Let’s face it: discovering the best controversies in science isn’t as simple as it may appear. Yes, you might be able to locate certain topics on the internet. You will, however, almost certainly encounter some difficulties. To begin with, the themes you see online are hardly unique. In most situations, they aren’t even intriguing. Second, many of your classmates will use the same strategy. To put it another way, you’ll wind up writing the same essay as five of your classmates. You won’t earn any points for bringing up such controversial science subjects. You’ll be lucky if you don’t receive a penalty.

Are you looking for controversial science topics?

The easiest method to receive good controversial scientific topics is to come back to this page on a regular basis. Why? Because we strive to keep our collection of science controversies up to date as often as possible. In most circumstances, you’ll be able to locate new themes here; topics that will pique your professor’s attention and win you added points. Of course, our contentious science subjects are unique. This is the place to go if you’re looking for original ideas.


Computer Science’s Controversial Topics


Of course, there are many contentious issues in computer science to discuss. Here are some of the most hotly debated computer science topics:


  1. In current browsers, tracking cookies are used.


  1. Advances in technology are displacing our workforce.


  1. Facebook advertisements based on ethnicity.


  1. Concerns about online privacy.


  1. Concerns about artificial intelligence


  1. Manipulation of genes


Topics for a Research Paper on Controversial Science


Do you need a topic for a research paper but don’t know what to write about? Take a peek at some of our hot scientific research paper topics:


  1. Science’s contribution to the extension of human life.


Nanotechnology in modern medicine is number two.


  1. Issues with human-machine interaction.


  1. Using Artificial Intelligence as a Weapon


  1. Who is to blame if AI kills someone by accident?


  1. Issues with sun radiation management.


Exercise Science’s Controversial Topics


Nowadays, exercise science is a very popular topic. Everyone seemed to be curious about how to get the most out of physical activity. Here are a few hotly debated subjects in exercise science:


  1. The advantages and disadvantages of squatting below parallel.


  1. Behind-the-head lat-pulldowns


  1. The debate over “exercising on an empty stomach”


  1. Is it unsafe to lift large objects?


  1. Cardio exercise is ineffective.


  1. Is it better to do steady-state cardio or interval cardio?


2022 Controversial Science Topics


We’ve compiled a list of the most contentious science topics for 2022. Choose any of the following subjects to begin writing your essay in minutes:


  1. By 2022, we must have saved biodiversity.


  1. Making use of science in the fight against climate change.


  1. The science underpinning the United States’ drug crisis.


  1. The race to the Red Planet.


  1. The Middle East’s armaments race.


  1. Are genetically modified foods harmful?


Science’s Controversial Topics


Of course, science isn’t without its disagreements. Let’s take a look at some of the most hotly debated scientific subjects in 2022:


  1. Why are alternate energy sources being avoided?


  1. Are pesticides beneficial or harmful?


  1. Machine learning is robbing us of our jobs.


  1. Is Global Warming a Fact or Fiction?


  1. Genetic engineering’s advantages.


  1. What is the origin of life?


High School Science Topics that are Controversial


If you’re a high school student, these contentious science subjects for high school students are sure to pique your interest:


  1. The most significant science is physics.


  1. Is it appropriate for the military to have authority over space?


  1. Is contemporary medicine risky?


  1. The best medicine is traditional medicine.


  1. Nuclear power’s advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Is it necessary to make recycling mandatory all throughout the world?


Controversial Forensic Science Topics


If you are interested in forensic science, we have some great controversial forensic science subjects that you can use right now:


  1. Is it appropriate to utilize DNA to establish guilt?


  1. Attempting to tamper with evidence at a crime scene


  1. The most effective method of destroying evidence at a crime scene.


  1. Solutions that erase all traces of DNA.


  1. Talk about the supplement sector.


  1. Marijuana’s health advantages


Animal Science’s Controversial Topics


Do you want to compose a paper on animal science that is completely original? Here are a few controversial animal science topics to consider:


  1. Are humans the world’s most violent creatures?


  1. Dairy production in large-scale agriculture.


  1. The use of automatic calf feeders should be prohibited.


  1. Factory farming should be prohibited.


  1. The dreadful practice of chick culling.


  1. Here’s why I’m not a fan of foie gras:


Science and Medicine’s Controversial Topics


In medicine and science, there are many contentious issues to discuss. Our writers have compiled a list of the most interesting and controversial science and medicine topics for you below:


  1. Is it appropriate to utilize science to keep people alive?


  1. Euthanasia must be made legal.


  1. The reality of organ transplants


  1. Organ donation should be compulsory.


  1. Prohibition of gene-editing techniques.


  1. Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) should be prohibited.


Today’s Controversial Science Topics


Obviously, the most interesting issues are those that are currently in the news. Here are some fascinating current scientific debates that you can use for free in your next paper:


  1. More animal testing is required.


  1. The COVID-19 vaccination has not been thoroughly tested.


  1. Complementary medicine is a ruse.


  1. Prohibiting the use of embryonic stem cells in research.


  1. Are immunizations linked to autism?


  1. Is the Hadron Collider capable of destroying our planet?


College Science Dissertations on Controversial Issues


College students should choose more challenging things to discuss. Check out our list of controversial science subjects for college students and pick one that interests you:


  1. Aging is unavoidable.


  1. We must invest in increasing corn ethanol production.


  1. Evidence of extraterrestrial life.


  1. Genetically engineered cows are dangerous to people’s health.


  1. Video games are harmful to one’s health.


  1. Eliminating the use of fossil fuels as a source of energy.


Controversial Environmental Science Topics


Do you enjoy environmental science and wish to create a paper on a topic that interests you? The best environmental science debate themes are listed below:


  1. Climate change is not a threat.


  1. Why is it important to preserve the Amazonian rainforest?


  1. Our contribution to the extinction of tens of thousands of species.


  1. Pedigree breading and its ethical implications.


  1. Genetically modified organisms are advantageous.


  1. Is it possible to reverse the impacts of global warming?


Plant Science’s Controversial Topics


It’s difficult to communicate about plant science, especially when it comes to the more contentious issues. Take a look at these contentious plant science subjects if you want to give it a shot:


  1. Plants that have vanished as a result of our actions.


  1. Should we use science to bring back extinct plant species?


  1. The sale of genetically modified plants should be prohibited.


  1. The hazards of genetically modified corn in the United States


  1. Isn’t it possible to clone extinct plant species?


Science and Christianity’s Controversial Topics


Are you curious about how science influences Christianity and vice versa? Here are some fascinating debates in science and Christianity:


  1. Marijuana legalization and Christianity.


  1. Should we keep looking for life on other worlds?


  1. Do prayers have the power to heal the body?


  1. Should Christians accept animal experiments?


  1. Should I breastfeed or use a formula?


  1. Science and Christianity will never be able to collaborate effectively.


What Are Some Recent Controversial Science Topics?


Are you perplexed in the same way we are? What are some of the most hotly debated science topics in the news? Here are some interesting topics to discuss today:


  1. Botox should be outlawed in the media.


  1. Steroid users should never be mentioned in the media.


  1. Only advertising for healthy foods should be allowed.


  1. Are we exaggerating the severity of Autism’s effects?


  1. Stop promoting Bitcoin in the mainstream media!


  1. Newspapers are on the verge of becoming obsolete.


  1. News coverage of drug and alcohol issues should be prohibited.


Medical Science’s Controversial Topics


When it comes to medical science, there is no shortage of contentious topics to discuss. However, not all of them are worth writing an essay about. Here are some of the most contentious issues in medical science:


  1. Genetic engineering’s hazards.


  1. Digitalization and healthcare.


  1. Let’s put an end to commercials for prescription drugs.


  1. Online pharmacies must be outlawed.


  1. Conducting medical research on aborted fetuses.


  1. Cosmetic surgery must be outlawed.


Controversial Science Topics That Aren’t Too Difficult


Perhaps you do not want to devote a significant amount of time to creating the academic paper. Or maybe you’re running out of time. Here are some simple, controversial science topics on which you can start writing right away:


  1. When is hacking acceptable?


  1. Doctors should be replaced by robots.


  1. The death penalty should not be abolished!


  1. There is a need for more regulation of generic medications.


  1. Are nuclear weapons still necessary in today’s world?


Cloning should be permitted.