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Ecology definition

The oxford online dictionary defines ecology as “a branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.” These relationships include relationships between humans and humans with their environment which includes other animals.

The study of ecology is interested in how organisms interact with each other, and the benefits that accrue from ecosystems and how humans can use the resources available on earth in the best way possible to ensure future generations also benefit from the same resources.


Who are ecologists?

If you are studying biology and specializing in ecology, then you probably want to end up being an ecologist at the end. Ecologists are the experts that study the relationships between organisms in various habitats, and these studies range from the study of the tiniest things such as bacteria to animals such as whales. These experts also study environments and the effect of various actions on these environments.


The Role of Ecology in our lives

Ecology plays huge roles in our lives. Some of the beneficial roles of Ecological studies include:


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