All students must complete homework. Every day, students perform homework in several topics. Students, regardless of grade or stream, must do homework in several courses. But is homework slavery?

Nowadays, a new movement opposes homework, calling it enslavement.


Consider an instance where a student complained about homework:


Ben Berrafato, an 11-year-old fifth-grade middle school student, challenged a national belief: youngsters need homework. According to a CBS NEWS journalist, Ben had to prepare an essay on his favorite thing. He hates homework, so he wrote about it in his essay.


“Homework is assigned to students like me without our approval. Work is slavery. The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution ended slavery. Constitution. So every American school has been administered illegally for 143 years.”


Then comes the debate: is homework slavery? Before concluding, we must define slavery and determine whether homework is enslavement.


Slavery and other forms of exploitation are illegal in almost all countries and are severely punished.




Slavery is a form of forced labor where one person dominates another’s will. A slave is an illiterate person forced to labor against their will by their owner. So the slave is compelled to fulfill the duty in whatever way, and he cannot refuse. He is even paid less for his work.


Now that we understand slavery, let us relate it to schoolwork.


Why do many pupils hate homework?


Read on to see why it is slavery –



2) Punishment for not doing homework and lesson plans on time.


In addition to being swamped with homework, adolescents lack time to play or do other activities they desire. Yes to ‘is homework slavery’ for this reason.




Let’s look at some statistics that will help you understand why students and parents hate homework.




Homework isn’t slavery.








Otherwise, they would forget everything and the studies will be useless. It goes hand in hand with the saying “practice makes perfect”. So, no, homework is not slavery. ’.


Education and career success require learning. It is a daily process, therefore even a 3 year old learns daily.


Every day, a 70-year-old learns something new.


Every time you write something down or do your assignment, you learn something new.


So, if somebody asks if homework is slavery, the answer is no.


So, no, homework is not slavery.




The priority of any country should be education. The literacy rate of a country determines its development.


It immediately affects several aspects of the country’s economy. Education is not something you learn something 2 days before an exam, receive marks, and then you’re educated.


No, it’s part of the continual learning process, and homework helps reinforce what teachers teach.


You will have doubts, and doing homework on the same day reinforces it.


You won’t forget something if you listen to it, then write it down or revise it the same day.


So homework serves as a review of schoolwork. So, no, homework is not slavery. ’.


To make time for play and other activities, students should manage their timetable and invest in their general development.


BONUS: How much time does a student spend on homework?


Experts say that children should always follow the “10-minute rule,” which varies by grade. That implies 10 minutes for 1st grade, 20 minutes for 2nd grade, and 120 minutes for 12th grade pupils to finish their assignments. Spend less time on Facebook and more time on schoolwork and assignments.




In fact, homework enhances your mental health and educational level. You learn new things and revise what teachers teach in class, principle. Making homework enslavement the most uneducated thing.


So, if you ask Is homework slavery, the answer is no, it is not and never will be. Assault and homework both abuse you.


So homework is for students to improve marks. They will learn something, become disciplined, build a career, and succeed. Not happy with these reasons? Ask our specialists for immediate help. Expert statistics homework help is available.


Questions & Answers


Who made homework?


Horace Mann, an American educational reformer and politician, established homework. He made education mandatory in all schools. He received an idea for homework when visiting Prussia’s Volksschule.


Is schoolwork depressing?


Some children report health difficulties due to the stress of homework. The stress of attending class causes anxiety and despair.


Is homework beneficial?


While homework helps pupils learn, too much homework can be harmful. Stress, boredom and lack of sleep are all linked to too much schoolwork according to the experts.