Entry-level positions are all about assisting you in developing strong core abilities that can lead to a higher-level career later on. Furthermore, entry-level jobs provide you the opportunity to meet mentors, discover your passions, and analyze the roles or industries you’re interested in.

With that stated, there are a variety of occupations available, like the 10 entry-level roles on our list, that offer night shifts, weekend hours, and a reasonable income to qualified people.

  1. Customer Service Representative


Answering or making calls to or from customers is the job of a call center representative. Representatives will provide information, troubleshooting support, or services to customers once they are on the line. The most money is usually offered by bank call centers.









Due of the high turnover rate, call centers often pay quite well on an hourly basis. Most contact centers pay $13 per hour, but you may earn $20-$25 per hour if you work for a bank.


  1. Transaction Coordinator for Real Estate


A real estate transaction coordinator is an independent third party who assists the seller during the real estate transfer procedure. Administrative activities, knowledge support, and customer service are their main focuses. A real estate transaction coordinator business can be started from the comfort of your own home.









Hourly Pay: Even for entry-level employment, real estate transaction coordinator wages range from $22-$50 per hour. You’ll make a lot more money if you start your own company.


  1. Pet Sitter/Dog Walker


A dog walker and/or pet sitter walks dogs according to the clients’ agreed-upon timetables and routes. Because cat cages are scarce in most places, pet sitters are more likely to watch cats than dogs. The pets are usually kept in the owner’s home.









Pay by the hour: Dog walkers and pet sitters frequently utilize applications like Rover, which allow contractors to set their own fees and schedules. You might earn $15-$40 per hour depending on your region.


  1. Employee in the Food Service Industry


A food service worker is in charge of the entire meal preparation process. Waiters, bartenders, cooks, and food supervisors are all included in this category. Foodservice is a flexible industry that ramps up around the holidays, making these positions available to students.









Hourly Pay: Hourly pay fluctuates a lot based on how frequently you work and how highly your customers tip. In most restaurants in the city, you’ll most likely make minimum pay plus tips.


  1. Educator


A tutor actively works with pupils to help them achieve higher academic success. They are usually freelancers or work for schools or firms that specialize in tutoring or education after school. You can become a tutor if you have expertise in a certain subject.









Tutors can discover students who will pay a lot of money for their services online or in person. Depending on demand and experience, a freelance instructor might earn anywhere from $30 to $90 per hour.


Nanny, no. 6


Within a household, a nanny is responsible for providing care for children, infants, toddlers, and babies. Reading, playdates, laundry, feeding, and bathing are all responsibilities of some nannies. You’ll need some babysitting expertise, which you could already have from watching your siblings.









Nannies in big cities make more money per hour and are paid every child they look after. In most jurisdictions, entry-level nannies earn between $13 and $20 per hour, or around $15 per child.


Real Estate Agent No. 7


A real estate agent links buyers and sellers and represents them during the home-buying process. Agents are paid commissions, which are a proportion of the sale price. The commission a broker receives is determined by the brokerage and state.









Real estate agents are compensated hourly based on the number of residences they sell. After commission splits and taxes, agents may earn $6,000-$10,000 each home sold.


  1. Assist with social media


A marketing professional who manages a client’s social media presence is known as a social media assistant. Companies adore hiring college students to manage their social media accounts because they can effectively communicate with a younger customer base.




SEO (search engine optimization)


Following the scheduling,




Customer interaction


Management of communication


Hourly Pay: Freelancers can earn more money than their office counterparts, similar to other marketing roles. Social media assistants can earn anywhere from $16 to $40 per hour or more.


Resident Advisor No. 9


Residents and the institution benefit from the rule enforcement and security provided by resident advisers. If you apply as a resident advisor, you’ll get free accommodation and board as well as extra money if you can work in a range of clerical tasks to help your college.









While resident advisors don’t make a lot of money per hour, they save thousands of dollars every year because to privileges like free accommodation and board. You’ll also make $15-$18 per hour.


  1. Personal Trainer


A fitness instructor, often known as a personal trainer, instructs and trains groups or individuals in fitness regimens. Clients are included in weight loss programs and workout regimens by fitness instructors. Take on a role in the fitness industry only if you genuinely enjoy working out.









Pay per hour: High-energy college students who can teach clients once or twice a day can earn $20 per hour. You might be able to get more clients if you coach online.