Whether in history or science, the Holocaust has had a significant impact on theories and ideologies. How can you make your Holocaust paper stand out? What is it that you want to learn about and research? If you’re having trouble putting things into perspective, here’s a list of concentration camp research paper themes to consider. Its goal is to assist students and provide a resource for them to use when writing research papers about the Holocaust.

Classic Holocaust Research Topics

Many students all across the world have been inspired by these holocaust research paper topics. Take a look at these questions or themes to gain some ideas. They’ll undoubtedly assist you in writing engaging writings about the event.


Use these themes as a starting point and grow from there when writing a holocaust research paper.


  1. A detailed character sketch of Ann Frank’s father


  1. Significant events in Adolf Hitler’s life


  1. Adolf Hitler’s childhood experiences


  1. The prosecution of tribune judges and war criminals during WWII


The liberation of the concentration camps is number five.


  1. Oskar Schindler’s remarkable deeds


  1. Anti-Semitic laws in Nazi Germany


  1. The involvement of the Schutzstaffel during the Holocaust


  1. Denmark’s resistance and the rescue of Jews of Danish ancestry


  1. Pope Pius XII’s Role During the Holocaust


  1. Which countries have Holocaust denial laws, and why?


  1. Irena Sendler’s great efforts during the Holocaust


  1. Does the Holocaust cast doubt on the existence of God?


  1. Why are Holocaust memorials important for young people to visit?


  1. The responses of the Christian and Catholic communities to the Holocaust, both then and now


  1. Homosexuals were persecuted throughout the Holocaust.


  1. During the Holocaust, twin experiments were carried out.


  1. How and why did the Germans allow a catastrophe such as the Holocaust to occur?


  1. The Holocaust in Its Different Stages


  1. What was the catalyst for the Holocaust?


  1. Basic human rights violations in detention camps


Eva Braun’s personal history is number 22.


  1. Observations on a Holocaust Survivor’s Life


  1. What do German students learn about the Holocaust in school?


Argumentative Essay Topics about the Holocaust


These holocaust research questions look at the topic from two different angles. They concentrate on publications about concentration camps, as well as papers about the arts and science during the Holocaust. The argumentative holocaust paper themes provide a wealth of research opportunities.


  1. Is it appropriate to discuss the Holocaust at college and in the classroom?


  1. Counter-arguments to the Holocaust denial.


  1. Humanity’s Holocaust Lessons


  1. Is the Holocaust the fault of a single person?


  1. Was the Holocaust a result of conflict or a well-planned event?


  1. Would the international community step in if the Holocaust occurred today?


  1. Were all Nazi soldiers Nazi genocidal supporters?


  1. Why is it important to commemorate the Holocaust?


  1. Could allies’ early dismantling of concentration camps have avoided the Holocaust’s horrors?


  1. The holocaust was the product of Hitler’s racial ideology. Is this statement completely accurate?


  1. What distinguishes the Holocaust from other historical events?


  1. What role did stereotypes play in the Holocaust?


  1. Could more European and Jewish citizens’ opposition have prevented the Holocaust?


  1. Factors that aided Hitler’s ascent to power


  1. Is it possible for the Holocaust to occur in modern times?


Is it true that inaction was the sole cause of mass extermination during World War II?


Cause and Effect Writing Prompts for the Holocaust


These holocaust research topics delve into the Holocaust’s far-reaching consequences. Some of these effects can still be felt now.


  1. What were the Holocaust’s ramifications?


  1. Write a Holocaust thesis statement about the Holocaust’s impact on modern Europe.


  1. The Holocaust’s Impact on Jewish People


  1. The Holocaust’s impact on other minorities


  1. How did the Holocaust influence the founding of the European Union?


  1. What impact did the Holocaust have on Israel?


  1. The origins and motivations of anti-Semitism ideology.


  1. The impact of the bystander effect on public perceptions of WWII.


  1. The Holocaust’s impact on Western civilisation.


  1. Anti-involvement Semitism’s in the Holocaust.


  1. After WWII, there was an increase in atheism.


  1. Jewish people’s perception after WWII.


  1. The Holocaust’s impact on modern social ideals.


  1. The Holocaust’s Historical Importance


  1. Post-Holocaust perceptions of Germany


Topics for Contrast and Comparison


These holocaust research topics compare and contrast similar events and ideas associated with the Holocaust.


  1. The Holocaust of the Germans versus the Holocaust of the American Indians.


  1. Compare and contrast Primo Levi’s and Elie Wiesel’s experiences in concentration camps.


  1. The Holocausts of the Jews and the African-Americans


  1. Japanese internment camps in the United States vs. German concentration camps


  1. Genocide in Rwanda vs. Holocaust


  1. Auschwitz vs. Dachau


  1. Slavery and the Holocaust have a lot in common.


  1. Modern Syrian refugees vs. Jewish refugees


  1. The Holocaust vs. the Cambodian massacre


partisan and spiritual opposition among Jews.


Holocaust-Related Art-Based Research Papers


These Holocaust study questions look into how the Holocaust is depicted in art.


  1. Schindler’s List: A Holocaust Representation


  1. Nechama Tec’s character sketch from the book “Dry Tears”


  1. The impact of concentration camps on the characters in “Night”


  1. Pianist’s Evaluation


  1. World-famous Holocaust memorials


  1. Do movies make the genocide seem insignificant?


  1. Do Holocaust films help to eliminate racial prejudice in current society?


  1. Literary tributes to Holocaust victims.


Edith Singer’s “March to Freedom” and human perseverance.


  1. Nechama Tec’s “Dry Tears” review


  1. The concept of guilt in Art Spiegelman’s comic novel “Maus”


  1. Anne Frank’s Diary: A Retrospective


  1. How personal diaries influenced how people saw the Holocaust.


  1. Is it ethical to create Holocaust-related art?


  1. Can Holocaust films help to avert a repeat of the tragedy?