Heart of Darkness is a short novel (novella) by Joseph Conrad, a Polish-English novelist, published in 1899. The Congo River voyage to the Congo Free State in the heart of Africa is the focus of the novella. The themes of The Heart Of Darkness revolve around imperialism’s hypocrisy and the resulting madness, spiritual darkness, lack of restraint, human folly, the absurdity of evil, futility, contradiction and ambivalence, racism, and hollowness. Conrad compares London, the “largest city on earth,” to Africa, describing both as “black realms.”

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Characters from the game Heart of Darkness


The characters from the Heart Of Darkness are listed below.
















In The Heart Of The Darkness, Women


Three important women are introduced in Heart Of Darkness. These are the following:





Plot Summary for Heart of Darkness


This Heart Of Darkness summary is based on the complete text of Heart Of Darkness and the Heart Of Darkness sparknotes. As stated in the book, the Heart Of Darkness synopsis will be broken into three sections. Here’s the plot synopsis, as well as the chapter synopsis for Heart Of Darkness.


  1. Summary of Part 1 of Heart Of Darkness


This section will begin with a summary of the first chapter of Heart Of Darkness. When Marlow took a job as a captain of a steamboat, the first part of the novel began. Five men, including the Director of Companies, who also serves as the captain and host, the Accountant, the Lawyer, Marlow, and the anonymous narrator, are lounging on the deck of the pleasure ship Nellie at sunset. These five men are old friends who are meditating on how many great men and ships have gone before them and never returned.


Marlow observes that the location they are on was once a “dark place,” and imagines what it may have been like for a soldier or Roman captain to travel to areas far from home and lacking in luxuries. He recalls how the “blank areas” on Africa’s map inspired him to embark on this journey. He also recalls how, with the help of an aunt, he was hired by a Belgian company that dealt on the Congo River (back when the Congo was a Belgian possession).


  1. Summary of Part 2 of Heart of Darkness


When Marlow overhears his Uncle and the manager talking, the second half of the book begins. They were talking about Kurtz’s plans to take over as manager and implement his reforms. The manager brings up Kurtz’s illness as well as another individual, a roaming trader who he considers a threat to his authority. His uncle suggests that the trader be hanged, and that Kurtz could succumb to tropical sickness. As a result of such comments, Marlow rushes to his feet and shows himself. The two men were taken aback, yet they were unconcerned with his presence. In the aftermath of this tragedy, the Eldorado Expedition, led by the manager’s uncle, became lost in the wilderness.


The manager, Marlow, and a group of “pilgrims” prepare to meet Kurtz up the river. Because the river is dangerous, the journey is fraught with challenges. They were aided by a group of Indians known as “cannibals” by Europeans. These cannibals turn out to be pretty civilized. Marlow feels a sense of kinship and connection with the savages they met, although he didn’t think about it much because of his work on the ship.


  1. Summary of Part 3 of Heart Of Darkness


The Russian trader begs Marlow to take Kurtz away immediately in the third section of the novel. He talks about his remarkable experience with Kurtz and how he learned a lot from him and looked after him while he was sick. Despite their occasional miscommunications, the Russian trader believes Kurtz cannot be regarded in the same light as others.


The Russian informs Marlow of the Company’s neglect of Kurtz and his lack of treatment options. Kurtz is carried into the scene on a stretcher, and the manager and pilgrims place him in one of the cabins and deliver his mail from the Central Station. When they hear Kurtz rage at the manager, accusing the men of coming to get ivory rather than help him, their conversation is cut short. Kurtz also warns the manager with dire consequences if his objectives are thwarted.


The company is temporarily shut down by the manager, who believes Kurtz lacks sufficient judgment. After the manager’s false allegation regarding Kurtz, Marlow tries to side with Kurtz, alienating himself from the Company and the manager. The Russian informs Marlow that Kurtz intends to attack the crew in order for the management to retreat. Marlow also informs the Russian about the Russian’s manager’s plans to have him hanged. The Russian doesn’t seem surprised at all. He obtains some supplies from Marlow and sets out in a boat with some native paddlers.


Analysis of “Heart Of Darkness”


So, what is Heart Of Darkness’ message? The start strikes a dark tone with the “interminable river,” demonstrating that England’s civilization is a camouflage hiding the dark heart that all men share, according to the Heart Of Darkness short explanation above. When their jobs take the place of the names of the characters on the ship, it hints at the hollowness of civilisation.


Another indicator of hollowness is the Uncle’s advice to the management to hang the Russian trader because no authorities are present. Acting in a civilized manner, according to the Uncle, is an act intended to escape punishment. The only white person who isn’t looking for money, fame, or power is the Russian trader. Because of his non-dominant will, he is immune to corruption’s malignant tentacles.


In The Heart Of Darkness, Racism


The novella depicted racism in a variety of forms, including the usage of locals as slaves and the practice of dehumanization.


Symbols from the Heart of Darkness


The beheaded skulls of native men placed on fence posts, the fog, the river, the whited sepulcher, and the women are all symbols in the heart of darkness. There are numerous notable quotes in Heart Of Darkness that represent the book’s fundamental topic and symbols.






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  1. Is genetic engineering appropriate for humans or animals?


  1. Why do you believe the arms trade continues despite all of the restrictions?


  1. Is human beings the sole cause of global warming?


  1. Will Africa’s conflicts be resolved anytime soon?


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  1. Gays and lesbians should not be legal


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  1. Politics is not a good option for anyone


  1. Ladies can be heads of families too


  1. Copying makes students lazy


  1. Role models contribute to frustrations among many people


  1. Female news anchors attract more audience than male


  1. Coronavirus came from bat meat


  1. Social media is not suitable for children


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  1. Recycling water helps conserve this valuable resource


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  1. Plastic surgery is exploitive


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  1. Human rights should be applied equally to the disabled


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  1. Political assassinations are unethical


  1. Selling of human organs should be illegal


  1. Discrimination against women is unethical


  1. Religion should be free


  1. Surrogacy is not ethical


  1. People should enjoy religious freedom


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  1. The coronavirus is human-engineered


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  1. Global pandemics bring down economies


  1. Body cremation is against many cultures


  1. Money laundering is a threat to the economy


  1. The death sentence should be applied


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  1. Corruption has derailed Africa


  1. Modern colonialism is still prevalent


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  1. Divorce should not be legal


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  1. Changing gender should not be legalized


  1. Drug peddlers should face a life sentence


  1. Banks should have stringent money forgery penalties


  1. Under 18’s should not be allowed to drive


  1. Unpaid leaves are not legal during global pandemics


  1. Defiling minors should lead to life imprisonment


  1. People should retire at 60


  1. Abortion should not be legal


  1. The government should regulate product prices


  1. Plagiarism should be tamed


  1. Smoking should not be in the public


  1. People should have permits to own animals


  1. Murder trials should be for any age


  1. All citizens should be allowed to vote


  1. Refugees should have equal employment rights as others


  1. Minors should not donate organs


  1. Slavery is illegal


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  1. Driving while talking on the phone is illegal


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