Is Chegg Worth It? Is getting a Chegg Subscription Worth It for students?

This article will tackle the issue of Chegg subscriptions for students. It will attempt to conclusively answer the questions  posed above by providing details about Chegg, how students are bound to benefit from using the platform as well as a conclusion on whether we think it is worth it or not.

Chegg is a company that provides eTextbook rentals, online and physical textbooks, online tutoring, internship matching, homework assistance, and scholarship assistance. This platform has gained widespread acceptance, with millions of students worldwide using its services at over 7000 high schools and institutions of higher learning.
However, its popularity continues to raise various concerns among educators, students, and other educational stakeholders. Some frequently asked questions include, “Is Chegg worth it?” Is using Chegg considered cheating? Is Chegg tutoring worth the money? Is it worthwhile to invest in Chegg?
Please read this article from beginning to end to get answers to these questions and to expand your knowledge of the Chegg platform.


Is a Chegg Membership Worth It?

A Chegg membership is extremely beneficial and worthwhile. By purchasing a Chegg subscription, you will gain access to study tools, tutoring, and practice exams.
When you create an account on this platform and begin paying the monthly subscription fee of $14.95 USD, you will be able to use their most advanced study tools, access professional online tutoring, access millions of practice exams and flashcards, and get expert proofreading services on your essays and assignments.
Furthermore, if you are a first-time user, Chegg provides you with a 4-week free trial period to learn how the platform works. During this time, you can get free access to specific study materials for seven days, detailed answers to your questions, and free online tutoring.

After one month, you will know whether the platform is appropriate for your study needs and will be able to pay for the subscription.


Is a Chegg Membership Worth It for College Students?

For college students, a Chegg membership is worthwhile. As a student, you have access to study materials and online tutoring that will help you study more effectively.
When you subscribe to the Chegg Study option, you will have access to more than 20 million homework questions that have been fully answered by experts, you will be able to ask up to 20 new questions per month and receive reliable answers, and you will be able to get solutions from up to 5 textbooks per month that have been solved step by step.

As long as Chegg has integrated the textbook you use for your coursework, the platform will assist you in answering any homework assignment from such textbooks. Because it answers the questions step by step, it serves as a guide for understanding and addressing the questions systematically. As a result, as a college student, a Chegg subscription is worthwhile because Chegg will assist you in completing your assignments quickly and easily.

Nonetheless, not every Chegg answer is always correct. Even if they were all correct, do not copy and paste answers from this platform because the monthly subscription fee is not worth it. Instead, use the step-by-step solutions to help you understand and grasp the content by guiding you through how the questions are addressed.


Is Chegg Tutoring Worth It?

Chegg tutoring is well worth the money. Both students and online tutors benefit from this service. It enables students to be tutored and receive study assistance from tutors on course work and assignments. On the other hand, these tutors are well compensated for their tutoring services.
Chegg tutoring is designed to provide you with convenient and affordable tutoring services as a student. When you purchase a weekly or monthly plan, you are given the option of selecting a tutor based on their profile.

Furthermore, as a Chegg tutor, you can work at a location of your choice anywhere in the world on your own flexible schedule, you can earn referral bonuses, and you are paid weekly.


Is Chegg Study Pack Worth It?

Chegg Study Pack is definitely worth a shot. You will have access to premium services such as Chegg Math Solver, Easy Bib Plus, and Chegg Study.
Despite the slightly higher subscription fee of $19.95, the Chegg Study Pack includes Chegg Math Solver, Easy Bib Plus, and Chegg Study. This revelation reveals that you will have access to all of the individual study tools that the three packages provide.
To begin, Chegg Study provides you with a platform to access various textbooks, step-by-step solved solutions, and a platform to ask various experts questions.

Second, Chegg Math Solver assists you in solving various mathematical problems such as calculus and algebra by providing detailed explanations on how to solve them.

Finally, Easy Bib Lib assists you with any writing by providing grammar and plagiarism checkers as well as assisting you in properly citing your sources.
The bottom line is that if you have the ability to subscribe to the Chegg Study Pack, do so because the benefits you receive are well worth the fee.


Is Using Chegg Cheating?

Using Chegg is not considered cheating. Chegg is not cheating if you use it as a personal study aid or if you use the solutions and Chegg tutors as a guide to help you understand difficult concepts.
That is healthy, and it is the sole reason for the creation of this platform.
Cheating occurs when you copy answers from solved problems and submit them as your own. It is an unfortunate thing to do because you cheat yourself, you miss out on the opportunity to learn the content, and you risk being caught and punished for cheating.


Can You Get Caught Cheating Chegg?

Cheating through Chegg can get you caught. Professors usually run plagiarism checkers on submitted assignments.
If you copied answers from Chegg and submitted them as your own, the professor will notice and suspect you of cheating.
Furthermore, if you use a different procedure to answer a question than the one taught in class, use the incorrect procedure but get the correct answer, or pass your homework but not your exams, your teacher will know you cheated. A close examination will reveal that you used Chegg to cheat.


Alternatives to Chegg

Companies and platforms that provide online educational services are growing in popularity, resulting in fierce competition among these platforms. As a result of that revelation, the following are some of the top competitors and alternatives to Chegg.


So, is Chegg worth it? Is it worth your money to pay for a Chegg subscription?

A Chegg subscription is worth it for students because they get value for money by gaining access to premium services such as tutoring, proofreading, citation, and step-by-step textbook solutions.

Reading this article, it is clear that Chegg is an effective platform that you can use to help you learn and understand the concepts taught in the classroom better. As a result, as a student, don’t be afraid to create a Chegg account and start using the platform.


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