Is Homework Illegal?

Is Homework Illegal? The question of whether homework is illegal is a pertinent one and requires a sober discussion of the merits and demerits of homework as well as the impact of homework on the students themselves. If you ask the students, they will definitely say that homework should be illegal and that it only makes their life more miserable. For teachers, homework provides them with an additional means through which they can complete more assignments and schoolwork. However, the legality of homework is determined by law and in most places homework is legal. To be more precise, homework is not illegal. Therefore, schools in these regions continue to administer homework to students.


Is homework illegal in the United States?

Homework is not illegal in any of the states of the United States. However, the schools in the various states are free to implement their own rules and policies regarding homework. A school can choose to implement homework rules that are different from those of other schools such as banning homework in the school.


Is homework beneficial?

Is homework beneficial? That is the most important question on the debate of whether school should be assigning students homework or not. While people may have different opinions about school, we can easily determine whether homework is beneficial to students or not. Some of the benefits of homework include:


Is Homework Necessary?

Is homework necessary? Well, this is debatable. Homework can be considered necessary of we only consider the good side of it. Some of the benefits of completing homework have been discussed in the previous section.

However, it is important to note that homework needs to take only a fraction of the student’s time. Student homework and assignments that lead a student to spending too much of their time after classes are unhealthy and ill advised. Students being exhausted with too much work after school prevents these students from spending time with their families that is important for the psychological development and maturity of the student.

Homework is only necessary of the homework leads the students to performing better in school and in improving their academic performances. Better academic performances are often linked with better career and success in the future. Therefore, doing well in school should a priority to many young people. Homework happens to be one way of achieving this better performance and better grades. As a disclaimer, however, teachers need to use homework sparingly and should ensure that they do not overburden the students with too much homework that also ends up affecting other areas of the students’ lives.