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What is Norton Inquizitive?

It is described on the Norton Website as an “An award-winning, easy-to-use adaptive learning tool. Students get a personalized experience, will retain key concepts, and come to class prepared.”


Some Features of Inquizitive Include:



Detailed performance analytics assist instructors in identifying where students are having difficulty so that they can intervene at critical points during the learning process.
The Learning Objectives/Questions tab can be used to see how your class is doing on Learning Objectives for each activity and to identify which topics require more attention.

The Students tab displays information about each individual student’s performance in the activity. Student progress on each Learning Objective, as well as time spent working in the activity, enable just-in-time teaching where students require the most assistance.



Individual students’ learning paths are personalized by InQuizitive, so they receive more questions on topics they are struggling with. Each question is accompanied by detailed feedback, and the wagering points feature allows students to assess their own comprehension. They can study more effectively thanks to performance analytics and links to the ebook.



We are proud to offer an inclusive experience to all InQuizitive users as a W3C member, with features such as multi-modal feedback, a focused interface, and full keyboard and screen-reader accessibility.
Since our inception in 1923, Norton’s mission has been to publish “Books that Live.” This mission applies to all readers. This priority is centered on making accessible content and learning environments for people with disabilities.
We strive to create inclusive, equitable experiences for all learners, and accessibility is deeply ingrained in our educational content and learning tools. Our approach to accessibility allows us to create innovative, highly engaging content and tools that work for everyone. It is based on internationally accepted accessibility standards and is centered on the real-world experience of learners with disabilities.



In a recent study, InQuizitive was found to boost quiz scores of 16,000 college students (from 9 disciplines) by an average of 12 percentage points, which is equivalent to a full letter grade.
Norton conducted a within-subjects efficacy study with over 16,000 students in nine disciplines: anthropology, biology, college writing, economics, history, music, political science, psychology, and sociology, in collaboration with Dustin Tingley, professor and Faculty Director for Harvard’s Vice Provost on Advances in Learning Research Team. We saw an average InQuizitive Effect of 12 percentage points among students who did not receive a perfect score on the pre-test, which is more than a full letter grade!



InQuizitive can be seamlessly integrated into Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, or D2L/Brightspace, allowing you and your students to access and complete InQuizitive assignments from within your LMS course.
Norton Digital Learning Tools integrate with campus Learning Management Systems (LMS), allowing for Single-Sign-On between your campus system and various Norton learning tools, as well as Grade-Pass-Back to your LMS grade-book for Digital Learning Tools that generate grades. LMS integration may necessitate additional configuration and collaboration with your campus IT department and/or LMS administrator.


How to Use InQuizitive Assignment

If you are using InQuizitive for the first time, we strongly advise you to complete the How To Use InQuizitive assignment before beginning your coursework. To access the introduction assignment, click on the title, How To Use InQuizitive. The InQuizitive activity will open in a new browser tab. This assignment may also be required by your instructor as part of your grade.

You should receive a Student Set ID number from your instructor. Click the I don’t have a Student Set ID at this time button if you don’t have one. Your instructor won’t be able to see your results unless you first join a Student Set. Your whole body of work will be stored and moved to the student set you choose.
You might not get this notification if you access InQuizitive through an LMS (such as Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Moodle, etc.), and you won’t need to input a Student Set ID if your instructor uses an LTI connection to report grades.

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