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What is big Data?

Big data is a massive collection of both unstructured and structured data and that keeps growing exponentially. Another characteristic of this big data is that it is complex and the traditional data management tools and processes cannot process it efficiently.


Some examples of big data sources

From these two examples alone, it is clear that these are huge amounts of data that these two sources collect and process every single day.


List the Three types of Big Data

Generally, there are three types of big data. These include:


The history of big data

The processes of accessing, processing and storing huge amounts of data have been around for quite a while. However, the concept of big data has been used in mainstream, discussions since the early 2000s after Doug Laney popularized the concept and defined big data based on three factors. These three factors include:


These three factors are basically dimensions of data that help define big data.  When data meets all these three factors, it can comfortably be defined as big data.


Why big data is important

Big data is increasingly proving important to organizations around the globe. After careful processing and analysis of the data, organizations can benefit in the following ways:


The future of Big Data

Big data is increasingly playing critical roles in today’s business operations globally. All industries now rely on data to make accurate decision-making and in this regard, big data has become a key player in determining the direction of business operations. The increasing usage of Internet of Things devices is seeing more information collected and stored. The obvious advantages from the use of this information are seeing more appreciation of big data. The use of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in analysis of big data is set to revolutionize big data in the future.


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