First and foremost, what is Scantron? Scantron is a form of testing system in which the device’s light is utilized to identify where black lines appear on paper to indicate the completion of an exercise. It is a type of prepared testing that is frequently utilized for multiple-choice questions.


Scantron scans the papers and assigns the same grade as if the marking had been done by a teacher. It is a popular assessment method among teachers, maybe due to its simplicity.


While Scantron is more popular in kindergarten and high school, the quick grading system is still in use. However, before you can hack a Scantron system in your favor, you must first understand how it works.


What Is Scantron and How Do I Use It?


With Scantron, the teacher’s job is to simply enter the correct answers into the computer, trust the machine to recognize the answers provided by the students, and award the appropriate grade.


When a student takes a Scranton test, they fill in bubbles with their responses. After that, a Scranton machine scans the test and gives you a score.


Many teachers would urge pupils to shade with a darker pencil because it has been discovered that when the shade is sufficiently dark, the machine reads with greater precision. It is also recommended that testers do not shade above or below the bubble box associated to the selections in order to avoid confusing the machine.


On a Scantron Test, Here’s How to Cheat


Many people have complained about the Scantron machine’s inaccuracy, and as a result, many people have invented and thought of ways to make it operate as a Scantron cheat. While earning a perfect score on an exam is not impossible, using a Scantron hack can greatly improve one’s chances.


Cheating on a Scantron test is no different than cheating while a teacher is grading it. A student can try to sneak into the exam hall using already worked-on questions and a cheat sheet.


A student may also try to sneak through the test papers of other students. This strategy, however, is risky, and the chances of being detected are great, thus it does not appeal to many people. As a result, many people simply create ways to beat a Scantron by tampering with the score algorithm.


Cheats for Scantron Tests and Scantron Hacks


Before attempting any or all of the hacks detailed in this section, keep in mind that the same way the machine might be hacked with to read a 100, it could also be manipulated with to award a very low mark in the same amount of time. The hacks are more concerned with hacking the test sheet than with interfering with the hardware.



As previously said, it is critical to use a pencil with a dark shade so that the machine can recognize the selected response. As a result of this realization, some people have decided to die on the hill since using a lighter pencil shade would cause the system to give a higher score. For different people, this test has provided varied results, and while there have been more instances of failure than success, the latter may just happen for you. The No. 2 pencil is suggested for Scantron tests, but one of the recommended hacks for cheating a Scantron machine to gain the full score is to use alternative less dark leads.



In a multiple-choice question test, the answer to any question must be one of the possibilities. Some people choose to faintly darken all of the selections if they don’t know the solution. This maneuver so confuses the machine that the student passes all of the Scantron tests. This could be one of the many methods for figuring out how to pass a Scantron test or get a Scantron to read 100.



A Scantron test sheet would have this right at the top. To grade with a Scantron machine, simply place the paper in the machine and it will slide out the other side, marked. When the ‘key’ box is darkened, the machine recognizes it as the sheet containing all of the correct Scantron answers. This masquerade, if executed perfectly and with luck, might result in you altering the teacher’s initial answers and having yours marked as a 100. This hack may have an impact on the score system for any subsequent papers that are graded after yours.



A barcode can be found on each Scantron sheet. It is a computer add-on that earns its readability, but others claim that shading it with a sharpie, like you would an option, would make it read 100. People’s experiences with this Scantron test cheat have been as varied as the last. However, a large number of people believe it was not scored at all.



Because the kids want to earn a perfect score on the Scantron, it’s not unexpected that these reads are a little more outlandish than the first. Another trick for passing a Scantron test that has worked for some is folding the paper to form a crease at the portions that would have been darkened with a pencil otherwise.


Cheats for Scantron Chapstick


You’ve probably heard of the chapstick hack if you’ve ever taken an exam using the Scantron system. “Does chapstick work on scantrons?” is a question that many people are still intrigued about. “How does it work?”


All you’ll need for the chapstick hack is chapstick and your fingers, because you’ll be smearing it on the Scantron sheet. This is distinct from the other hacks mentioned above in that the lip balm concentration on Scantron through the answer boxes is not required. It’s crucial, though, that the page isn’t covered in chapstick. The goal is to smear it softly on the paper to fool the machine.


When you go heavy on the smearing, you increase your chances of being caught by the Teacher, which is not a situation anyone wants to be in.


All you have to do now is smear it down the side of the paper, and you’ll be well on your road to academic excellence. This is a technique that renders the test invalid. The placement of the smear is mostly determined by the person who is being questioned.


Some argue that it should be smeared on the bar code found on a Scantron test sheet, while others argue that it should be applied to the rectangle box at the test sheet’s edge. You might also try smearing the chapstick with a pencil that is already on the paper. The goal is to perplex the machine, and this would do that.


Having issues with your exams?


The Scantron test is a multiple-choice question marking system that has gained a lot of traction. However, as the popularity of the game has grown, so have the complaints, with an interesting concentration on how to get a perfect score, even if it is unfair.


Several options have been considered in order to change the machine’s intended behavior. Although the success rate of these “hacks” is minimal, it hasn’t prevented many people from trying them.


From smearing the exam paper with chapstick to selecting numerous answers rather than one, not shading as darkly to allow the machine to read it, and drawing a horizontal line across all of the answers. Although the existing methods for cheating on a Scantron test appear to be lacking in originality, we recommend that you try them for yourself and observe how you are graded before dismissing them.


Cheating on a Scranton exam can cause a lot of problems, especially if you aren’t prepared. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand what’s going on:


What is a Scantron machine and how does it work?


The Scantron machine employs light beams to scan the entire Scantron paper when it is inserted, identifying where dark marks are located in the paper through the light, which it then uses to provide a grade. Because the Scantron exam papers contain infrared light reflexing ink, it is a reflexive-read technology.


Six lights scan the form for bubbles that have been marked, and when these lights do not reflect through the paper, the system knows that an answer has been given. This is why, in order for the machine to recognize you, you need use dark pencils.


Is it possible to use chapstick on a Scantron test?


Yes, applying chapstick to a Scantron test is effective. The chapstick Scantron hack has the best success rate of all the other Scantron test cheats revealed. However, much like the rest, there have been situations when the paper was put in the machine and no score was given.


While just around a quarter of a million people have testified to its success, the other Scantron hacks aren’t even close. Although the chapstick hack is considered a myth that should be dispelled in some talks, the truth remains that it has worked for a number of people, including you.


Is it possible to write with a pen on Scantron paper?


No, you can’t write on Scantron paper with a pen. Given that the machine scans dark marks, it’s understandable that some people are curious if it reads the same if ink is used on the paper. No, there is no answer to this question. Not if you don’t want to get penalized. This is not, however, a definitive response.


Scantron machine technology has advanced to the point that, while it could only read the options offered by a dark pencil when it was first introduced, current systems can now read ink. It’s been suggested that colored pencils work well. So far, it meets the condition of being dark, and it can be written on with a pen on Scantron paper.


On a Scantron test, when should you use a pen?


Where you are certain of the choice you have picked, you should use a pen to mark your responses. When you change your mind about an already shaded answer, you can’t just erase it like you can with a pencil.


It’s not a good idea to use a pen if you’re going to employ any of the Scantron hacks mentioned above. Because it is difficult to smear, softly shade, or fold to crease without making a mess of your paper, the use of pencils is recommended.


What are the criteria for grading Scantrons?


Scantrons are graded in the same way that tests are graded by your teacher. The teacher is expected to have already programmed a paper with the correct answers shaded into the machine. Following that, the computer would test successive papers and score them according to the instructions given to it. Because it is a machine, certain areas of the paper may affect the outcome, so caution should be exercised with them:


How do you earn a perfect score on the Scantron test?


Reading and properly studying for the test are essential. This is a tried-and-true strategy that many people swear by. Even if you’ve decided to utilize a cheating hack, you might feel more at ease if you read answers to the questions that were asked, as this may boost your odds of obtaining the perfect 100 on a test.