Can WebEx see your screen or Detect Cheating: How it is used

WebEx is a software application that allows users to host video conferences, screen sharing, and other online meetings. The number of participants in any virtual meeting should not exceed one thousand.
You can participate in the meeting using a variety of mobile apps, the web, or the WebEx desktop app. Some of these meetings are suitable for class, exams, or tests.
You must install browser plugins in order to share content. Downloading the desktop application allows you to avoid visiting the website. Let’s go deeper.


Can WebEx see what’s on your screen?

WebEx cannot see your screen or detect your tabs and browsers because this occurs only when you share it intentionally. It also cannot see your screen because it lacks proctoring capabilities. The fact that you enable your web camera, which does not share your screen unless you choose to do so.


Notably, you can prompt it to share your screen window by selecting the share option.

The only thing that is practical is that the instructor can see your window or meeting tab.

During the process, the instructor will be aware if you are working on something else in a separate window or tab.

When you visit or minimize another window, an exclamation mark will appear beside your name. That is the only way they can track you and determine whether or not you are paying attention.


Understanding the Desktop Application Interface

WebEx cannot detect or track cheating when students are taking exams because it does not include any proctor software. The application can only assist in online meetings that serve as online classes or tests. To detect cheating, the professor must employ proctoring systems that are not limited to WebEx.

To understand why this is the case, it is necessary to first understand how the WebEx application works. It is simply a useful online tool for virtual meetings and collaboration.


To use the app, first log in to the WebEx desktop application, which you can use to start or join WebEx meetings. This app can be used to start an instant meeting. Instant meetings usually take place in your personal room.

WebEx is an excellent enterprise platform for live webinars and other IT support.

It has an easy-to-use interface that improves the user experience. WebEx is capable of creating a fully functional modern view on your computer screen.


Furthermore, the app can be used to schedule any upcoming meetings. When you run the desktop app, it adds the WebEx icon to your task bar.

When you click the icon, it will reveal a variety of menu options for your convenience. You must install the necessary browser plugins for WebEx to function properly.

Because the two systems are different, WebEx cannot detect cheating in the same way that Canvas detects cheating or copy-pasting. The former is a system for virtual meetings, while the latter is a system for educational management.


How is WebEx used in classrooms and exams?

WebEx includes a feature that allows instructors to proctor exams themselves. Students can join the session via smartphone or computer.

The instructor can observe students taking exams through the camera. Students must stay connected to the session until the exam is completed.


The following items must be present for any proctored exam to be successful:

1. A webcam or a smartphone equipped with a camera.

2. A fast internet connection.


Alternatively, when using WebEx for class and exam sessions, an instructor can do the following:

1) Set up a WebEx Testing session.

Proctor is an expert at setting up a WebEx testing session. Following that, the system automatically schedules a WebEx meeting, indicating the time of the testing session. As a result, the candidates will be notified via email.


2) Attend a Meeting

The proctor will launch the WebEx meeting from the testing session page before the testing session begins. It will await the candidates’ arrival at the forum. The testing session will be locked until all of the candidates who are affected attend the meeting. Candidates must join the meeting using the link provided on the assignment page.


3). Begin a Test

When all candidates have arrived at the meeting, the proctor will unlock the testing session and begin the test.

Monitoring of Testing Sessions 4).

Through various features, Proctor has a mechanism for monitoring the testing session. They could be via the dashboard, video and audio recordings from WebEx meetings, or both. If the proctor detects suspicious behavior, the instructor can pause the test and warn the candidates.


5). Examining the completed Testing Session

Following live monitoring, the instructor can still review the recorded testing session to assess the participants’ ethics.

The cool thing is that the WebEx dashboard will provide you with an overview and allow you to navigate through any suspicious situations.


6) Documenting Suspicious Behavior

In the excel form, the proctor notes any suspicious behavior from students taking the exam during and after testing sessions. You can use this form to evaluate the contents of the reports. You can now make an informed decision based on the overall significance of the situation.


7) Behavior Evaluation

The instructor must assign a credibility grade and include it in the final test score. The proctor will then provide a summary of the candidate results, testing session analysis, and various reports.


WebEx Advantages and disadvantages

WebEx Advantages

1. Strong security

WebEx users benefit from dependable security as one of its features. The platform ensures that your privacy and data security are protected. WebEx encrypts all data regardless of the plan you choose. That could be why so many businesses choose this option.


2. Allows for multiple users

The platform can accommodate hundreds of users at once. For example, it can enable 1000 people to participate in a meeting via audio or video. For online classes or webinars, WebEx may be the best option. When conferencing across organizations, you can all use the same tool.


3. Video and audio conferencing for collaboration

The system enables the user to video display at least 25 users simultaneously. You can also chat within a call and use a whiteboard to collaborate on notes.

Many businesses make use of such features for team building exercises. Separate windows can be navigated to obtain information from another source.


4. Various Connection Options

Because WebEx is a stand-alone platform, it can be accessed from any device.

In addition to the desktop app, you can join the session using other methods such as browsers. It also enables users to switch between different audio devices.


5. Extensive Integration Is Possible

WebEx has a feature that allows you to map directly to Google Workspace. This feature allows you to sync your meetings with your calendar. Meetings can be easily scheduled, and participants’ availability can be tracked.


6. Simple User Interface

WebEx has an easy-to-use interface that is ideal for integrating programs like Excel or Outlook. Furthermore, the mobile app allows you to interact with the sessions and follow their progress on your smartphone.


The Drawbacks of WebEx

1. Mobile application

Although the mobile app is simple to use, the quality of video and audio calls suffers. The feature does not provide a smooth user experience like other platforms.


2. Limited Customization Options

WebEx has virtual backgrounds, but the options are limited. It lacks a unique personalization feature, such as different color themes and window layout options.


3. Connectivity and Quality Issues

You will occasionally experience poor call quality when using WebEx, especially if you are in a noisy environment. In a noisy environment, it lacks the noise reduction feature, compromising call quality.


WebEx Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pricing options for WebEx?

The basic plan is always free and only serves one user. Furthermore, if you want a meeting conference for approximately 50 users, you can pay $15 monthly or allow annual billing. You can pay $17 per month or annually for the calling plan for approximately 100 users.


How good is WebEx security?

In comparison to other platforms, the level of security is extensive. The user will appreciate the encrypted recordings, which will keep your data safe. Most government agencies and other businesses use this platform because they are confident in its security.


What do you need to attend a WebEx conference?

The WebEx meeting can be scheduled using your browser. This could happen in either Firefox or Chrome. You will first require a device, such as a desktop/laptop or a mobile device. Install the browser plugins to ensure that it runs properly on your device. As a result, you should make certain that you have a strong internet connection. In addition, your devices should have a good webcam.


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