to basic rules and standards, follow the methods outlined below. If you’re using MLA citation style, our MLA format guide has instructions for tables and figures.


Tables in your dissertation


Formatting a dissertation


Koen Driessen on October 21, 2015 February 20, 2019 update


A dissertation’s layout is frequently set by your supervisor or department. However, many principles are universal, such as page numbers and a table of contents.


Use our MLA format instructions to write a paper in MLA citation style.


Dissertation layout and formatting


Email your dissertation advisor


Sarah Vinz on October 13, 2015 2018-08-24


The best way to email your dissertation supervisor varies each supervisor. Some supervisors like to be addressed by their first name, while others prefer to be addressed exclusively by their title and surname.


We’ve created some suggestions to assist you come appear as professional and serious as possible, regardless of your supervisor’s preferences regarding student communications.


Contact your dissertation supervisor through email


Sample dissertation supervisor emails


Sarah Vinz on October 13, 2015 Edited on 3/24/17


It’s not always easy to write effective emails to your boss. You can use our sample emails to write to him or her in various situations.


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How to use an interview in a dissertation


Bas Swaen on November 5, 2014 Dated March 10, 2022.


You conducted qualitative research for your dissertation and now want to include interviews: how do you do that? You were probably never told this and don’t know what to expect. That’s why we’ll show you how to cite interviews in your dissertation’s discussion part, for example.


How to include an interview in a dissertation


How do you assess a journal article’s quality?


Bas Swaen October 17, 2014 Dated March 4, 2019.


A literature review is used to support your study in the theoretical context of your thesis. You’re looking for prior research on your topic. These research are frequently published as journal articles (scientific publications).