Writing about funny topics is the surest way to catch your educator’s attention. Carefully selected funny story topics make your professor laugh. They may also be the reason why your tutor will remember you after the exercise. When it comes to talking to crowds, funny speech topics will cheer everyone in the audience. Here is a list of funny topics to write about, whether it’s a speech, research paper, or presentation.

Funny Argument Topics

Maybe you’re looking for funny argumentative essay topics. In that case, consider this list of funny discussion topics. You can write an essay or a research paper on any of these topics.

  1. What to do if your parents forget your birthday
  2. Adding a twist of fun to a boring weekend during summer
  3. How to get money from your parent
  4. Things mums never quit saying
  5. Why families start dishes with desserts
  6. Why you wish you could join the family of your friend
  7. Why you wish you could be the only child in your family
  8. What cats think about
  9. Has feminism ever achieved anything?
  10. How to irritate your siblings
  11. Why every teenager should have a smartphone
  12. How teenagers can use their families’ credit cards
  13. The world needs more ‘stay at home’ fathers
  14. Why your grandmother needs a smartphone
  15. How the world would be if it was ruled by aliens
  16. A dog is an irreplaceable friend
  17. Being homeless during your college life is not that bad
  18. The real causes of global warming
  19. How to find out if your friend is lying
  20. Funny things that hinder you from doing your homework in time
  21. The funniest characters in history
  22. Scary things that keep people up at night
  23. Mistakes that parent makes and never correct
  24. Why students lose attention during class time
  25. How mothers prepare kids for school
  26. Things females wish makes knew
  27. Awkward and exciting dates
  28. The best ways to approach a lady
  29. Men give women the best makeup ideas
  30. Easy ways to break up with your lover

Funny Topics about Food

If you love writing about food, you may find these ideas interesting and worthy of your consideration. Here are some of the funny topics to talk about when it comes to food.

  1. Tips for eating the foods you hate
  2. Why stealing bread to feed a family is not wrong
  3. Foods you don’t like and why
  4. Everybody should consume junk food
  5. How to avoid being cruel to your broccoli
  6. Teaching cabbages to talk
  7. How to prepare to cut your Halloween pumpkins
  8. Do vegetables feel the harsh treatment from humans?
  9. How to detect a shy potato
  10. The origin of the wedding cake
  11. Different ways to prepare chili
  12. Why Mexican food is so spicy
  13. Why a vegan diet can cause death
  14. The local store’s fresh meat is not fresh
  15. How food science can save a life
  16. How curry can help your life
  17. Yogurt is great fermented food- Here’s why
  18. How human civilization thrived because of sustainable food
  19. Do you believe food packages’ nutrition facts?
  20. How America developed the dining out culture
  21. What makes Mediterranean cuisine great
  22. How technology has changed how humans eat
  23. Why men chefs are better than women cooks
  24. How ketchup improves how a dish tastes
  25. How to respond when served food you hate
  26. Role of globalization in the food culture of a country
  27. The primary aim of the business model for fast foods is profit and not food
  28. How farms use illegal methods to boost production
  29. Restaurants worldwide are embracing the new hotpot trend
  30. Why fish is a crucial food resource for people

This category has some of the best funny essay topics to research and even write about. You can also choose funny topics to argue about in this category. Nevertheless, conduct some research to come up with a strong argument.

Funny Debate Topics for Middle School

Debating is one of the skills that kids learn in middle school. But choosing or composing funny debate topics can be challenging for middle school students. Here is a funny debate topics list to consider if you’re in middle school.

  1. Should you date a popular or intelligent person?
  2. Hip hop versus Rock ‘n’ Roll music
  3. Everybody loves pizza topping
  4. The government should abolish school pictures
  5. Everybody should access a wireless service
  6. Teachers should not assign homework
  7. Twilight versus Harry Potter
  8. Every family should keep a pet
  9. Summer is a perfect season
  10. Schools should abolish grades
  11. Some animals should have more rights than humans
  12. Crows are smarter pets than parrots
  13. Blaming other people for your problem is relieving
  14. Robots make humans lazier
  15. Divorce affects children more than parents
  16. Spending time with mom is better than hanging out with dad
  17. Spending time with a phone is better than hanging out with some humans
  18. People should be fairer to animals
  19. Being annoying is a talent
  20. The government should lower the drinking age
  21. A quiet or a noisy person- Who’s better?
  22. Why humans should eliminate Mondays
  23. Watching movies is better than playing with friends
  24. Remaining silent is a great achievement in some cases
  25. Mathematics is the most straining subject
  26. Handwriting is not important anymore
  27. Girls perform better than boys in school
  28. School uniforms should be abolished
  29. Medicine is better than engineering
  30. Cycling is better than skiing

This category also has some of the best funny public speaking topics. However, students should select topics they are comfortable researching and writing or talking about.

Funny Debate Topics for High School Students

Debating in high school can improve your spoken English. Here are some of the best funny conversation topics for high school students.

  1. A cat is a better pet than a dog
  2. Why being small is better than being big
  3. The egg came before the chicken
  4. The government should ban homework
  5. McDonald’s is a brilliant restaurant when it comes to fast food
  6. Winter is better than summer
  7. No word is bad
  8. Bottled water is better than tap water
  9. Smartphones should be allowed in school
  10. Parents should pay their children to attend school
  11. Students should be rewarded with candies
  12. Teachers should also wear uniforms
  13. Being rich with few friends is better than being poor with too many friends
  14. Grownups are better than kids
  15. Performing better in sports is better than scoring high academic grades
  16. Mathematics is a crucial subject
  17. A clown is scary
  18. Aliens could be living among humans
  19. A cake is a better dessert than ice cream
  20. Human beings are the most dangerous creatures on earth
  21. Being smart is better than being good looking
  22. No child should have a cell phone until the age of 18 years
  23. People should start voting at the age of 16 years
  24. Smartphones make humans stupid
  25. Men are better teachers than women
  26. Humans should live forever
  27. Video games are bad for human health
  28. Nobody should ever lie
  29. Instagram is famous than Twitter
  30. Humans should eat to live and not live to eat

This category also has some brilliant funny presentation topics for friends. Thus, you can talk to your friends about some of these topics when hanging out. Nevertheless, you should still conduct some research to come up with a convincing argument on any of these topics.

Funny Informative Speech Topics for College Students

Some topics are funny and informative at the same time. Below is a list of funny informative speech topics that college students may consider.

  1. Why some historical figures deserve rehabilitation
  2. Becoming a fashion designer- Things you need
  3. What’s out and in for men’s fashion
  4. The perfect unconventional lifestyle
  5. How housewives have undergone a metamorphosis due to makeover television programs
  6. The best classic cars in America
  7. The best Isabel Allende’s books
  8. How dwarf planets like Pluto got their name
  9. How to become a private detective
  10. The origin of the April Fool’s day
  11. Absurd and funny last decade’s inventions
  12. Kids should learn from their parent’s mistakes
  13. What dreams mean in real life
  14. How to quit thinking- putting the mind in an off mode
  15. How to enjoy a stress-free holiday
  16. How to deal with troubles during family reunions
  17. Amending the bill of rights
  18. Turning an academic awards ceremony into the finniest event ever
  19. How to draft a fan letter to your favorite celebrity
  20. Secrets of famous magicians and illusionists
  21. The manufacture of acoustic guitars
  22. How to make cleaning fun
  23. Handling a drunk roommate
  24. How to lobby for a great cause
  25. Proofs that humans live in a simulation
  26. Why some situations require you to turn your other cheek
  27. Being ignorant brings more happiness
  28. Every male has a female rolling eye behind him
  29. Cats prove that humans love complicating life
  30. Being dead or stupid lets other people suffer because you do not feel anything

This category also has some of the best funny process essay topics. That’s because writing about them requires the student to show how to do something.

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

Perhaps, you’re looking for funny topics for a persuasive speech. In that case, consider this list of funny speech topics for college students.

  1. Don’t fall for a growing up trap
  2. Humans are two-legged, unthankful creatures
  3. Squirrels are way better than some people
  4. We trust in God but some people still bring data
  5. Some people smoke just to piss others
  6. Men deserve leisure time to watch sports
  7. Kids are the sole beneficiaries of a marriage
  8. Evidence that a cat thinks the owner is a slave
  9. Sleep with a mosquito to find out that you’re not too insignificant to make any difference
  10. Vegetarian food is non-lethal to a meat-eater- Here is the evidence
  11. Every driver was a pedestrian at some point
  12. You don’t become a monster when you reuse a congratulation birthday message
  13. Presidency and Twitter- Are they compatible?
  14. A stupid villain is less dangerous than a smart one
  15. A penguin is a swallow that eats before sleeping
  16. Truth pisses a person off before setting them free
  17. GPS and believers in a flat earth- A complex relationship
  18. Eating soup frequency as a mustache type’s function
  19. Men with lumberjack bears look friendlier to animals
  20. Prohibiting something makes it more tempting
  21. Scientists should use simple language to make their ideas accessible
  22. Colleges should include coffee and parking charges in their tuition fee
  23. Men should avoid skinny jeans
  24. Funny pick-up lines that work
  25. A woman presidency could cause more wars
  26. Males are happier than females
  27. Men gossip more than women
  28. Reincarnation happens
  29. Avoid your mom on social media
  30. The government should lower the drinking age

Pick any of these funny persuasive speech topics if you’re good at convincing people. Again, be prepared to research extensively if you select a topic from this category.

This category also has funny controversial topics. So, if looking for controversial topics funny people will find interesting, consider some of the ideas in this list.

Funny Compare and Contrast Topics

Are you looking for funny process analysis essay topics that allow you to compare and contrast things? If yes, consider this list of funny research paper topics. You can also find brilliant funny presentation topics in this category.

  1. Qualities of a good and a bad teacher
  2. Private versus public colleges
  3. Being wealthy or being famous?
  4. Online versus traditional education
  5. Extroverts versus introverts
  6. Twitter versus Facebook
  7. Darwinism versus creationism
  8. Common things of Catholic and Orthodox churches or religion?
  9. The Lord of Rings versus Harry Potter
  10. Thomas Jefferson versus Barack Obama
  11. Your current house versus your dream home
  12. Non-fiction books or fiction books?
  13. England or Washington?
  14. Psychology versus sociology
  15. Similarities and differences between ancient myths
  16. Socrates versus Plato
  17. Australian English and American English
  18. Black or white color
  19. Chimps and human beings
  20. Colleges and high schools
  21. Working in an office or home
  22. Jesus and Allah’s teachings
  23. Prejudice and pride versus sensibility and sense
  24. Textbooks or eBooks
  25. Online versus real-life dating
  26. Harvard versus Oxford
  27. Samsun versus Apple
  28. Margaret Thatcher versus Donald Trump
  29. Vegetarian meals versus burgers
  30. Video games or outdoor activity
  31. TV commercials and printed ads
  32. Tablets and laptops
  33. Renaissance versus Baroque
  34. Past versus modern fashion
  35. Windows or Linus
  36. Dogs versus cats
  37. Dating versus marriage
  38. Yoga classes versus Pilates
  39. Vacation in mountains versus on the beach
  40. Buddhism versus Hinduism
  41. Movies versus real-life theater
  42. Winter versus summer weather
  43. Atheism versus creationism
  44. Your family versus peers
  45. Being alone and being in a relationship
  46. Living with parents and on campus
  47. Reading versus audiobooks
  48. Cheating versus plagiarizing content on exams
  49. Photos versus paintings
  50. Giving and receiving presents

You can also find funny podcast topics in this category. Some learners also find funny special occasion speech topics in this list.

Funny How to Topics

Perhaps, you’re looking for funny ceremonial speech topics. In that case, you may consider how-to topics. This category has funny commemorative speech topics to consider.

  1. How to make-up like a real joker
  2. How to mess-up your job interview
  3. How to bunk your college
  4. How to fail your exams
  5. How to protect yourself from zombies
  6. How to fire your boss
  7. How to cut a pumpkin
  8. How to apply paint on your face
  9. How to practice cat walking
  10. How to practice juggling
  11. How to run away from your home
  12. How to survive your first date
  13. How to survive your first blind date
  14. How to audition for American Idol
  15. How to tell you’re drunk
  16. How to survive the first day in college
  17. How to survive your first day at work
  18. Ways to give a dog a bitter pill
  19. Ways to flunk out of your college
  20. How to dress for a first date
  21. How to kill a goldfish
  22. How to ruin a relationship
  23. How to excel at dieting
  24. How to survive with a minimum wage
  25. How to excel as a freeloader
  26. Ways to catch a cheating person
  27. A guide for making bread crumbs
  28. Ways to catch a cold
  29. How to choose friends
  30. How to remember birthdays

Some of these are also funny demonstration speech topics because you might have to show the audience how to do something.

Funny Satire Topics

Perhaps, you’re looking for funny research topics that are also satirical. In that case, consider these ideas.

  1. Why every bear loves honey
  2. A middle child’s life explained
  3. Ways to win arguments with your spouse
  4. Why stay at home dads are better
  5. Questions your girlfriend will most likely ask
  6. Why watching football should be illegal
  7. Why social media is the best place to break up with your partner
  8. Ways to break up with your spouse without telling them anything
  9. Ways to be a noisy girlfriend while showing nothing
  10. No pastor is a sinner
  11. The easy life of a stay at home mother
  12. Things you can do during a date without unwanted questions
  13. A customer is never right
  14. Why most couples divorce after an expensive wedding
  15. People that want to keep fit eat the most
  16. Why the number of teen moms is increasing
  17. How to convince others you’re right when wrong
  18. Why you shouldn’t ignore strangers
  19. How to avoid the consequences of lying
  20. Why you should become an annoying individual
  21. Why stress is high among the upper class
  22. Comic books can promote a specific career
  23. Why you should follow advice from a stranger
  24. Why many men prefer staying at home
  25. How a man can win an argument with his wife
  26. Why high schools should abolish proms
  27. College students should have well-paying jobs
  28. Why schools should not punish students
  29. Why college education is not important
  30. Ways to succeed without a college education
  31. Why students and teachers should wear uniforms
  32. How to pass or fail your exam
  33. How to avoid education scores and still excel
  34. School is a waste of precious time
  35. Social media website provide a great place to make friends
  36. How to have fun and pass exams
  37. You don’t need friends if you have a pet
  38. Chocolate does not ask silly questions
  39. Why my dad is weird
  40. How to avoid dating

In addition to these categories, you can also choose funny safety topics that teach people how to be safe in a humorous way