The Question “Is homework slavery?” is a common question that students globally at some point ask themselves. Needless to say, the question is rarely spoken out loud just an innate question whenever a student is overwhelmed with matters academic. During the end weeks of a student term/semester, students commonly find their assignments have piled up and they often need to write paper after paper just to meet the deadlines. In some cases, a student barely manages to complete the assignments, leave alone getting the grades they may desire. The feeling while hacking away at your student assignment is often captured by this question, “Is homework slavery?”


Homework slave definition


The urban dictionary has a very interesting definition of the term homework slave. In it, a homework slave is defined as “A submissive guy that enjoys being made to do the homework of attractive/dominate Girls for free. The act of having to do the attractive/dominate Girl’s work for them while the attractive/dominate one parties, relaxes, etc., stimulates the submissive’s need to be selfishly used and abused.”


While the aforementioned is the classic definition of a homework slave, the modern definition that traces its roots to the Twitter social media platform (Among other social media) is a term used in reference of academic tutoring experts that are willing to complete other students’ assignments and homework for a fee. In this modern definition, our homework help services fit the bill. Basically, we have professional homework slaves, willing to do your homework at very affordable prices. The prices are negotiable as well, based on the complexity, the deadline and other factors of your assignment.


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Process of getting a homework slave


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