You’ve found the ideal book discussion group, the ideal book to read, and the beverages and munchies are spot on. So, other from the questions to ask, you know everything there is to know about running a book club discussion. And the discussion questions in the book club discussion guides aren’t going to cut it.


To keep a book club discussion going, you’ll need great questions, or else all your meticulous planning will be for waste. Despite reading the book several times, you can’t come up with those outstanding questions? You don’t have to be concerned. Our literature homework experts have put together some helpful hints and suggestions for you.


How to Run a Successful Book Club Discussion


When it comes to leading or moderating a book club discussion, it takes more than just everyone in the group being a good listener. A how to or a guide for going through the procedure should have some set principles and structure.


A book club discussion framework is followed by every successful book club. This template aids members in adhering to a strict schedule for discussion throughout the meeting in order to prevent leaving anything out.


Here’s a sample of how the moderator should handle the debate.











What to Talk About in a Book Club


a few book discussion questions What is the greatest method to bring up book club questions in new book clubs? The best book club conversation starters aren’t bound by any strict rules or guidelines.


There are so many various things that may easily become the conversation starter for a book club discussion. It could be the author, their point of view, an awkward scene in the book, an interesting scene in the book, a favorite character, or the book’s theme or themes.


While most book clubs address all of these elements, the best place to start for a more cohesive book club discussion is usually with the book’s theme or themes. When you start with the concept, it’s easier and more orderly to touch on other aspects of the book. Asking questions and receiving comments might kick off a book club conversation.


Choose a topic for your book club discussion.


We’ve put up a list of some of the best book club conversation topics. For debate, we offer questions based on the top book club books. There are general discussion questions as well as questions for nonfiction book clubs.


The book club discussion questions have been organized into categories for your convenience. You may not need to utilize these book club discussion questions verbatim. They will, however, get your creative juices flowing for book club discussion ideas, and before you know it, you’ll have a really successful book club.


The Best Book-Related Question


Asking questions at a book club discussion is a great way to get the conversation started. These questions should be jotted down by the moderator throughout the reading. Some of the top homework writers have contributed.


Here are some questions to ponder when reading a discussion book:


  1. How does the book connect to today’s society values and challenges?


  1. What do you think the most important points in the book are?


  1. What are the book’s key themes?


  1. What is the book’s central theme?


  1. Is there a central theme to the book?


  1. How do you think the book’s characterization influenced you?


  1. Is there any character growth in the story?


  1. What ideals do you think the book reflects at the time it was written?


  1. How does the book compare to the values of the time period in which it was written?


  1. What are your thoughts on the author’s style of writing?


  1. Does the style play a role in the development of the story?


  1. What are your thoughts on the book?


Questions for a Book Club Discussion


  1. What was your favorite aspect of the novel? What drew your interest?


  1. What did you enjoy the most about the book, and what did you dislike the most?


  1. Can you think of any books that are related to this one? Which book does the book make you think of?


  1. Which character in the novel did you adore the most? And why is that?


  1. In the book, which character did you dislike the least? And why is that?


  1. Which actors and actresses would you cast in a film adaptation of the book? What will their roles be?


  1. Which scene or quote from the book was your favorite? And what is it about that scenario or remark that appeals to you?


  1. Do you plan to read another book by this author?


  1. As you read the novel, what emotions did it inspire in you?


  1. Is the book too long, too short, or exactly right for you? What portions will you cut if you think it’s too long? What will you add to the book if it is too short?


These are common book club questions that can be used to get things started for everyone. You don’t want to jump right into the difficult questions. So, these are excellent questions to begin with.


Questions for Fiction Book Club Discussion


  1. How accurate is the book’s depiction of reality?


  1. Is the author’s fictitious universe in the novel well-crafted?


  1. Do you find the characters to be believable? Did you believe they existed?


  1. Did the character remind you of someone you know in real life?


  1. Was the book’s pace too quick, too slow, or just right?


You’re already becoming more detailed with these fiction book club questions, and the mood of your book club is becoming more intense. These questions, on the other hand, are best suited to fictitious works. Here are some non-fiction questions.


Discussion Questions for a Nonfiction Book Club


  1. Before reading the book, what did you know about the subject?


  1. What did you learn from the book that you didn’t know before?


  1. What questions has the book raised for you?


  1. Do you believe the author did his research well?


  1. Have you read any other books on the subject? Is it possible for you to recommend those books to others?


These nonfiction book discussion questions can be used with any nonfiction book.


Collections of short stories and essays Questions for Book Club Discussion


  1. Which story/essay spoke to you the most?


  1. Do the short tales or essays share any similarities? Can you combine the storylines into a single plot?


  1. Do you believe any of the stories could be turned into a full-length novel?


  1. Which story or essay did you dislike the most?


  1. What distinguishes this collection of short stories or essays from others you may have read?


Let’s look at some discussion questions for some of the top book club discussion books now that we’ve covered the broad categories.


Discussion Questions for Hillbilly Elegy Book Club


  1. What does the book’s title imply to you? What do you think motivated the author to choose this title?


  1. What are your thoughts about Appalachian culture? Do you agree with the author of the book that it is a culture in crisis?


  1. How do you feel about Mamaw and Papaw’s relationship with the author?


  1. Did Vance’s family have the same definition of “family” as he did?


  1. What was Vance’s portrayal of those who rely on government assistance?


Discussion Questions for A Man Called Ove


  1. Did you observe any changes in Ove as the story progressed?


  1. Did you change your mind about his personality after learning about his past?


  1. What were Ove’s concerns about modernization? Do you understand his disdain?


  1. Why do you think Ove organizes his life so meticulously? Did his methodical, methodical approach to things limit his life?


  1. In what ways does the novel most closely resemble real life for you?


Discussion Questions for the Before We Were Yours Book Club


  1. What do you think should be changed regarding adoption and foster care attitudes?


  1. Did the alternate stories approach to telling the story appeal to you? Which of the narratives piqued your curiosity the most?


  1. Which theme in the book attracted your attention the most?


  1. Do you think Rill’s decision to return to her adopted family was a good one?


  1. Which character do you admire or relate with the most?


Discussion Questions for The Nightingale Book Club


  1. Do you relate with one of the sisters’ approaches to conflict and war?


  1. What heroic steps did the female characters in the book take? What are your thoughts on those actions?


  1. How were the characters opposed to the world in which they lived?


  1. Do you feel that concerns of gender equality are not as annoying today as they were in the time period depicted in the book?


  1. Do you believe Isabelle has the same strength as Vianne?


Discussion Questions for The Girl on the Train Book Club


  1. Do you believe Rachel’s voyeuristic curiosity is comparable to the average person’s?


  1. How would you have reacted differently to what Rachel witnessed from her train window?


  1. Do you believe the marriages depicted in the book accurately reflect the status of marriage today? Is it possible that they are a little exaggerated?


  1. Do you consider Rachel Watson to be a trustworthy individual?


  1. What about the book’s conclusion surprised you the most?


You should now know how to lead a book club discussion after reading our book club discussion questions for the girl on the train and the other discussion questions. All of these questions are appropriate for book club discussions in informed circles. If you’re working with people that aren’t informed, you might want to tone it down a level. These questions can also be used as middle school book club discussion questions or book report subjects.


A book club discussion is not as difficult as it may appear, especially if you ask the proper questions. You may conduct engaging book club discussions with your friends using the questions we’ve highlighted above. So, pick one of the novels listed above and have a terrific book club discussion.