I’m sure you’ve used Excel and Minitab before. But do you understand how they differ and which is the best?

Maybe, maybe not!

If you are unfamiliar with the functions of Excel and Minitab, we are here to help.


We’ll compare Excel and Minitab with their unique characteristics in this article. As a result, you must read the entire blog to learn more.


The closest competitor in the globe is Excel vs Minitab. There are numerous parallels between Excel and Minitab. As a result, students find it difficult to choose between these two statistics programs. This comparison blog will assist you in deciding which of these two is the greatest. Let’s start with a general overview of Excel and Minitab.


Minitab vs. Excel




Excel: An Overview


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool that is one of the most powerful and frequently used in the world. It is the most widely used spreadsheet program in history. Excel is used by millions of organizations and individuals throughout the world to manage their daily tasks. The reason for this is because excel allows you to enter any type of data. Aside from that, you can do a variety of financial, statistical, and mathematical computations.


It is used to record and analyze numerical data, in other words. It is a collection of rows and columns, similar to other statistical tools. The rows have numbers assigned to them, which is quite beneficial. The cell is the collection of both rows and columns.


The address of the cell is denoted by a hyphen between the column number and the row number. Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used spreadsheet programs. It was first released in 1982. Microsoft, on the other hand, released an enhanced version of MS Excel in 1987. Excel has grown in popularity and become more user-friendly since that time. As a result, it is the preferred option for small and medium-sized businesses.


Minitab: An Overview


Minitab is not suitable for all users. It was created with six sigma pros in mind. Six Sigma experts are one of the most critical aspects of any company. They analyze the data with Minitab and then modify the business process based on their findings. Quality management practices are the focus of six sigma.


They conduct extensive research in order to eradicate flaws in the products or services. Barbara F. Ryan, Thomas A. Ryan, Jr., and Brian L. Joiner created Minitab in 1972 at Pennsylvania State University. They were the university’s researcher. The computation and graph creation procedure have been automated with Minitab help. Furthermore, it helps users to concentrate more on data analysis and interpretation.


Features of Excel vs. Minitab


Excel’s Features


Minitab’s Features


Formatting with Conditions




Add Multiple Rows with Paste Special


Absolute citations


Optimisation of Print


Flash Fill across/downFlash Fill




Analysis of measurement systems


3D graphs with contours and rotation


Variation Analysis


Regression, both linear and nonlinear


Logistic regression can be binary, ordinal, or nominal.


Analysis of Measurement Systems


Exact failure data with right, left, and interval censoring


Generator of random numbers


User profiles and preferences are extensive.


Other tests include chi-square, Fisher’s exact, and others.


Key Differences Between Excel and Minitab




Costing in Excel


Microsoft Excel is not a standalone Microsoft product. It is a Microsoft Office component. However, MS Excel may now be purchased individually. MS Excel activation costs roughly $129.99 for one computer. It is not possible to install and activate it on another computer. It works with the most recent version of Windows 10 and supports multiple languages. I bought the licensed edition of Microsoft Excel from Buy Now.


Minitab Price


Minitab offers two types of licenses: an annual network license and a single license. Minitab can be purchased or upgraded to the most recent version by paying a fee to Minitab.


The Minitab costs roughly $29.99 for a 6-month rental and $49.99 for a 12-month rental for academic users. You must communicate with them in a multi-user network. You must also pay $2348 once for the single-user license. Alternatively, you can spend $1432 to upgrade your Minitab version to the most recent version.


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Learning is simple.


Excel education


Excel provides consumers with a user-friendly interface. Without any prior instruction, performing fundamental math calculations in Excel is simple. There are numerous free venues available nowadays where you can learn to excel. If we’re talking about simplicity of learning for beginners, then certainly, getting started with Excel is simple.


On a freemium basis, Microsoft has launched the greatest excel training help for students. It indicates that in their training area, some services or goods are paid for while others are free. You’ll also discover plenty of other resources, such as complete Excel instruction from beginner to advanced, pre-built templates, expert tips, and expert advice directly from YouTube. You may also join their community to get answers to all of your Excel-related questions. Excel Training offers Microsoft training.


Minitab Education


Minitab, like MS Excel, provides training help to its users. However, when it comes to learning, it is not as simple as MS Excel. It is well-liked among Six Sigma experts. It means that prior training is required if you want to do specific actions in Minitab.


Minitab has a number of courses available for users, which are grouped into two categories: manufacturing and services. Minitab also offers onsite training as well as public training. Aside from that, it provides E-learning to its customers. E-learning can be accessed from any location. Minitab Training provides official Minitab training.


Online Assistance


Support for Microsoft Excel


Users can get good online support from Microsoft Excel. You can contact their professionals through their community, or you can go straight to the part where you can input your difficulties and their experts will respond as quickly as possible.


Support for Minitab


In this comparison, Minitab outperforms MS Excel. It provides great customer support as well as a number of online support options. You can download the data set, documentation, extra Minitab tools, videos, webinars, installation FAQs, blogs, software updates, licensing, and activation, as well as videos, webinars, and installation FAQs.


Extra Credit


The Advantages of Minitab Over Excel


Easily Create Graphs From Raw Data


Excel is a spreadsheet application. It’s ideal for organizing, collecting, and emphasizing large volumes of information. It might be difficult to create graphs and do advanced statistical calculations since it lacks specific mathematical functions, particularly those related to statistics.


Minitab, on the other hand, can quickly build a bar chart from the worksheet’s raw data. Minitab presents the findings in just a few clicks.


Multiple Graphs to Manage and Organize


When we first begin working with a new piece of data, we often construct various graphs and statistical output to get insight into the data’s form and distribution.


All graphs and formulas that are directly shown in the worksheet are saved in Excel. It currently displays the data on the worksheet appropriately.


Minitab, like Excel, allows you to cascade several spreadsheets and graphs, however the window might get a little cluttered when you have a lot of reports. Use the Navigator in Minitab to solve this problem. You can move between worksheets, graphs, and statistical output with ease.




Now you can confidently pick between Excel and Minitab; based on the above comparison, we discovered that everyone can use MS Excel, and it is quite popular among small and medium businesses.


Minitab, on the other hand, is employed in educational, small, medium, and large businesses. Matlab provides a number of things that Excel does not. But wait, if we compare the prices of these two products, Excel is significantly less expensive than Minitab.


You can also meet all of the primary needs of small and medium businesses. Excel also has a lot of employment openings. Minitab also has a variety of career options, but you must have a strong knowledge of the program. Now it’s up to you to decide which program to learn: Excel or Minitab. Get the best Minitab assignment help at a low price.


Questions Frequently Asked


Is it possible to utilize Excel instead of Minitab?


Yes, of course! For statistical analysis, there are several free Microsoft Excel alternatives to Minitab.