What are the causes of Urban Flooding?

Flooding in cities has been a source of concern all across the world. The lack of municipal planning is the primary cause of urban flooding. Unplanned urbanization has been a negative impact, particularly in densely populated areas. Heavy rainfall and river overflows cannot be blamed because this is entirely man-made. As a result of the overburdening of the drainage system, the flow of water becomes unmanageable. When it comes to building construction, protocols are not followed.

Urban flooding is unavoidable if natural topography is not recognized and respected. This has a lot to do with people migrating from villages/towns to cities. People migrate to cities in search of better possibilities. As a result, cities become tremendously congested. In marshes and lowlands, houses and commercial buildings are constructed. This causes significant damage, particularly during the wet season. Although erratic climatic conditions have been a source of concern around the world, using them as a justification for urban flooding is a fallacy.

Impact of flooding in urban areas

Riverbeds are being harmed as a result of industrialization and illegal building construction. This is important because water retention becomes increasingly challenging.

Small Storm Water Drains – Storm water drains in many regions are inadequate in comparison to the amount of rainfall received. This is primarily due to a lack of forethought and carelessness.

Water flow obstruction – The flow of water must be thoroughly investigated. People and governments must work together to guarantee that the flow of water is not obstructed. Even in developed cities, this is largely disregarded. When there is a lot of rain, it is natural for cities to flood.

Population Growth – Until today, there has been no answer to this problem. People and governments talk about population control, but putting it into practice is incredibly difficult.

Economic Costs — The cost of urban flooding is enormous. People die as a result of pollution and infection, and they are infected with serious diseases. It takes a long time for people to heal. Flooding has impacted people’s livelihoods.

Infrastructure Damage – The irony is that the infrastructure is severely damaged as a result of the urban flooding, which has destroyed many homes and structures. However, it is important to recognize that the real reasons include building in wetlands and violating environmental regulations while doing so.

Why are floods in urban areas particularly dangerous ?

Because of the speed with which floods occur in urban areas, they are particularly dangerous. People do not have the time or the means to transport their belongings. The flood’s unpredictability can cause serious damage to humans.

Moving to another place becomes exceedingly difficult, and as a result, individuals tend to lose their vehicles such as motorcycles and cars, which can only be moved by inches of water. The health impact of urban flooding is frequently overlooked because people are preoccupied with other issues.