Political science is the study of the relationships that exist between and among governments, society, and individuals. It concentrates on politics at the municipal, state, national, regional, and international levels. Many research papers and essays must be completed before you may graduate with a degree in political science.




When your professor gives you an assignment, the first thing you should do is choose a topic. Many students, on the other hand, find choosing the correct topics to be a difficult task. You can now breathe a sigh of relief since we’ve compiled a list of the top 70 political science study topics for students. So take a thorough look at them and choose the best one for your project.


A Quick Guide to Picking the Best Political Science Research Paper Topics


Here are some helpful hints to consider before choosing a research paper for your political science research paper.






We’ll move on to the greatest political themes to write about now that you know how to choose topics. You can choose to utilize them as is or make minor changes to suit your needs.


Conflict-Related Political Science Topics


These debates include a wide range of themes, including economic disputes, election interests, and the interests of countries with differing resources. Consider opposing countries in the Middle East, and then focus on determining the reasons and implications of the issues.


  1. The conflict in Afghanistan.


  1. Civil War: Causes and Consequences


  1. Examining social media protest movements.


  1. Immigration issues in Mexico.


  1. Assessing the legacy of Iraqi war crimes.


  1. In Asia and Africa, children are used as troops.


  1. Examining apartheid’s causes and consequences in South Africa.


  1. A closer look at the persecution perpetrated by the Syrian regime.


  1. The primary reasons for the Central African Republic’s revolt.


  1. A closer examination of North Korea: What are the key motivations for its confrontational strategy?


The fight over oil in Iran is number eleven.


  1. The post-9/11 leadership schism.


In Afghanistan, there are 13 different ways to collaborate.


Terrorism as a political tool (14).


Topics for Comparative Politics Research


In studying topics and occurrences in domestic, national, and international politics, comparative politics mostly uses an empirical method. Here are a few excellent examples:


  1. Comparing and contrasting the foreign policies of the United States with the United Kingdom.


  1. Which system is better: presidential or parliamentary?


  1. Processes of recruitment in emerging countries.


  1. What are the cultural tensions between the United States and Japan?


  1. Examining the Soviet Union’s ideology in greater depth.


  1. A comparative legal approach to sexual harassment.


  1. Examining religious activities in public schools.


  1. Chile’s Allende Regime: A Closer Examination of Political Activism


Political Science Research Topics in International Relations


The politics of international relations focuses on the balance of power on the global stage. Consider all of the struggles that are involved, including international discussions, confrontations, and controversies.


  1. Examining the International Monetary Fund’s structure and functions.


  1. Amnesty International: Examining the controversies that have arisen.


The global poverty crisis is number three.


  1. Examining Ugandan human rights advocacy.


  1. Examining the world’s security network.


  1. Movements of globalization and anti-globalization in the twenty-first century.


  1. Educational institutions and religious institutions.


  1. Politics at times of war and peace.


  1. Political interdependencies on a global scale.


  1. A closer examination of non-state actors in international affairs.


  1. The politics of enforcing international accords.


  1. What are the worldwide economic implications of China-Taiwan-Hong Kong relations?


  1. Feminist approaches to conceptions of global relations.


  1. What impact will Brexit have on EU politics?


  1. The ramifications of the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.


Public Administration Research Topics in Political Science


  1. The effects of innovation in public administration.


  1. Examining the compromises in environmental management.


  1. Evaluation of the federal emerging management agency.


The ethics of non-profit organizations is number four.


  1. The 1998 Human Rights Act.


  1. The psychology of gender bias in custody fights.


Public interpretations of public safety statutes.


Inequalities in post-conflict justice.


  1. The political system in Mexico.


Is politics always rational? 10. Politics and religion: Is politics always rational?


Negotiation and Mediation Research Topics of Interest in Political Science


While negotiation is intended to find an acceptable compromise, particularly in the event of a conflict, mediation aims to find answers. Here are some of the most important points to consider about the two themes.


  1. What are the most effective bargaining methods during a war?


  1. Examining the election agenda: A closer look at the 2017 US election.


  1. Negotiations and hostage situations.


  1. Examining the top five techniques of alternative dispute resolution.


  1. The impact of celebrities on elections.


  1. Media and corporate globalization.


Squatter settlements in South Africa following Apartheid.


The debt crisis in developing countries is number eight.


  1. Examining how affirmative action measures have evolved.


  1. Examining the evolution of anti-slavery sentiment and federalism in the United States.


Topics for Political Theories Research


Theorists, like other scientific conceptions, play a crucial role in explaining various political concepts.


  1. Theory of John Austin.


  1. Aristotle’s Governance Theory


  1. Edmund Burke’s classic theories


  1. History’s Key Figures in Anarchism


  1. A closer look at Jean Bodin’s Sovereignty project.


  1. Analyzing Vladimir Lenin’s Communist perspective.


  1. Political history: How did it come to be?


  1. What is populism, exactly? What is the mechanism behind it?


  1. The similarities and contrasts between totalitarian regimes.


  1. How do confederalism and unitary systems work?


  1. Globalization vs. nationalism.


  1. A closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of constructivism.


The Rational Choice Hypothesis is a theory that explains why people make rational decisions.


After we’ve gone over the best topics, it’s time to move on to the next step: writing your research paper. If you run into any problems, whether it’s a lack of writing abilities or a tight deadline, don’t be afraid to seek writing assistance from professionals. You’ve got a terrific title, so let the pros assist you in writing the best research paper possible.