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What is digital image processing?

Digital image processing is modifying an image to obtain an enhanced image of the same picture or to determine certain results from the modification process. Therefore, image processing has two possible outcomes;

  1. An enhanced image of the initial picture.
  2. Useful information about the modified picture.

Image processing is a kind of signal processing. The input of this process is the image. The output, as mentioned above, could be the improved version of the picture, or some useful characteristics about the image.

The image processing process is an increasingly growing field of interest both in the computer science and engineering fields.


Steps of digital image processing

The digital image processing undergoes three basic steps:

  1. The process of importing the image (Input in this case). The import process is done using specific image acquisition tools.
  2. The second step, the main step, is where the modification of the image is done.
  3. The third step, the output, entails the result of the second step, which could be either the modified image or a report with characteristics about the image.

Image processing categories

Image processing is mainly categorized into two:

  1. Analogue image processing
  2. Digital image processing

The analogue image processing is used on hard copy images such as print-outs. On the other hand, the digital image processing involves the use of computers to digitally manipulate the digital images.


Steps of image processing

Regardless of whether you are engaged in analogue or digital image processing, the entire image processing will undergo these specific stages:

  1. Pre-processing of the image.
  2. Enhancement of the image
  3. Displaying the image
  4. Information extraction.


The importance of image processing

  1. With image processing, translation is possible between human viewable images and what computers can view. Fundamentally, computers and humans do not view images in the same way. Therefore, image processing acts as a bridge, in a way, between these two perspectives.
  2. It helps to demonstrate the significant differences that exist between digital detectors and those of the human eyes.


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Important notes

Documentation should be accurate. This helps in validation of the process. The documentation also helps repetition of the same process in an exact manner to other images as well, in case of comparison.