If you are reading this, it means you are looking for the best engineering topics for your next research papers or essays. We know students need help with their topics, especially if they want their papers to stand out from the rest in their class. This is why we have put together a list of 235 brand new engineering topics for high school, college and university students.


Our topics in engineering are organized into 17 categories, so you will surely be able to find the perfect engineering homework topic for your next paper. And remember, if you need more great ideas, you can always get in touch with us directly and request a new list of topics.

A Word About Our Engineering Research Topics

Engineering can be defined as the most effective conversion of limited natural resources to things that can be used by humans. Using scientific principles, an engineer can not only design but also build complex buildings, bridges, vehicles, microcontrollers, various machines, and even software.

There are dozens of types of engineering, and the list is getting bigger every year. This is why there are so many engineering research topics to choose from. The good news is that we have the best engineering essay topics for you right here. Also, we want to point out that this list of topics is 100% original at the time of writing. Don’t worry, we are doing our best to update the list as frequently as possible.

Interesting Engineering Topics

We know, you want to most interesting engineering topics for your next papers. After all, professors appreciate topics that can capture their interest. In addition, an interesting topic can get students some bonus points. Don’t worry, our topic ideas are not overly complicated. Check out these great ideas and choose the one you like the most:

  1. Latest advancements in AI and machine learning
  2. Talk about the role of cybersecurity in engineering
  3. Talk about nanotechnology applications in 2022
  4. What is environmental engineering and why is it important?
  5. The future of robotics
  6. An in-depth look at the best ways to maintain aging infrastructure
  7. The latest breakthroughs in bioengineering
  8. Interesting facts about aerodynamics
  9. Latest breakthrough in clean energy development
  10. Talk about the interaction between fluids and structures
  11. The basic principles of thermodynamics
  12. Talk about the methods used for structural analysis
  13. The impact of big data on engineering
  14. Discuss virtual modeling in engineering applications
  15. Discuss the concept of smart factory tech in 2022
  16. What is the industrial Internet of Things?
  17. How do self-driving vehicles work?

Engineering Topics for Research Paper

A research paper is not easy to write, we know. It involves a lot of research and data analysis. This is why we have done our best to create a list of relatively simple engineering topics for research paper. You should find plenty of information online about any of our ideas. Here are the topics that will work great not only in 2022:

  1. The latest medical imaging methods
  2. Harvesting the power of the wind
  3. Talk about the concept of virtual reality
  4. What are recycled aggregates?
  5. Employee monitoring software pros and cons
  6. Storing power harvested from the Sun
  7. Discuss new computer technology
  8. An in-depth look at the Internet of Things
  9. What are compute recognition programs?
  10. What is the role of e-commerce in our world?
  11. Industrial engineering and its benefits
  12. How is a seismic analysis done?
  13. Analyze the top 3 algorithms for machine learning
  14. The science behind solar power systems
  15. The importance of the reinforced concrete block
  16. The role of the soil in civil engineering

Controversial Engineering Topics

No, you are not forbidden from discussing controversial topics in your essays or research papers. In fact, many professors appreciate controversial engineering topics. They give students a chance to present their own take on a delicate topic. In addition, most students will avoid these topics, so you can make your paper stand out from the rest. Take a look at some interesting controversies you can write about:

  1. Talk about ethics in bioengineering
  2. Climate crisis and engineering
  3. Building a colony on Mars
  4. Clean water all over the globe
  5. The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  6. Discuss the extraction of blood diamonds
  7. Developing anti-aging drugs
  8. Dangers posed by artificial intelligence
  9. Improving healthcare in African coutnries
  10. Designing and constructing weapons systems
  11. Metric vs. imperial measurements in engineering
  12. Manipulating virus DNA as part of bioengineering projects
  13. Designing colony ships
  14. Talk about the refugee crisis

Civil Engineering Topics for Research

What is civil engineering? Basically, civil engineering is a discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of buildings of any kind. These buildings include components of buildings, railways, sewage systems, bridges, roads, freeways, etc. We have some very interesting civil engineering topics for research right here. Your professor will surely appreciate these:

  1. Talk about the latest advancements in bridge design
  2. Building a new freeway in the US
  3. Breakthroughs in structural engineering in 2022
  4. The use of carbon fiber
  5. Advantages of using bamboo as a building material
  6. Buildings designed to withstand cyclones
  7. How is lightweight concrete created?
  8. Latest automated road systems
  9. Discuss the concept of perpetual pavement
  10. Talk about removing hazardous waste
  11. How are plastics recycled effectively?
  12. How does GIS software work?

Engineering Ethics Paper Topics

Are you interested in writing about ethics? Yes, there are many things to say about ethics in engineering. In fact, we have some very nice engineering ethics paper topics for students of all ages. And remember, we can help you with even more ideas if you contact us. Here are our best ideas when it comes to engineering ethics paper topics:

  1. Should robots be given rights?
  2. Talk about safety and welfare ethics
  3. The ethics behind robotics engineering
  4. Major questions in a quality assurance engineer’s life
  5. Ethics in the software engineer profession
  6. Discuss the ethics of architecture engineering
  7. Talk about the protection of public health ethic
  8. An in-depth look at civil engineering ethics
  9. Disasters caused by not following ethics in engineering
  10. The structural engineering code of ethics
  11. Ethical reasoning in an engineering firm
  12. Honesty and impartiality ethics in engineering
  13. Ethics in the chemical engineering industry

Mechanical Engineering Topics

What is mechanical engineering, you ask? This branch of engineering uses materials science, as well as mathematics and physics principles, to design, build and maintain various mechanical systems. Examples of mechanical systems include engines, machinery of various types, robots, heating and cooling systems, weapons, transportation systems, etc. If you are looking for some great mechanical engineering topics, we have them. Check out these awesome ideas:

  1. An in-depth look at the Tesla Model X
  2. How does an energy harvester work?
  3. Talk about an important fluid mechanics principle
  4. What is a 3-axis digital accelerometer?
  5. Why is perpetual motion impossible to achieve?
  6. Discuss the Intelligent Variable Valve Timing technology
  7. The science behind an abrasive blast cleaner
  8. How do we achieve efficient solid-liquid separation?
  9. The dynamics of a modern SUV
  10. The principle of the 4-stroke engine
  11. How does an Ackermann steering mechanism work?
  12. Building an airplane powered by the Sun
  13. Managing solid waste using mechanical engineering
  14. What is a Pulse Detonation engine?
  15. How do laser cutting systems work?
  16. Vibration and shock absorbers
  17. What is a parallel kinematic machine?
  18. The best combustion system on the market

Cool Engineering Ideas

Are you looking for some ideas that will thrill your professor? Do you want some cool engineering ideas to write about? We know students don’t have much time to waste, so we have prepared a list of the coolest topics we can think about. This list is updated periodically, so you can surely find an original idea in just a minute or two. Check out our list of cool ideas below:

  1. Using machine learning in the classroom
  2. Biomedical engineering and the COVID-19 vaccine
  3. What does Biorobotics aim to achieve?
  4. A short history of aerospace engineering
  5. How does a spacecraft work?
  6. The prospect of perpetual motion machines
  7. Talk about electro-hydraulic brake tech
  8. Electric motors use in electric vehicles
  9. Top 3 flying machines of 2022
  10. Discuss the ICT solution in aerospace engineering
  11. An in-depth look at an innovative airplane
  12. How does activated carbon purify water?
  13. Discuss the science behind perfume

Interesting Engineering Projects

Did you professor ask you to think about an engineering project? This endeavor may be more difficult than you think, depending on what you choose to discuss. We have some quite interesting engineering projects in our list. However, be aware that some of these ideas can take a lot of time to do. Check out our most intriguing ideas and choose one now:

  1. Build a small robot
  2. Design the next generation skyscraper
  3. Design a Truss bridge
  4. Design an electric vehicle
  5. A new type of battery
  6. Make a barcode scanner using Arduino
  7. Getting energy from the rising tide
  8. Build a small windmill
  9. Design a new aircraft
  10. Build an electric skateboard
  11. Make an autonomous toy car
  12. Build a small pneumatic instrument
  13. Design a small rocket engine

Structural Engineering Research Topics

What is structural engineering? It is basically the part of civil engineering that deals with designing the structure of complex man-made structures. A structural engineer will not only draw the design, but will also perform the necessary calculations to make sure the structure is able to support the building. To be honest, structural engineering research topics are not easy and are not for high school students. If you are a college student though, you have arrived at the right place:

  1. Talk about the importance of steel nowadays
  2. What are composite concrete structures?
  3. Talk about computational mechanics
  4. An in-depth look at seismic engineering
  5. Buildings that can withstand a tsunami
  6. Talk about composite building materials
  7. An in-depth look at fire engineering of modern structures
  8. Wind and water engineering of structures
  9. The importance of planned city infrastructure
  10. Limitations of building materials when it comes to skyscrapers
  11. Common problems during the construction of a tunnel
  12. Retrofitting structures after a structural audit

Software Engineering Topics

By analyzing the user behavior and requirements, a software engineer will design and build a software application that will behave in a specific way. Software engineering includes testing software applications. Software engineers are very well compensated for their knowledge and experience. If you are looking for some interesting software engineering topics, we have the best ideas right here:

  1. How do neural networks work?
  2. AI in cybersecurity applications
  3. Common computer software architectures
  4. The design of modern relational databases
  5. The best project management techniques
  6. What is a programming paradigm?
  7. Discuss the Java object-oriented programming language
  8. The 3 most common data structures
  9. Security and usability in modern computer programs
  10. Social responsibility of software engineers
  11. Pros and cons of the Rapid Application Development model
  12. What is Agile software development?
  13. Discuss the science behind image encryption

Biomedical Engineering Research Topics

By applying engineering principles to medicine and biology, a biomedical engineer can provide healthcare services. The medical equipment designed and built by a biomedical engineer can provide treatment, diagnosis and monitoring capabilities. Examples include biocompatible prostheses, EKG machines, pharmaceutical drugs, and MRIs, among others. If you are looking for some great biomedical engineering research topics, we have a list of them. Check them out below:

  1. Talk about the principles of biomechanics
  2. What is neural engineering?
  3. What are nanorobots?
  4. The importance of biophotonic studies
  5. The basics of cell engineering
  6. The importance of orthopedic bioengineering development
  7. Biomedical engineering and the Covid vaccines
  8. Discuss virtual reality in bioengineering
  9. Discuss the concept of computational biology
  10. Major advancements in Bionanotechnology
  11. Talk about genetic engineering in 2022
  12. The future of medical imaging technology
  13. How is tissue engineering accomplished?
  14. What are transdermal patches?
  15. Talk about robotic surgeons in 2022

Chemical Engineering Ideas

Chemical engineering is usually concerned with improving the production of chemical plants, as well as designing new and improved plants. Converting raw materials into chemicals is of great interest to people in this discipline. Our team has compiled a list of brand new chemical engineering ideas for students. Take a look at our ideas and choose the best one for your next paper:

  1. The importance of sludge gas
  2. How is silica extracted today?
  3. An in-depth look at the contribution of chemical engineering to the food industry
  4. Designing and building a solar pump
  5. Various types of dyes
  6. Talk about the process of making paper
  7. How are polymers manufactured?
  8. The importance of plastics in 2022
  9. Discuss the importance of petrochemicals
  10. Interesting jobs in chemical engineering
  11. Chemical engineering’s importance for the energy industry
  12. Why are chemical engineers still in high demand?
  13. Manufacturing modern fertilizers

Electrical Engineering Topics

An engineering discipline, electrical engineering is the design and application of systems and various types of equipment that rely on electricity to function. Also, electronics and electromagnetism are of great importance to an electrical engineer. Applications include tech, military, industry, aeronautics, civil engineering, and so on. Writing a research paper in this field is not an easy thing to do, unless you have a great topic. If you need some relatively easy electrical engineering topics, take a look at these ideas:

  1. Talk about the most interesting things in electromagnetism
  2. How do electric vehicles work?
  3. Research PM machines
  4. A closer look at radio-frequency engineering
  5. What are the principles behind batteries?
  6. Discuss signal processing technology
  7. What are digital electronic circuits?
  8. An in-depth look at control system engineering
  9. Analyze DC transformers
  10. Talk about atomic layer interface engineering
  11. Analyze direct drive in-wheel motors
  12. How do digital computers work?

The Best Industrial Engineering Topics

What is industrial engineering? The most important part of manufacturing operations, industrial engineering optimizes processes and systems. It also implements integrated systems that manage and organize everything from people to knowledge. The goal is to make production as cost-effective as possible. If you need the best industrial engineering topics, we have them right here:

  1. Talk about process optimization in a factory
  2. Network design in the manufacturing industry
  3. How important are scheduling systems?
  4. Supply chain management in industrial engineering
  5. Talk about the importance of facility design
  6. Planning a new manufacturing system: main steps
  7. Talk about the principles of engineering economics
  8. Ergonomics and human comfort at the workplace
  9. Talk about production planning methods
  10. Eliminating wastefulness in a chemical plant
  11. Best ways to review a production schedule

Some Great Aerospace Engineering Topics

As you might have guessed it, aerospace engineering is concerned with designing and building the latest spacecraft and aircraft. It’s not an easy field by any means. Also, it should not be confused with avionics engineering. Are you an aspiring aerospace engineer? Check out some great aerospace engineering topics below:

  1. The principles of aerodynamics
  2. Talk about heat transfer
  3. Discuss the best design for an airframe
  4. Latest breakthrough in space travel
  5. Aerospace engineering systems
  6. The mechanics of flight
  7. Life support systems in space
  8. Designing a spacecraft
  9. Discuss helicopter aerodynamics
  10. Latest aircraft propulsion systems
  11. What is ablative laser propulsion?
  12. The principles behind an antimatter rocket

Architectural Engineering Ideas

This discipline is also known as building engineering. Its main goal is to research, design and construct buildings. It is also concerned with the operation and maintenance of buildings. An architectural engineer can also design environmental systems. Do you need to write a research paper about something in architectural engineering? Check out these awesome architectural engineering ideas:

  1. Discuss the importance of air quality
  2. Latest construction methods in 2022
  3. Effective cooling systems
  4. Building in a sustainable way
  5. Lightweight building materials
  6. Latest in structural design
  7. The principles of energy conservation
  8. The history of architecture
  9. The importance of geotechnical engineering
  10. Effective water management
  11. The pros and cons of steel structures
  12. Engineering and design working together

Engaging Robotics Engineering

Nowadays, robots are becoming more important by the day. And no, they’re not here to steal our jobs. Robotics engineering is concerned with creating autonomous machines that are important to industries like automotive, manufacturing and even mining. The autonomous machines can replicate human behavior or can learn by themselves. If you need to write a great essay, take a look at these interesting engaging robotics engineering:

  1. Talk about the latest autonomous undersea vehicles
  2. Electrical measurement technologies used in robotics
  3. Talk about biomimetic dynamics
  4. An in-depth look at robot manufacturing processes
  5. Controlling robots using gestures
  6. What are robot manipulators?
  7. Robots used in military applications
  8. Talk about the concept of feedback control
  9. Discuss methods to control robotic military drones
  10. Advancements in artificial intelligence
  11. The role of microprocessors in robotics
  12. Talk about robots used on assembly lines
  13. Examples of intelligent control systems
  14. What is biomimetic modeling?
  15. Talk about graphic communication
  16. Design a robot that can be controlled with a smartphone
  17. How do actuators work?
  18. The computer programming behind an autonomous robot
  19. What is computational geometry?