We tend to agree that freelance writing is the greatest way for beginners to make money online. It’s arguably the simplest online business strategy to start, and it doesn’t require any technological experience. Even if you don’t have a website, you can be a successful freelance writer.

However, one common myth about becoming a freelance writer is that it is simple. Although anyone can call themselves a freelance writer, it takes a lot of effort to make a living as one. Let’s look at what you’ll need to accomplish in order to be a successful freelance writer.

Consider Getting Some Formal Training


When you first start working as a freelance writer, you’ll immediately understand how crucial it is to specialize. If you already have some experience, we recommend obtaining a certification that will allow you to demonstrate your credentials as a freelance writer in that industry.


If you work in healthcare, for example, you may be able to obtain a medical writing certification in order to perform technical medical writing. This type of structure will set you apart from the competition and reduce the amount of competition you face when bidding on assignments. You’ll have greater credibility presenting your services as a writer in general, and you’ll be able to work on a wider range of projects as a result.


Prepare to be rejected.


You can’t expect to get your first clients right away as a new writer. Before someone chooses you, you’ll need to work hard and be prepared to bid on hundreds of tasks. The most crucial thing is to treat your initial clients like gold, because social proof is extremely valuable in this industry. As a result, make sure you go above and beyond on your first assignment, and consider working on any free jobs to begin creating a name.


Make a portfolio and samples of your work.


If you don’t have any samples to display, you won’t be able to begin writing. You don’t need a lot of them; three should suffice for now, but expect to add more later. Select topics that you are familiar with and ensure that your articles are devoid of typos and grammatical problems.


After that, you should start putting together a portfolio. We recommend that you use WordPress for this because it makes it simple to build a blog, which is crucial. By creating high-quality relevant material, your blog will help you gain visibility on search engines and attract the type of client you’re looking for. Once you’ve finished your blog and portfolio, make sure that people can tell you’re a writer the moment they visit your website and that your contact information is prominently displayed.


Begin pounding on doors.


Many individuals will tell new writers that they should start bidding on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or ProBlogger. However, we believe that cold emailing is the most effective technique to gain clients.


Find a cold emailing template online, learn how to compose one yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. All you have to do now is track down the person in charge of content for any company and fire away. Using a tool like Anymail Finder, you might simply accomplish this. It’s only a question of time before someone offers you a chance if you have a lot of social evidence, good samples, and a few nice published works.


If you want to start a freelance writing career, this is all you need to know. You’ll eventually start creating a stable client base if you keep consistent in your efforts and consistently improve your craft and customer service.