Grammarly Review: Features, Pros and Cons if Worth it

You not only need it in the writing field, but you should also benefit from the exceptional Grammarly features. It’s a web browser extension or app that allows you to edit your work. Today, we do a comprehensive Grammarly 2021 review.
Similarly, the software includes a desktop extension for Microsoft Word that can be used to improve your writing. Grammarly will detect spelling mistakes and highlight any grammar problems.
Furthermore, it will provide useful suggestions for reducing passive sentences. It can be used to revise manuscripts, messages, and emails before sending them to the intended recipients.


Grammarly Features

1. Punctuation and Grammar


Grammarly will detect all grammar and punctuation errors when you upload your document.

Sentence fragments, comma splices, alliterations, and run-on sentences are examples.

If the user cannot explain why it highlighted a phrase as a mistake, it will notify you.

Furthermore, this Grammarly will provide a simple lesson.

2. Check Your Spelling

This software checks each word in each sentence and detects spelling errors while scanning your document.

Furthermore, the software detects such errors with exceptional accuracy and provides recommendations for how to correct them.



One of the outstanding features of this software is its ability to scan your document for instances of plagiarism.

This type of plagiarism can be intentional or unintentional.

Before submitting their final draft to the faculty, students should run a full plagiarism scan on their papers.

4. Writing Style

Grammarly provides advice on your writing style as well as tips and suggestions. In contrast, this is Grammarly’s most misused or underappreciated feature. It functions by providing you with the sentence length and readability.

Furthermore, it provides actionable insights into how to improve your writing style. It will give you advice on wording and language. Furthermore, the user can modify the settings to only respond to specific needs.

5. Prices

Grammarly is listed in two categories. A free version provides limited access to editing tools such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

There is, however, a premium version with additional features to help you improve the quality of your writing. This version will grade you on readability, word choice, fluency, formality, and inclusive language.

Similarly, this premium tool aids in the detection of plagiarism as well as other advanced corrections.

Grammarly will always encourage you to upgrade to the premium version in order to enjoy all of its features. Grammarly premium, on the other hand, has two pricing options for their product.

If you sign up for an annual plan, it will cost you $12 per month. If you choose the monthly plan, you will pay $29.

There is a business edition that is useful for companies that employ a large number of writers. The payment systems may resemble the premium version, but they are slightly more expensive.

The annual subscription is calculated per user and costs $12.5 per month. Each business account can have up to 150 members.

The monthly plan costs $29, while the quarterly plan costs $19. The annual subscription is $11, and you can always try the free version first.

6. Grammarly Desktop App 6

Aside from the Chrome extension and online website checker, there is also a desktop app. There is an installation procedure that must be followed before you can begin using it.


You can download the app from the website. This app is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.

Grammarly is kind enough to provide a download to your device.

You will run the installation wizard after accessing the.exe file.

This app’s settings are extremely fast. You can customize your profile with your preferences and dictionary while using this desktop version.

For example, one can instruct the dictionary not to flag certain foreign words. This could help to reduce incorrect suggestions and save you time as you begin to edit.

This Grammarly app works in the same way as the Chrome extension. To check spelling and grammar, simply drag your documents. Furthermore, because the programs update automatically, you will always have the most recent version.

Grammarly is also used on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram; once activated, Grammarly will check them automatically.


How to Use Grammarly Correctly

There are several methods for reviewing work. Even so, you might not need any technical knowledge to do it. The first option is to paste the entire document into Grammarly and start proofreading.

Similarly, you can upload the Microsoft Word document into Grammarly and let it begin scanning it. The final option is to use Grammarly as your primary writing tool.

This method allows you to write directly in the tool. When you start typing, the device will immediately begin to pinpoint the errors.

If you use Windows, installing the Grammarly Plugins on MS Word may be preferable. It is a direct way to have Grammarly highlight errors as you write.

Grammarly will provide feedback in four categories during the scanning process. As stated below:

• Engagements: It provides a rating on this account to help you write more effectively and excitingly.

• Correctness: Grammarly will evaluate your grammar, spelling, and punctuation by scanning your document.

• Delivery: The delivery aspect is critical for making an appropriate impression on the reader.

• Clarity: It improves the readability of the writing.

Grammarly is also trustworthy because it provides word suggestions. It is a lifesaver, especially when you are unable to express yourself using better vocabulary.

The passive voice is one of the elements that reduces clarity in your writing. It makes the sentences appear weaker and more confusing. When Grammarly detects passive voice, it will recommend an alternative and assist you in improving your sentence structure.


Where to Use Grammarly? 

One important feature of this tool is that it can be used anywhere. Grammarly extensions for your web browser are included with the desktop app. It is compatible with Outlook, Chrome, Android, iOS, and Microsoft Word add-ons and apps.


In this case, various proofreading apps include:

• Grammarly App for iOS

• Windows desktop app

• Grammarly Android

• Mac desktop app

Grammarly is a Microsoft Office add-in.

Who Should Make Use of Grammarly?

Grammarly has a wide range of users who want to improve the quality of their writing. Professional writers, content creators, and other authors are among them.

It is an extremely useful tool for a variety of people. Some of them write blog posts, reports, proposals, emails, and social media reports.

Grammarly should be used by everyone to correct grammatical errors and poor sentence structures. You can improve your writing skills by installing the Grammarly browser extension.

Additionally, students should use Grammarly to detect plagiarism in their work because this tool is a lifesaver. Grammarly has the added benefit of improving the flow of the essay. All you have to do is set the app’s goals to meet your requirements.

It is not difficult to use Grammarly if you are not a writer. Grammarly is also not considered cheating, making it a safe tool to use for your assignments.

You can complete the process by copying and pasting your content into it. It will provide you with explanations on how to correct the highlighted errors and improve your writing level.


Grammarly Advantages and disadvantages

Grammarly’s Benefits

1. Simple to Use

Grammarly does not require any prior knowledge or experience. As soon as you install it, it will begin working in the background to significantly improve your writing quality.

2. Simple to comprehend

Grammarly will provide explanations for every suggestion it displays. Grammarly, for example, may suggest that you use the word “suitable” instead of “right.”

3. Widely Available

Grammarly is always available to help you. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Grammarly premium will include support for Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Furthermore, it is available on both the Apple and Android platforms.

4. Testing is completely free.

Grammarly includes a free version that you can use to test it out. The only difference between it and the business and premium versions is that it has more drawbacks.

For example, it may hint at what is wrong with your content but does not provide details on how to fix the problem.

5. Enhances your writing ability

The tool includes mechanisms to detect and eliminate plagiarism. More importantly, it highlights all spelling errors for you to proofread and correct. Finally, your document will be flawless.

6. Automatically saves your work

If you work for long periods of time and then the power goes out unexpectedly, Grammarly autosave will come in handy.

There is a recovery feature available if you are using a web-based version. The file will be deleted and placed in the trash after being deleted.

7. Supports Native English Variants

When it comes to spoken and written English, there is some variation. The most notable are American and British English. Grammarly distinguishes between the two and lets you customize it to your liking.

8. A Lot of Help

Grammarly offers convenient customer service. You can contact them via email or phone, and a dedicated customer service representative will handle all of your concerns.

9. Gets better over time

Grammarly works by utilizing AI interventions. It has a dashboard where you can make all of the necessary changes.

They are feedback in which the developer is constantly evaluating progress and making necessary changes over time.


Grammarly’s disadvantages

1. It does not function perfectly.

While it may detect the majority of errors, some of its recommendations are completely incorrect. Unfortunately, some of the tightest statements may have less value, weakening the sentence as you intended.

2. Only works with the English language

Grammarly will only work on English variants. It is limited because it does not support languages other than English.

3. Persistent Marketing

Grammarly will constantly remind you to upgrade to a premium plan. As a result, you will see numerous calls to action, sell-up messages, and notice ads.



Is Grammarly Worth It?

The short answer is unequivocally yes. It is a dependable tool for significantly improving your writing quality. It is one of the best grammar checker tools available on the market. The efficient spell checker is one of its primary functions.

Minor grammatical errors can have a negative impact on readers, so writing style should be improved. It is worthwhile to invest in this software because it will help you improve your writing flow.


Is Grammarly Premium worth the money?

Grammarly Premium is not free. However, doing so will save you from making a few mistakes along the way.

This tool is adaptable because it is not tailored to a specific user. Assuming you are a business owner, you should consider any impression you can make on a potential customer.

Grammarly premium is worthwhile because it provides additional features to help you improve and professionalize your writing. It is also worth the money because it provides suggestions and explanations. At the same time, it serves as a learning tool to help you improve your command of the English language.

You will have access to additional editing because the premium version has more features than the free version. For example, you can detect plagiarized phrases and use them to help you adjust your tone. What’s more, it’s mobile-friendly.


Is Grammarly Reliable?

Grammarly is a good and dependable tool for honing your writing skills to a professional level. It has the necessary features to assist you in meeting your objectives. For example, to check your documents for plagiarism, simply paste your content and let it scan for such errors.

It also has a paid and free version. You have the option of selecting the appropriate option and polishing your document to the required standard.


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