Writing a persuasive essay is bound to be difficult. The majority of college students attempt and fail to complete these tasks. They get terrible grades, which has a negative impact on their GPA. Is there a way to solve this issue? You must, of course, learn how to write academic material. But did you know that merely choosing an amazing subject for your paper might get you some additional points? Persuasive essay themes might help you improve your grade. Professors are fed up with reading the same material over and over again. The majority of your peers will choose the most straightforward persuasive essay subjects. Many of them will have a lot in common. However, there are certain college persuasive essay themes that are seldom picked. This suggests your paper has a good possibility of becoming one-of-a-kind. You will always receive a high mark if you can make your persuasive essay ideas fascinating.


The 101 Most Effective Persuasive Essay Topics (Fresh 2022 Topics)


Animals. Animals are something we all adore. Your instructor probably does as well, so why not choose a subject related to these lovely creatures?


  1. Should we adopt more dogs from breeders than we buy?


  1. Dogs that bite humans as a form of self-defense should not be put down.


  1. Factory and battery farming should be considered unlawful.


  1. Three reasons why you desire a cat rather than a dog.


  1. Dogs are ideal pets for a variety of reasons (with my Cane Corso as an example).


  1. Pitbulls are not the nasty breed that the media portrays them to be.


  1. Chaining dogs outdoors in the rain and cold is not only cruel, but also immoral.


  1. Because most spiders are harmless, it is unreasonable to be terrified of them.


  1. To minimize unwanted puppies and overpopulation, all pets should be neutered.


  1. Legally hunting for sport is a pleasurable activity that poses no danger.


Constitutional Concerns Every government has problems, and every citizen is worried about these problems. Express your views and emotions about some of the things you’d want to improve, but don’t go too far and exaggerate your case.


  1. In the drug war, warrantless searches and seizures must be allowed.


  1. The right to keep and bear arms must be guaranteed by the Second Amendment.


  1. Instead of decreasing expenditure, the government should concentrate on increasing income.


  1. Term restrictions for members of Congress and senators are required.


  1. Should felons in the United States be permitted to vote?


  1. The right to possess assault-style weapons should not be granted to citizens.


  1. Alcohol should be prohibited.


  1. It should be made illegal to burn flags during demonstrations.


  1. Should terrorist suspects be imprisoned only after a thorough investigation?


  1. Instead of regular courts, terrorists should be prosecuted by military tribunals.


Law. Do you want to pursue a career in law? If you can create a compelling persuasive essay, your professors will be impressed. Here are some great ideas for persuasive essays.


  1. It should be unlawful to drive while chatting on the phone.


  1. Motorcyclists are required to wear a helmet when on the road.


  1. In the United States, junk food should be taxed more heavily.


  1. Should abortions be permitted in all cases?


  1. There are many reasons why assault weapons should not be authorized.


  1. Should immigration regulations in the United States be changed?


  1. Should the death penalty be reinstated?


  1. Isn’t it time for marijuana to be legalized in the United States?


  1. People should be able to possess exotic animals without restriction.


Gang members should not be permitted to enter parks.


Environment. It is critical to protect the environment. These themes will always be intriguing and important.


  1. Endangered species need to be better safeguarded.


  1. Disposable diapers pose a significant environmental risk.


  1. Is it necessary to make littering a criminal offense?


  1. The United States should limit its usage of natural resources.


  1. The energy industry is more harmful to the environment than other sectors.


  1. Solar power isn’t as environmentally friendly as it claims to be.


  1. In ten years, drinkable water will be a thing of the past.


  1. In a few years, we’ll be carrying oxygen canisters instead of cellphones.


  1. Underground mining should be prohibited immediately.


  1. We are the only ones to blame for global warming.


Education. Education is a fascinating topic to discuss. There are several topics you may bring up, ranging from cheating to tuition.


  1. Should the government provide free education to underprivileged children?


  1. Students in high school should be permitted to use smart gadgets in class.


  1. High school students should be required to take a skill test before graduating.


  1. Classes should be made shorter in schools.


  1. Should students be given extended vacations?


  1. Religion courses in high school and college should be elective.


  1. Reducing the quantity of schoolwork has only positive consequences.


  1. Standardized testing has a negative impact on education and should be abolished.


  1. Getting essay help for a fee should not be regarded cheating.


  1. School security guards should be armed in order to better protect students and instructors.


Students in college. We all like college, so there’s a good chance you’ll find something to chat about.


  1. In today’s classrooms, iPads should be the new textbooks.


  1. I believe gap years are a good idea, and here’s why:


  1. In college, taking notes in class should be required.


  1. College students should not be forced to take courses in which they are uninterested.


  1. Should college students work part-time or full-time after graduation?


  1. Student exchange programs should be open to all college students.


  1. The curriculum is overvalued and should be revised.


  1. There is no way that a home education can possibly compare to a college education.


  1. Corporations should not be allowed to advertise at universities.


  1. When uploading anything on social media networks, college students must exercise caution.


Topics for persuasive essays about technology Technology is vital, and we can no longer envision our lives without it. Fortunately, you have a wide range of themes to choose from.


  1. Technology has a detrimental influence on pupils’ creativity.


  1. Technology has the potential to drastically alter our lives in the next ten years.


  1. Internet addiction is rampant among students.


  1. Should Apple Music and Netfix be available for free in the US?


  1. I feel that Internet filtering is unconstitutional and harmful to free expression.


  1. Google is tampering with data in order to increase profits.


  1. Playing on the internet is considerably riskier than gambling at a casino.


  1. Antivirus and antispyware software monitors your internet activities.


  1. Is it possible for artificial intelligence to take over the globe and subjugate humanity?


  1. Self-driving cars are a highly risky concept.


In ten years, computers will be able to learn and think.


Politics. Politics affects almost everyone, and your instructor will be no different. Here are a few great ideas:


  1. The border barrier built by President Trump will have little impact on illegal immigration.


  1. The relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has sparked a diplomatic crisis.


  1. Palestinians are incarcerated in a concentration camp surrounded by Israeli soldiers.


  1. Why President Trump’s support for Israel should be reduced.


  1. Political financing should be reviewed more closely.


  1. The United States should refrain from acting as the world’s policeman.


  1. Should a president be allowed to serve more than two terms if he is popular?


The significance of your vote.


  1. Corporate lobbyists should not be permitted to contribute to political campaigns.


  1. All political themes, no matter how delicate, must be protected by freedom of expression.


Religion. When discussing religion, be cautious since it is a highly delicate topic. We’ve discovered something both intriguing and safe:


  1. In the name of God, the Catholic inquisition perpetrated genocide.


  1. All high schools and universities should include religion as a requirement.


  1. Should the state and the church be separated?


  1. Atheism is a 21st-century issue with no solution.


  1. Is abortion a mortal sin or only a question of personal choice?


  1. Islamic fundamentalists are not affiliated with Islam.


  1. Islam forbids its adherents from waging war on nonbelievers.


  1. It is impossible to prevent religious strife in the Middle East.


  1. When medical staff are attempting to save a life, religion should not be a factor.


  1. Same-sex marriage is a blasphemy against God and His religion.


Economy. Because the economy is so important to a country’s prosperity, make sure you look at each issue completely. Here are a few ideas:


  1. The US is in jeopardy as a result of China’s trade imbalance.


  1. Only a few businesses dominate the whole economy in most nations.


  1. Should you purchase goods that aren’t made in the United States?


  1. Oil companies are to blame for rising energy costs.


  1. Hiring low-cost foreign employees is beneficial to the US economy.


  1. Illegal immigrants contribute to the economy of the United States.


  1. The economic consequence of the government’s massive expenditures.


In the present economic situation, poverty is unavoidable.


  1. I believe in wealth redistribution.


  1. Banks are a must-have for a functioning economy.


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Where to Find New and Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics


When students need to find anything, they always turn to the internet. They also turn to the internet for assistance with essay writing. Finding persuasive essay themes that high school professors will enjoy might take hours of research online. However, have you considered your local library? You may obtain a lot of fresh and intriguing ideas by reading a few of articles. Many writers expressly identify the areas in which further study is needed. You may also go online and join numerous forums and chat rooms in addition to the library. You may then seek for help in coming up with a fascinating, new subject for your next argumentative essay from the individuals there. The majority of people in these forums and chat rooms will gladly assist you. An academic writing firm is another site where you may receive a comprehensive list of persuasive essay subjects. Professional academic writers with years of expertise writing on a broad range of themes and topics work for these writing firms. If you’re looking for original and intriguing persuasive essay ideas, they’re the greatest. But there’s a race against the clock! If you don’t want to waste time looking for persuasive essay themes for college students, check out our list of the top 101. It’s free, and any of the themes may be used for your next article. There’s no need to get permission!