The American dream is a notion that has existed since the United States earned freedom from its conquerors in the 1920s. The numerous ideals and aspirations that were supposed to be the product of the independent period describe the American dream. In his novel “The Great Gatsby American Dream,” Scott Fitzgerald depicts the different impacts that afflicted many Americans, such as moral deterioration and the rise of various shortcuts to wealth. We hope that through writing this essay, students will be able to better appreciate the concepts and literal instruments employed in the Great Gatsby American Dream.


What role does the American Dream play in The Great Gatsby?


Soon after independence, the American people believed that they had entered a new era. They believed in their country’s prosperity and success. They created the notion of the American dream because to their desire to see their country rise higher, which led to several short cuts to become wealthy rapidly via different scams. Despite assisting the masses in becoming wealthy, his initiatives resulted in an uninformed society with deteriorating morality. The Great Gatsby is a book about the lifestyle of the time period and the unethical acts that individuals were forced to engage in in order to achieve the American dream. Scott illustrates the lengths to which people will go in order to achieve wealth and success by using characters like Gatz and Gatsby. The massive illegal activities carried out in the name of realizing the American dream. Daisy, a lady Gatsby adored but wouldn’t mind marrying 5 years later in the pursuit of happiness, embodied Gatsby’s dream. When Gatsby compares Daisy’s voice to the sound of money, he employs Symbolism.


In your Great Gatsby essay, describe the key characters.


In his work, Scott Fitzgerald utilizes two characters, Gatz and Gatsby, to depict the cultural practices that existed during the American dream Era. He highlights the different societal malpractices in his work. He then goes on to utilize color and symbolism to show how society’s ideals were abandoned in the quest of money and success. We can observe how each hue in the narrative reflects a morally reprehensible malpractice that has been employed for selfish advantage by humans thanks to his use of real instruments. The desire of a life of wealth caused a large portion of the American populace to turn to crime in order to fund their extravagant lives. One of the novel’s protagonists, Gatsby, is shown following his ambition of being great and affluent. Despite his feelings for Daisy, Gatsby isn’t hesitant about admitting that he wouldn’t mind marrying her 5 years later if it meant achieving his Dream. He goes on to equate Daisy’s voice to that of money, demonstrating his addiction to accumulating fortune. Gatsby’s early death came as a result of his enormous desire to have both the love of his life and fortune, as he was forced to participate in behaviors that were not ethically acceptable in order to achieve his dream of success and affluence.


Make your essay on The Great Gatsby distinctive.


Students are recommended to pay attention to both Gatsby’s early life and how he comes to be hooked to his fantasies while writing an essay about the Great Gatsby. They should focus on his personal life and the connection between his love life and his quest for fortune. Take note of how effortlessly he equated Daisy’s voice to that of money. The tale is chock-full of symbolism that will come in helpful later on. Every topic in the story should be used by the pupils. Color symbolism is also used by the author to relate to many societal characteristics. Every hue has a distinct significance, giving the tale a depth beyond the usual literal symbolism and personification.


The American dream and The Great Gatsby


Through his persona, Scott Fitzgerald is able to depict the difficulties that most Americans had in pursuing their aspirations. One of his best-selling novels, The Great Gatsby and the American Dream, is centered on life in 1920, just after the United States gained freedom. Americans, according to The Great Gatsby, were anxious to see their dreams come true and were ready to go above moral bounds to do it. The tale depicts how society’s ideals were abandoned in pursuit of the American dream. Most of them even turned to crime in order to climb the social ladder and reach the same social position as the wealthy Americans.


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