Can ALEKS detect Cheating, Open Tabs, Phones & Student Cheats

Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) is a program for assessing intelligent learning. While it is effective, there have been questions raised about whether it can detect cheating and how it does so. That’s what I’m looking for.
The ALEKS program assists teachers and parents in thoroughly understanding their children’s knowledge and learning progress. ALEKS guides learners on what they are prepared to learn and assists them in mastering the topic. This results in content retention and mastery.
Can ALEKS Spot Cheating?


Academic integrity is upheld in any learning institution. As a result, ALEKS has developed a tool to combat exam cheating. The use of LockDown Browser has made maintaining academic integrity simple.

By using proctoring and lockdown browsers, ALEKS can detect cheating. While taking an exam, the browser prevents students from accessing other applications. ALEKS also has a Respondus Monitor, which uses a webcam to record students and alert instructors to any suspicious activity.

The recording is done to keep students from cheating on exams. The Respondus Monitor dashboard assists teachers in reviewing session recordings and detecting any form of cheating.


Furthermore, the system detects any suspicious behavior. However, in order for this feature to function, your students must use a webcam and microphone in conjunction with a Lockdown browser. The teacher can then review the assessment details, which include recorded videos.

The monitor captures the entire examination period. It can indicate whether the learner has a phone or is taking the exam with the assistance of another person. The use of facial detection technology allows for the recording.


Can ALEKS see other Tabs?

ALEKS can detect if you opened other tabs while taking the test when proctoring. You cannot open another tab in the Respondus Lockdown Browser. The browser also prevents you from copying and pasting information onto the computer that you are using to take exams.

In addition, the instructor can see how many pages and times the student visits. The instructor can also see the switching of tabs in Respondus, which indicates a suspicious attempt at cheating.


The browser will automatically return you to the original examination tab. You should be aware that when a candidate uses the browser to take an exam, only one tab is open.


ALEKS and Recording You

ALEKS records you during proctoring because of the Lockdown browser feature, which works in tandem with the response monitor. During the non-proctored exams, the Respondus monitor, also known as the webcam, records you.

Make sure your computer has a working webcam and microphone before you begin recording.

The monitor displays a visual rating of the students’ behavior during exams. If the rating shows signs of cheating, you can go back and review the student’s recording session.

You can check the time-stamped thumbnail of any questionable cheating behavior from the recording session.

Respondus LockDown browser is useful because it maintains a classroom-like environment. The webcam and microphones of the students are fully utilized while recording with this setting.

As a result, the automated proctor employs face recognition technology to ensure that students take their exams. It also notifies the instructor if someone enters the examination room.

The Respondus Lockdown browser and monitor, on the other hand, have limitations. One of these limitations is that it can only make cheating more difficult rather than prevent it.


Tracking Users and ALEKS

One amazing feature of ALEKS is that it aids students in better preparation, knowledge retention, and motivation. ALEKS has helped students outperform those who were taught using traditional methods. But does it keep track of them?

ALEKS tracks you in order to detect cheating. ALEKS is a well-equipped program with a mechanism for tracking the user’s activities. Before using it, it collects information such as the user’s video and any other features such as face recognition.

However, you can rest assured that no sensitive information is being tracked. The tracking is only to ensure the exam’s integrity. There is nothing else. If it is able to capture any sensitive deals for the user, it will violate privacy rules.

More importantly, the ALEKS tool informs a parent about his or her child’s strengths and weaknesses. ALEKS delivers content in the same way that textbooks do.

However, videos and worked-out examples give ALEKS an advantage over textbooks. ALEKS can be a valuable learning tool, particularly for students who need extra practice.

As a result, ALEKS provides a wide range of curricula, including geometry, algebra, physics, and chemistry. Unlike Examity and other proctoring solutions that detect cheating, this program provides curricula for a variety of subjects.


ALEKS compatibility and use on a phone or iPad

The good news is that the program is compatible with a wide range of devices. Since the program’s inception, there has been a heated debate over whether or not ALEKS can be completed over the phone.

In terms of usability, ALEKS can be done on your phone or iPad. The ALEKS Corporation first announced the compatibility on March 5th, 2013. Their courses are now available on the iPad as well as some Android tablets.

The system requires the following:

The operating system for an iPad should be iOS11+ with any screen resolution and Safari 11+ browsers. Phones must have an Android 7+ operating system and a screen resolution of 8.9′′, while browsers must be Chrome *60+.

They are upgrading to allow students to access the ALEKS program from any location with an internet connection.

ALEKS includes features such as a timeline, which allows users to determine how much time they should devote to a particular subject. This feature allows the student to work at a comfortable and manageable pace.


The Benefits of Using ALEKS

For one thing, students can prepare for exams ahead of time. In addition to the timeline, there is a ‘up next’ feature. This one informs students about the next topic to be covered. Students can fully prepare before beginning work on a specific topic.

Another advantage of using ALEKS on the iPad and phone is improved retention. According to one study, most ALEKS students have a high retention ability.

This retention is due to personalized learning and frequent knowledge checks. If a student forgets what they have learned, ALEKS can help him remember through reviews.

Students are thus encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge of a topic without the use of any aid unless absolutely necessary. There is a lot of reinforcement on what students have already learned with ALEKS.

When you finish a concept, it advances you to the next one. As a result, it is one method of increasing a learner’s confidence.


How to Cheat and Trick ALEKS

Everything created by man has advantages and disadvantages. I previously stated that students could not cheat by using Respondus Lockdown Browser. Students, on the other hand, have devised methods to help them cheat on ALEKS.

The first and simplest way to fool ALEKS is to use the Alt+ tab. This trick allows you to navigate through the information in your test by switching between windows. You can also temporarily disable your internet connection.

When you turn off your computer’s internet connection, you will be disconnected. It means that the browser is unable to access the microphone or webcam for an extended period of time, resulting in no recording.

Blind zones are another method used by students to cheat in online exams. Every webcam has a blind zone. The explanation is straightforward. Cheating is very likely if you place your book or phone in the blind zone.

However, you must understand that you cannot look away from the screen for an extended period of time. As a result, this trick may be ineffective. This is due to the fact that schools use LMS systems such as Moodle to prevent cheating and manage their online learning and testing.

Finally, the executable desktop file, known as desktop.exe, can be used. This file allows you to create multiple desktops that allow you to run multiple applications at the same time. Nonetheless, keep in mind that everything has consequences.


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