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Biochemistry Research Topics

If you are looking for the best biochemical research topics, look no further! Here are some of the best topics that you can research. You can use them in your homework or research paper.

  1. Explain fungi synthesis and how it is produced.
  2. What is microbial itaconic acid’s part in fungi synthesis?
  3. Do in-depth research on microbial disease evolution.
  4. Evaluate protein designs and folding between mice and humans.
  5. Investigate the membrane biology and transport in an innate immune response.
  6. What is the major role and structure of protein-membrane?
  7. Understand protein and peptide structure’s role in membranes.
  8. Evaluate human health in terms of bacteriophages.
  9. Discuss the formation of the microbial biofilm.
  10. Research on cancer pathology and relation to biology.
  11. How do cancer molecular genetics evolve?
  12. Evaluate protein cooperation and the part of a functioning nucleic acid.
  13. Do a thorough study of cellular function and its structure.
  14. Discuss physical biochemistry and its role in modern society.
  15. How is microarray technology used to characterize p73 and P63 regulated cancer genes?
  16. The role of intestinal microbes in human health and disease.
  17. Liquid type metabolism in mitochondrial and metabolic diseases.
  18. What is the molecular genetics of cancer?
  19. Discuss the development and characterization of chemical compounds in pancreatic, lung, and colon cancer.
  20. What part do intestinal microbes have in a person’s health and diseases?

More Biochemistry Research Paper Topics

These are some of the best biochemistry research paper topics that you can ever come across. They are based on various phenomena and impacts on living beings.

  1. Discuss the characterization of RAS signaling and lipid trafficking.
  2. Discuss the genomics of diseases.
  3. Evaluate the chromatin redestribution and control of gene expressions in eukaryotes.
  4. The impact of nano-drug delivery systems on the modern world.
  5. Evaluate the pulmonary fibrosis innovations.
  6. Discuss the physiotherapy for juvenile idiopathic arthritis.
  7. The ethical appraisal of human cloning.
  8. Horticulture and its advanced techniques.
  9. Why does bleeding occur when children have a fever?
  10. What is the impact of fast increment in childhood age?
  11. Discuss the various ways to manage child infection.
  12. What are the major reasons for malnutrition in children in underdeveloped countries?
  13. Discuss women’s mental health.
  14. Evaluate the various global health issues.
  15. What is the impact of modern contamination on public health?
  16. Make a critical review of animal nutrition.
  17. Does animal feed have an impact on animal production?
  18. How is the laboratory diagnosis of viral infections done?
  19. Provide a short communication on anesthesiology.
  20. What s arterial cardiovascular disease and its treatment?

Detailed Biochemistry Research Topics List

This topic list will provide the best kind of topics that you can use in your research. You get to relate one phenomenon with the other and why it happens that way.

  1. Discuss bone biology and skeletal complications.
  2. Evaluate the cellar structure and function in the human body.
  3. Evaluate the importance of functional nucleic acid.
  4. Discuss the genetic and epigenetic regulatory mechanisms.
  5. The differences between bacterial and viral infections.
  6. Describe how proteins help to boost the health of humans.
  7. Classify amino acids into their major groups.
  8. What are the RNA functions?
  9. The major differences between RNA and DNA.
  10. Describe how babies get both their father’s and mother’s DNA.
  11. What are the well-known functions of non-enzymatic protein?
  12. Describe how carbohydrates are digested in the body.
  13. Explain the sugar percentage found in carbohydrates.
  14. What is the most common blood pressure treatment used in human beings?
  15. Research into complex biochemical compounds towards DNA mapping.
  16. Analyze the protein complexes in DNA synthesis.
  17. What is phosphate’s role in the body?
  18. Explain how detergents are made – what can happen if different chemicals are used?
  19. Compare the successful medical researches done in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  20. How does the purification of protein reactions occur?

Interesting Biochemistry Topics

Did you know that you can find interesting biochemistry topics? Not only are they easy to dwell in, but also form a sense of curiosity to know more.

  1. What is the function of genome mapping?
  2. Analyze research advancements that lead to the formulation of the medicine.
  3. What effect will genome mapping have on society?
  4. Do athletes use any kind of drugs to be perfect at running?
  5. Why is the study of biochemistry important in the world?
  6. How can you term protein quantification in the organism?
  7. Why are some diseases more transmissible than others?
  8. How does population health study influence emerging economies?
  9. Describe what is contained in raw and cooked walnut.
  10. How dangerous are the different strains of Hepatitis?
  11. Analyze antibiotics resistance in animals.
  12. Analyze honey’s physicochemical properties.
  13. Describe what is contained in Asprin medicine.
  14. How does gastroenteritis affect children?
  15. How can one investigate waterborne diseases – how do they get into human/animal bodies?
  16. Analyze enzymes and their impact on our bodies.
  17. What medicine combinations are used to treat Hepatitis patients?
  18. How can one strengthen their immunity through eating a balanced diet?
  19. Investigate how seeds germinate with the right atmospheric conditions.
  20. How do foods rich in starch differ from those rich in proteins?

Biochemistry Paper Topics

Finding a great biochemistry paper topic can take you a while. However, here are some of the best topics that you can dwell on. They are easy to research and discover new concepts.

  1. Describe in-depth how enzymes work and their importance.
  2. Provide an in-depth understanding of physical biochemistry.
  3. Compare metalloproteinase and metalloenzyme.
  4. Provide an overview of how microorganisms thrive in the soil.
  5. Describe the biological and NMRS systems.
  6. What do you understand by biochemical toxicology?
  7. Evaluate how enzymes act as a catalyst.
  8. Explain how scientists make vaccines.
  9. How do B cells receptors help in disease prevention and vaccine creation?
  10. Research on microbial disease evolution.
  11. What are protein’s structural determinants in human health?
  12. Illustrate the biochemical and cellular basis glucose transport of insulin resistance.
  13. What is the role of the platelet in the body?
  14. How do the various organs in the body function?
  15. The study and measures are taken for Hepatitis B prevention.
  16. What causes antibiotics to resist in the human body?
  17. How does bitter leaf help in increasing the shelf life of locally brewed sorghum beer?
  18. What are the physicochemical properties of honey?
  19. What is the importance of phytochemical screening of eromomastax speciosa?
  20. What is the effect of fluoride on drinking water?

Cool Biochemistry Topics

Who said that Biochemistry topics need to be serious ones? Here are some cool biochemistry topics that will make you excited about doing your homework or research project. Remember to do thorough research to attain top grades.

  1. Investigate the health dangers of potassium bromate in bread.
  2. What are the role expectation and performances of laboratory assistants in secondary schools?
  3. Investigate the production of high-quality bar soap.
  4. How are chemical detergents made?
  5. Do a phytochemical analysis of bitter brands.
  6. How do you determine the PH value of pure water?
  7. What is the PH value of borehole water?
  8. What are the effects of disruptions of building construction?
  9. What is contained in paracetamol medicine?
  10. Evaluate the antioxidant potential of African nutmeg.
  11. What is the composition of water extracts of hibiscus sabdariffa?
  12. Do a Phytochemical analysis of selected tomato products.
  13. What are the phytochemical and anti-inflammatory properties of methanol extract?
  14. What is the oxidative stress status of rats fed on oil bean deed meal?
  15. The effect of ethanol extract on the albino Wistar rats.
  16. What are the physicochemical properties of sachet water?
  17. What are the microbial food spoilage disorders and the control?
  18. The examination of autoimmunity and inflammation.
  19. Investigate the determinants of biochemical parameters in diabetic and hypertensive pregnant mothers in the hospital.
  20. Investigate the microbial food spoilage disorders and the control.

Biochemistry Research Projects

You need to consult your professor to know whether your intended topic is good. Here are some good biochemistry topics that you can evaluate and use. Remember, there is a big difference between the depth of research you can do for an assignment and a project.

  1. Evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy of medicinal plants on root canal biofilm.
  2. Describe how to isolate and identify microorganisms in stream water.
  3. The analysis of Vitamin C in pineapple and bananas.
  4. Describe the best methods of extraction of vegetable oil in breadfruit seed.
  5. What is the benefit of ascorbic acid in the body?
  6. What are the effects of ethanol leaves and stem extracts?
  7. Describe the chronic diseases and their preventive measures.
  8. Assess infant and youth children feeding practices.
  9. How do you rate the nutrition status of children in the world?
  10. Evaluate the thyroid dysfunction in diabetic patients.
  11. Analyze the phytochemical analysis of some brands of bitters.
  12. What is the ameliorating role of NPK fertilizer on the toxic effects of sorghum?
  13. What is the use of ethanol extract?
  14. What is the effect of frying and boiling on the physicochemical properties of oil?
  15. Analyze the phytochemical analysis of selected tomato products.
  16. Analyze chronic diseases and their preventive measures.
  17. Analyze the various types of chronic diseases.
  18. What is the effect of processing fatty acids?
  19. Evaluation of thyroid dysfunction in type 2 diabetic patients.
  20. Analyze the mineral content in coconut water.

Current Topics in Biochemical Research

Biochemical research may sound hard. However, if you choose the right topic, you will do interesting research that will help you get a deeper understanding of some phenomena. Biochemical is broad, hence tackle the best topic that will not trouble you when doing your research project.

  1. Explain biodiesel as an alternate source of energy.
  2. Evaluate the impact of fossil fuels on the society and environment.
  3. Evaluate nutrigenomics and influence in the environment.
  4. What are the variabilities and correlation studies in basil scent leaf?
  5. What are the best strategies to control the global obesity pandemic?
  6. How to determine the active components of common artificial sweeteners used as a replacement for sugar?
  7. What is the evaluation of the antioxidant potential of nutmeg?
  8. What is the processing of the nutritional value of sicklepod seeds?
  9. Evaluate the chronic disease and its preventive measures.
  10. The effect of different types of organic fertilizers on plant growth.
  11. Analyze the proximate and physicochemical analysis of fish flour on different fish species.
  12. Evaluate biodiesel as an alternate source of energy.
  13. What are the effects of ethanol on the body?
  14. The effects of soil erosion in emerging urbanization.
  15. The best strategies to control the global obesity epidemic.
  16. Discuss the selenium toxicity and deficiency of humans.
  17. Research on the qualitative phytochemical analysis of some seeds.
  18. How are enzymes reactions blocked?
  19. What are the causes of prostate cancer?
  20. How do metabolites help to cure diseases?

Biochemistry Science Fair Projects

Is the science project fair around the corner? Here are some experiments that you can try out to see what suits you best to get top grades. Also, remember to provide a visual architecture that your teacher will evaluate to know your knowledge level with the specific topic.

  1. What makes animals glow in darkness?
  2. How to evaluate medicines and drugs.
  3. What are ancestral receptors genes?
  4. How to make good use of natural resources for research?
  5. Analyze lead poisoning.
  6. The major roles of the blood composition in living beings.
  7. What are the major treatments of various inflammation illnesses?
  8. Discuss algae and its impact on the environment.
  9. How do bacteria make vitamins?
  10. How can small living cleaners clean toxic chemicals?
  11. How do genes impact the body structure?
  12. How can you use computers to reclassify diseases?
  13. How can snails be used to relieve pain?
  14. Discuss anesthetics.
  15. Discuss how certain diseases strengthen over time.
  16. Discuss and go into medical contact lenses.
  17. The function of the genes in the body.
  18. How does garlic help to relax blood vessels?
  19. The impact of taking antidepressants.
  20. Analyze and investigate enzymez that break cocaine into a inoperative substance.

Hot Topics in Biochemistry

These are some of the best hot topics you can find in Biochemistry. They are easy to research on and find the reasons for certain happenings. You can use these topics for your research project at University.

  1. The best treatment to heal harsh muscle and bone loss.
  2. How orange juice has an effect on the body’s treatment of medicines.
  3. The major function of sex chromosomes in turtles.
  4. What is the tropical forest vulnerability?
  5. Why do root-linked bacteria prefer native host plants?
  6. Investigate the reverse optogenetic tool development.
  7. Provide new insights into immune responses to malaria.
  8. Discuss the topology in biology.
  9. Discuss global warming and its impact on the environment.
  10. The new approaches that eradicate breast cancer in mice.
  11. Why four-legged animals are better than sprinters.
  12. What is the potential role of junk DNA sequence in aging cancer?
  13. How to know when fungi are growing in plant roots.
  14. What happens to marine life when oxygen is scarce?
  15. How does marine life survive in water?
  16. How does good cholesterol protect the liver?
  17. Is the father’s gene the major determinant to whether a child becomes a girl or boy?
  18. How do cattle adapt to the environment?
  19. How do early social connections influence stress resilience and gene expression?
  20. The developed tools drastically speed up the study of enzymes.

Biochemistry Project Topics Ideas

You can’t miss finding a great biochemistry project topic. They will all make you have a broader understanding of Chemistry and Biology. Also, remember when tackling a project, you need to choose a topic that you can expand on if you further your studies.

  1. The best cell analysis technique to combat tuberculosis infection.
  2. The findings were made by scientists in the effort to reduce age-related memory loss in mice.
  3. Describe how new forces shape genomes.
  4. How is it possible for RNA to create crops that can grow 50 % more?
  5. How does immunity impact the wellbeing of a person and how to strengthen it.
  6. How can lama nanobodies help in preventing deadly post-transplant infection?
  7. How can chromosomes be separated in a person?
  8. Describe the chemistry and biology of collagen.
  9. Describe cell surface receptor sites.
  10. Evaluate muscle proteins and muscle contraction.
  11. Describe membrane structure and function.
  12. Describe the evolution of biochemistry.
  13. Evaluate the skeletal complications in human beings.
  14. Describe cancer pathology.
  15. Evaluate the different types of cancer and the cells they affect.
  16. What is the impact of protein interaction in functional nucleic acid?
  17. Describe the enzymology and structural biology.
  18. Provide the evidence of the different animal diseases models for scientific value.
  19. Describe the expression and purification of proteins reactions when interacting with different ENTH levels.
  20. How will the recent biochemistry research advancements lead to the creation of new medications?

Different Fields of Biochemistry

Biochemistry is divided into different fields. This gives you a wider scope of the kind of topics that you can use for your research. If you are on campus, be wary of the field of Chemistry that you will study. This will have a major impact on your academics.

  1. Describe the branch of immunology in biochemistry.
  2. Describe the branch id animal biochemistry.
  3. What is the impact of the branch of enzymology in real life?
  4. Evaluate plant biochemistry and cell biology.
  5. What is the main subject in the branch of metabolism and genetics?
  6. How does molecular biology influence modern science?
  7. What is the major difference between evolution and natural selection?
  8. What are the major differences between bacteria and viruses?
  9. What are the differences between epithelial and connective tissues?
  10. Relate between apoptosis and necrosis.
  11. Provide the difference between DNA and chromosomes?
  12. What are the types of enzyme regulations?
  13. The major nutritional facts of the dragon fruit.

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