Python is an OO language. It is a major language because large companies like Google, YouTube, etc. use it. So, learning Python is essential for programmers and developers. That’s why so many people are learning Python for purposes like web development or machine learning. So they always look for python learning advice. The most frequently asked question is How to learn Python for free, as not everyone can afford courses. Here you can learn Python for free.


Online Python Training


If you want to learn Python for free, here are some free online courses.


  1. CodeCademy


CodeCademy is the best interactive Python learning tool. It is a practical online course. They will first teach you all the python theory. Then they’ll make you write code online using only the ideas. From the course. Don’t think you’ll need to install Python on your computers. Only the browser can run the code.


They won’t ask you to write the code until you’re ready. Rather, they will ask you to code. Or they will ask you to make minor changes and then re-run. That’s why it’s the greatest interactive Python learning platform. If you want to study Python for free in an interactive fashion, this is the best option.


That you may learn and improve your python programming skills. Not completely free, but at a low cost that everyone can pay. And it’s almost free.


  1. Udemy


You must have heard about this course if you want to study Python for free. Udemy has the world’s largest selection of online courses. And it’s always the top pick for newbies. It offers a lot of free courses.


The nicest feature of this course is that you do not need to subscribe. Unlike Codecademy, they don’t charge any fees. To use this website, you must first create a free account.


This platform allows new instructors to teach others for free when launching their first course. It boosts their reputation and reviews.


Don’t think they’re newbies or anything because they’re teaching for free.




Google python class is the best free python tutorials. This course is designed for students who have some programming expertise and want to learn Python. If you fall into this category and are wondering how to learn Python for free, this course is for you.


The finest feature of this course is that they use textual tutorials, video lectures, and practical exercises to teach Python coding.


These exercises cover all major Python concepts including Strings and lists, and are structured in a systematic way from beginner to advanced.


Google uses Python for various projects.


This course is ideal for beginners who want to learn more about Python.


  1. Microsoft Python Training


Microsoft also offers a free python course. It is called Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner on Edx. Eric Camplin, Senior Content Developer, teaches this course. This course will teach you how to learn Python for free.


To teach Python in Jupyter Notebooks, you don’t need a Python installed on your PC. The course is 5 weeks long and takes 4 hours of class every week, so you can learn Python in roughly 20 hours per month.




This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program and is free in entry level software. However, if you want a certificate for the course, you must pay a fee.


  1. Coursera


Coursera is the largest online learning platform for python. That’s why it’s the best place to learn. How to study Python for Free?


This portal offers online courses given by renowned colleges like INSEAD, Stanford, etc.


It is known for its free online Python programming course. So, if you want to learn Python, this is the course for you.


In this course you will learn Python 3 from scratch, so even if you don’t know how to spell Python, you can take this course.




Python has grown to be a major programming language. Companies like Google and YouTube employ this programming for various projects. So if you want to study Python for free. So the article must have helped with free learning options and platforms. If you want to get good grades in your python assignment, hire experts to do my python homework for you.