What are the Disadvantages of Face to Face Learning?

For a student’s academic advancement, selecting the appropriate form of learning is critical. Despite the fact that face-to-face learning is the traditional method of instruction, the purpose of this essay is to demonstrate the disadvantages of this method of instruction.
Cost — Face-to-face learning is a costly type of education. This is not the case with online learning, which is reasonably priced. In a reputable college, tuition fees are high. Other expenses are incurred in addition to the tuition charge. This can be difficult for pupils with a shaky financial foundation.

Time – For students, travel time can be a major issue. This results in additional expenses in the form of transportation costs.
Flexibility — When it comes to face-to-face learning, students have no options. The pupils must adhere to class schedules to the letter. Students struggle to juggle part-time jobs, interests, and school at the same time.
Pace of learning – In classroom learning, the pace of learning is set by the teachers, not the pupils. The majority’s knowledge determines the pace. Some students may find it challenging to absorb topics. It can also happen the other way around, when a student has excellent grasping abilities but needs to keep up with the rest of the class.